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10 AI Marketing Tools Marketers Wish Existed

In a quest to uncover the most desired, yet non-existent AI tools in the marketing world, we posed a question to ten industry professionals, including a Senior SEO Consultant and a Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist. From the desire for an SEO-optimized meta tag generator to the vision of AI-driven storytelling from complex datasets, discover the AI tools marketers wish they had at their disposal.

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AI Marketing Tool: SEO-Optimized Meta Tag Generator

Writing meta titles and descriptions in bulk is an essential SEO task. The AI marketing tools that currently exist are all lacking. A tool is needed that can identify content to include and write fully optimized meta tags that follow best SEO practices. This would let you enter a list of URLs or upload a CSV file with URLs and keywords. 

Meta titles generated must be under 60 characters and descriptions under 160 characters (currently, this is where ChatGPT and Ahrefs fall flat). The tool must determine if content is commercial or informative and tailor the wording accordingly. If it integrates with Google Search Console, SEMrush, or Ahrefs and finds keywords from there, that would be the pinnacle of providing automated and accurate content suggestions.

AI marketing tools with Martin Woods

Martin Woods, Senior SEO Consultant, MeasureMinds Group

Predictive AI in Advertising Impact

I believe it would be great if we had an AI marketing tool capable of accurately identifying, predicting, and effectively communicating how social media or potential customers are directly impacted by advertising efforts. The combination of data from various platforms would employ advanced analytics to not only recognize the influence of ads but also forecast their potential impact on consumer behavior. 

The ability to project and quantify the specific impact of paid ads would be invaluable for marketers to have a comprehensive understanding of how their advertising strategies are shaping perceptions, influencing consumer decisions, and driving engagement across diverse social channels. 

AI is already revolutionizing multiple industries, and this tool could potentially provide actionable insights, enabling marketers to fine-tune their campaigns in real-time and optimize their strategies for maximum impact.

Robin Dimond, CEO and Founder, Fifth & Cor

Privacy-Preserving, Personalized Chatbot

There are already AI marketing tool chatbots for customer support available. However, there isn’t one that allows ultra-personalization based on the personal data of the customer. If implemented, the chatbot can fully assist the customer without really disclosing their personal information to the business.

AI marketing tools  with Derek Capo

Derek Capo, COO,

Monitoring Global Economic Indicators and Travel Patterns

As a marketer in the private aviation industry, I envision an AI marketing tool that can accurately predict market trends and customer behavior by analyzing global economic indicators, travel patterns, and social sentiments in real-time. This tool would not only provide insights into when and where demand for private jets will surge, but also suggest tailor-made marketing strategies to capture emerging opportunities. 

While some predictive AI marketing tools exist, one that offers this level of specificity and real-time analysis, particularly tailored for the aviation sector, is something I look forward to seeing in the future. It would be a game-changer for strategic planning and competitive advantage.

AI marketing tools with Fahd Khan

Fahd Khan, Director of Marketing and Technology, JetLevel Charter Flights

AI-Powered Automated Link-Building

As an SEO expert, the AI-powered feature I’d like to see is automated link-building. A great link-building strategy has long been one of the cornerstones of effective SEO campaigns. 

However, oftentimes creating links manually can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. It would be amazing if there was a way we could automate much of this process by allowing artificial intelligence to analyze competitor backlink profiles and suggest target URLs with similar domain authority/ranking potential based on our desired keywords and phrases.

AI marketing tools  with Alex Murray

Alex Murray, Search Director, Tilious

Real-Time Data and Insights

An AI marketing tool can pull real-time data for clients and provide rich insights on the impact of actions since their implementation. Having AI provide this on-demand insight would be a game-changer for marketers and agencies that find themselves being asked questions about work between monthly calls. Ultimately, it provides a far more transparent view of an account that benefits all parties.

AI marketing tools  with Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts, Digital Marketing Manager, Connect Vending

Predicting Customer Behavior

As a marketer, the ideal AI tool that doesn’t exist yet would be one that can correctly simulate and predict how customers will act across a range of channels and devices. This tool would show how different marketing strategies and messages affect people’s choices, which would help make campaigns that are very targeted and successful. 

It would also make improvement suggestions in real time based on how customers are acting at the moment. It would also be able to predict trends and new market possibilities, which would help marketers stay ahead of the curve. This AI tool would basically be a platform for predictive analytics and simulating consumer behavior. It would allow marketers to make choices based on data with a level of accuracy and speed that has never been seen before.

AI marketing tools with Jay Toy

Jay Toy, General Manager, 88stacks

Analyzing and Tagging Visual Content

An AI marketing tool can automatically analyze and tag images and videos, making it easier for marketers to organize and search through their media assets. It would also enable them to extract valuable insights from visual content. 

By leveraging AI to better manage and understand visual content, marketers can gain a competitive advantage in their visual marketing strategies.

AI marketing tools with Ben Lau

Ben Lau, Founder, Featured SEO Company

Local Market Targeting

I feel like there are a lot of great digital-marketing and SEO AI marketing tools, but there aren’t many great tools for businesses targeting a more local market. 

The recommendations and findings from SEO AI marketing tools are more designed for companies targeting a national audience and can sometimes apply to a local market, but I think my business (and many others like mine) would benefit from a tool designed just for businesses marketing in a specific city or region.

AI marketing tools with Albert Atkins

Albert Atkins, Director of Sales and Marketing, SERVPRO of Northern Lorain County

AI-Driven Storytelling from Complex Datasets

Marketers today have access to a wide range of AI marketing tools and technologies that can help with various aspects of their work, from data analysis and customer segmentation to content generation and campaign optimization. 

However, there are still unmet needs and areas where marketers might want new AI marketing tools that don’t exist today. One such potential idea is AI-driven storytelling. Tools that can automatically generate compelling, data-driven stories and narratives from complex datasets, making it easier to communicate insights and engage audiences.

AI marketing tools with Faizan Khan

Faizan Khan, Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK

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