10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates 10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates

10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates

Email marketers are always on the hunt for innovative subject line strategies to skyrocket their open rates. We’ve compiled the wisdom of ten industry professionals, including marketing managers and Chief Marketing Officers, to reveal their most effective techniques. From using numbers to create urgency to employing a curiosity tease that spurs opens, discover the array of tactics that have led to impressive results.

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Numbers Usage Provides Urgency and Value

Including numeric values or percentages in your subject lines can work wonders. When you see ‘50% off’ or ‘3 easy steps,’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Value! It’s like a sneak peek into what’s waiting for you inside. 

Numbers add a sense of tangibility and urgency, making recipients feel like they’re getting something concrete and worthwhile. Next time you’re crafting that subject line, sprinkle in some digits and watch the open rates skyrocket!

Ryan Sullivan Featured 10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates

Ryan Sullivan, Marketing Manager, Stay22

Ultra-Personalization Garners Attention

I’ve found that using ultra-personalization in subject lines can drive surprisingly high open rates. Instead of generic greetings, I leverage data to reference something highly specific to the recipient—a recent purchase, a location-based event they attended, even their job title. 

For example: ‘Loved your talk at the Technology Conference—ideas for your next one?’ This demonstrates I’m not just blasting emails; I pay attention to them as individuals. Of course, this approach requires clean data, but the payoff is significant: it shows respect for the recipient’s time and hints at the valuable, relevant content inside.

Lata Tewari Featured 10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates

Lata Tewari, Chief Content Officer, Webuters Technologies Pvt Ltd

Pop-Culture and Personal Names Soar Open Rates

Personalization is key. We once injected the recipient’s name into a pop-culture reference. Think ‘Game of Thrones’ meets ‘John Doe.’ It was quirky, unexpected. Open rates soared.

Timing was everything. A subject line that said, ‘Your Monday coffee read,’ aligning with the morning routine for many. Open rates spiked—turns out, it’s not just about what you say, but when you say it.”

Question-based subject lines worked wonders. We asked, ‘Did you hear about this, [First Name]?’ Curiosity? Through the roof. People can’t resist a good cliffhanger tied to their identity.

Casey Jones Featured 2 10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates

Casey Jones, Founder, Head of Marketing, CJ&CO

Expertise Demonstrates Authority

One subject-line approach I’ve tried in email marketing, which surprisingly increased the open rate, involved showcasing expertise right from the start. People tend to open emails when they believe they’ll learn something new or gain insight they can’t find elsewhere. My strategy was to craft subject lines that immediately demonstrate knowledge and authority in our field.

This method not only piqued curiosity but also set a professional tone, signaling to recipients that valuable information awaited them.

Marco Genaro Palma Featured 3 10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates

Marco Genaro Palma, Freelance CMO and SEO Consultant, GenaroPalma.com

Emojis Boost B2B Email Engagement

The use of emojis in subject lines has helped to improve email open rates, which then improves overall email engagement. Specifically with B2B marketing, many companies are hesitant to test using emojis, thinking it may be off-brand, or their prospects and customers may perceive them as not being as ‘serious.’ 

However, emojis have proven time and again to be effective in B2B marketing. I have tested this across many industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, technology, and professional services, and have found that adding an emoji to the beginning of an email subject line increases the open rate by 20%-24%. Adding an emoji to the end of the email subject line increases the open rate by 12%-14%. This is because emojis add visual appeal, breaking through clutter. They attract attention, making subject lines stand out in highly crowded inboxes, increasing curiosity and engagement. 

Finally, they help humanize messages, making them relatable and fostering a connection with recipients. This is especially important in B2B where messages can sometimes start to become stale and lack a personal connection with prospects and customers. The next time you are looking to send an email, consider testing your use of emojis to see how they can impact your email open rates.

Elyse Flynn Meyer Featured 10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates

Elyse Flynn Meyer, Owner & Founder, Prism Global Marketing Solutions

Frill-Free Subject Lines for Cold Outreach

In my opinion, simple, frill-free subject lines work exponentially well when it comes to getting results with email marketing, and more specifically, cold outreach. At our agency, the focus is on making the subject line sound like an internal email rather than a pitch. 

It must also be noted that while ‘{{firstName}}, quick question’ is a useful subject line, it’s been overused to the point where prospects now know that you’ve sent a sales pitch. 

This is where something like ‘{{ProspectName}} X {{YourCompanyName}}’ might work well, giving you good results. 

Rishabh Gupta Featured 10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates

Rishabh Gupta, Founder, Cleverviral

Mystery and Intrigue Increase Opens

One technique that took our email marketing game to the next level was using mystery and intrigue in our subject lines. We tested a campaign with the subject line: ‘Did you hear what happened?’ This simple, yet mysterious question piqued the curiosity of our subscribers, resulting in an unexpectedly high open rate.

The magic behind this strategy lies in human nature’s innate curiosity and love for stories. People couldn’t resist finding out what they might be missing. It turned our email into a must-open mystery box, making readers eager to discover the story inside.

By tapping into the natural human instinct to uncover the unknown, we were able to significantly increase our email engagement. It’s a reminder that sometimes, asking the right question is more enticing than providing all the answers upfront.

Swena Kalra Featured 1 10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates

Swena Kalra, Chief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

Lowercase Letters Stand Out

One of the most effective techniques I’ve discovered for email marketing is writing the subject line entirely in lowercase letters. At first, I was skeptical about this unconventional approach, as it goes against the norm of capitalizing subject lines. However, I noticed that many email marketers in my niche tend to use capitalized subject lines, and I wanted to stand out from the crowd. So, I decided to experiment with lowercase subject lines, aiming to create a more personal and informal tone.

To my surprise, this strategy worked wonders! My open rates skyrocketed, significantly outperforming my previous campaigns. I believe that the lowercase subject lines gave my emails a unique touch, making them appear less like marketing messages and more like a note from a friend. This subtle change resonated with my audience, leading to a dramatic improvement in engagement and, ultimately, a boost in sales of my products and services. It’s a simple yet powerful reminder that sometimes, thinking outside the box and breaking away from conventional practices can yield impressive results.

Jason Vaught Featured 4 10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates

Jason Vaught, President, Houston SEO Company

Questions Address Audience Pain Points

In my years of leading Omniconvert, one specific email subject line technique that stood out for its high open rate involved posing a compelling question that directly resonated with our target audience’s immediate needs and pain points. 

This approach intrigued recipients, prompting curiosity and engaging them on a personal level, significantly boosting open rates. This wasn’t just a tactic; it was a strategy to genuinely connect and start a dialogue, showing that we understood and could address their challenges.

Valentin Radu Featured 5 10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates

Valentin Radu, CEO & Founder, Blogger, Speaker, Podcaster, Omniconvert

Curiosity Tease Spurs Email Opens

The ‘Curiosity Tease’ subject-line technique consistently outshines others. Craft a subject line that sparks curiosity, leaving recipients eager to discover more. For instance, use intriguing phrases or incomplete statements, prompting subscribers to click for the missing pieces. 

By piquing interest without giving away too much, I’ve witnessed open rates soar by up to 25%. Remember, the key is to strike a balance between mystery and relevance. Experiment with variations and closely monitor metrics to tailor this technique to your audience. Keep them curious, and your open rates will reflect that.

Dhari Alabdulhadi Featured 1 10 Email Subject Line Techniques that Skyrocket Open Rates

Dhari Alabdulhadi, CTO and Founder, Ubuy Kuwait

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