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15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website’s Organic Traffic

In the quest to climb the ranks of search engine results, we’ve gathered the wisdom of CEOs and SEO experts to share their innovative tactics. From focusing on unique content to building credible backlinks, explore the diverse strategies in our compilation of fifteen expert tips to significantly boost organic traffic to your website.

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Focus on Unique Content

At ZenMaid, an innovative technique we use to boost traffic is focusing on unique content. We’ve adopted the concept of “information gain” from Google’s 2022 guidelines, radically changing how we approach our blog articles. Our aim? To deliver content that isn’t just another drop in the ocean but truly stands out, providing new, valuable insights to our audience. This strategy has elevated our Google rankings and solidified our status as thought leaders.

For those looking to adopt this strategy, the secret lies in crafting content that brings something fresh to the table. It’s crucial to find the right balance between meeting SEO objectives and offering genuinely interesting and insightful articles.

Amar Ghose Featured 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Amar Ghose, CEO, ZenMaid

Create Engaging How-To Guides

While working on an e-commerce website that supplies car detailing products, we created a series of “how-to” guides to show car enthusiasts both how to use the products and their benefits. 

Virtually all competitors were simply optimizing their product pages with text descriptions, but we not only created far more engaging descriptions, we also introduced video guides which included recommended accessories/upsells. The customer then also had the option to ask questions, which we then used to implement a comprehensive FAQ section.

George Cotter Featured 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

George Cotter, SEO Consultant, Tall Marketing

Produce Shareable Infographics

If you are considering increasing your organic traffic, an effective strategy we have found helpful with our clients is to produce high-quality, educational, and shareable infographics relevant to the site’s niche. 

Infographics and videos are visually more captivating and have the possibility of becoming a phenomenon on social media platforms, resulting in heightened exposure and traffic to the website. Furthermore, they are frequently shared by other websites and blogs, which can contribute to the establishment of backlinks and enhancement of the website’s search engine rankings.

Tom Molnar Featured 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Tom Molnar, Operation & SEO Manager, Fit Design

Develop Niche-Specific Tools

The other innovative strategy I have used to boost organic traffic on the site is to build a tool or another resource that is directly connected with the site’s niche. For a site devoted to financial planning, I created an intuitive budget calculator, which site visitors could use for managing their finances. 

This tool was not only very practical and efficient at the time when it was made and worked for the interests of the target audience, but it also created and brought additional value to those who read the standard blog post or infographic. It caused widespread awareness through its promotion on social media networks and email marketing, and it attracted a lot of shares, backlinks, and mentions by users and industry influencers. Thus, we achieved more people seeing our website through search engines, and it resulted in a clear increase in organic traffic. 

Furthermore, it had been alone and practically unrivaled in the market, thus it brought more traffic and longer engagement times, which triggered the search engines to reevaluate the value and relevance of the site, and as a result, its ranking was way higher than it was at the beginning. This strategy demonstrated that creating value that is conveyed through interactive content is the best way to motivate and keep visitors from different corners of the web naturally.

Anup Kayastha Featured 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Anup Kayastha, Founder, Serpnest

Optimize for Long-Tail Keywords

I created over 50 blog posts with educational content and optimized for long-tail keywords. The topics were natural skincare and DIY beauty recipes. Within six months, monthly organic traffic to my beauty website increased by 35%. The data show that content marketing drives three times more leads than paid search ads.

Casey Jones Featured 3 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Casey Jones, Founder, Head of Marketing, CJ&CO

Establish a Resource Hub

To increase organic traffic for a mental health website, creating an interactive resource hub was an effective approach I utilized. This hub, combining expert articles, quizzes, and user-tailored content, became a primary destination for mental health information. Such a strategy enhanced SEO and user engagement, establishing the site as a trusted, all-encompassing mental health resource.

1603465956576 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Berverley C., Head of Digital Marketing

Implement Localized SEO Strategies

In my journey with Land Boss, an innovative tactic that significantly boosted our organic traffic was leveraging highly-localized SEO strategies. We created in-depth content focused on the nuances of buying and selling land in specific areas. This approach not only improved our rankings for niche, geo-targeted search terms but also attracted a more targeted audience to our website.

By providing value through localized insights, we not only ranked nationally for ‘sell land’ keywords but also established ourselves as authorities in the real estate niche, driving sustained organic traffic and enhancing our market presence.

Bart Waldon Featured 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Bart Waldon, Co-Founder, Land Boss

Utilize AI-Driven Content Optimization

Leveraging my deep dive into website design and optimization, an innovative tactic I employed was implementing AI-driven content optimization tools on our Magento platform. By analyzing user behavior and search trends, the tool dynamically adjusted content and meta tags to align with current user interests and search engine algorithms. 

This not only boosted our organic search rankings but also increased our site’s engagement rates. The result was a remarkable 30% increase in organic traffic within three months. This strategy underscored the power of blending AI insights with creative content strategies to drive meaningful traffic growth.

David Wilfong Featured 2 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

David Wilfong, Founder and CEO, DavidWilfong

Leverage User-Generated Content

One innovative tactic we’ve employed to boost organic traffic to our website is leveraging user-generated content. By encouraging our customers to share their experiences with our razors through reviews, testimonials, and social media posts, we create authentic and compelling content that resonates with potential buyers.

Not only does this strategy increase our website’s visibility through organic search, but it also builds trust and credibility among our target audience. Featuring user-generated content on our product pages enhances the overall shopping experience by providing real-life insights and perspectives, ultimately driving conversions and sales.

Anna Learie Featured 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Anna Learie, Outreach Specialist, Freya

Strategically Use Video Content

Our approach to increasing organic traffic involves a strategic use of video content. By embedding videos in blog posts, we not only enhance the richness of our content but also tap into video search results, broadening our reach.

We meticulously optimize our YouTube content to ensure higher rankings and include direct links to our website in the video descriptions, guiding viewers back to our site. Additionally, we incorporate call-to-action buttons within the videos themselves, making it easier for viewers to engage with our content and visit our website.

Tobias Liebsch Featured 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Tobias Liebsch, Co-Founder,

Embrace Topic Clusters

To enhance organic traffic, we’ve embraced topic clusters at Conroy Creative Counsel. By organizing content around pillar pages, supported by related subtopics, we’ve seen a 40% increase in organic traffic over a year. 

This strategic approach not only improves website structure and navigation but also boosts search engine rankings for target keywords. The data indicates a notable uplift in website sessions, demonstrating the impact of topic clusters on driving organic traffic growth.

Karin Conroy Featured 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Karin Conroy, Founder and Creative Director, Conroy Creative Counsel

Optimize Website Loading Time

Improving our site speed: Every second counts when a client visits your website! Users don’t want to wait for pages to load, and search engines prioritize sites that load quickly. By optimizing our website’s loading time, we not only made our website more user-friendly but also saw a significant improvement in our search engine rankings.

Loren Howard Featured 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Loren Howard, Founder, Prime Plus Mortgages

Introduce Interactive Features

One innovative tactic I’ve employed to boost organic traffic to my running blog is the creation of an interactive “Ask the Coach” feature. This initiative invites readers to submit their running-related questions directly through my website. I then select questions to answer in detailed blog posts, offering comprehensive advice and insights that benefit not only the individual who asked the question but the wider running community as well.

This strategy serves a dual purpose: it generates unique, user-driven content that is highly relevant to my audience, and it encourages readers to return to the site to see if their questions have been featured. Additionally, when I share these Q&A posts on social media and tag the individuals who submitted the questions, they often share these posts within their networks, leading to increased traffic and engagement. 

This approach not only boosts organic traffic through SEO by covering a wide range of long-tail keywords naturally used in the questions but also fosters a sense of community and interaction, which keeps readers coming back for more personalized advice.

Joshua Bartlett Featured 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Joshua Bartlett, Running Coach, Your Next Run

Enhance Site Readability

Updating the functionality and visual appeal of our site has made it much more readable, not just for our clients but also for search engines. By highlighting what our clients want to read and laying it out in a way that makes sense, we guide them smoothly through the customer journey!

Diane Howard Featured 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Diane Howard, RN and Founder, Esthetic Finesse

Build Credible Backlinks

A tactic to boost organic traffic to a website is to build high-quality and credible backlinks. This means having other websites link out to your website with what is called a backlink. 

By having credible and authoritative backlinks, it gives more equity to your website. Credible backlinks are something that Google values when looking for websites to rank in the search engine. If you have more quality backlinks than your competitor, Google will greatly consider that when ranking sites. 

A few ways to acquire some of these links include getting listed on directories and resource pages, pitching guest posts or collaborative content, creating highly informative content on your website that others use as a resource on theirs, and many others. It is important to note that the links that will make a difference have a high DA (Domain Authority) and are credible and relevant. Avoid spammy and low-credibility websites, as Google will devalue them.

Aaron Grimes Featured 1 15 Innovative Tactics to Skyrocket Your Website's Organic Traffic

Aaron Grimes, Industrial Sales, Marketing and Product Manager, TYKMA Electrox

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