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4 Reasons Why Marketers Chose a Career in Marketing

Four seasoned professionals talks about a career in marketing, from founders to marketing analysts, share their personal catalysts for diving into the dynamic world of marketing. From the allure of diverse creativity in marketing to the intersection of graphic design meets customer outreach, discover the varied inspirations that fuel their passion for the industry.

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Career in Marketing needs Diverse Creativity

I chose a career in marketing because it’s so varied and interesting. There’s digital marketing, where you reach people online, and branding, which is all about creating a cool image for a company. I also love learning about what customers like and don’t like, which is part of market research. 

Then there’s planning events and making sure people think good things about the company, which is public relations. Every part of marketing is about being creative and figuring out the best ways to talk to people. That’s why I love it—it’s always new and exciting.

career in marketing with Matias Rodsevich

Matias Rodsevich, Founder, PRHive

Promoting Undiscovered Products

I decided to start a career in marketing after heavy contemplation of what I wanted to do in university. Initially, I went with marketing because it is widely applicable and profitable. 

Today, I’ve found myself devoted to promoting otherwise unknown products and services that I believe should be in the faces of more consumers. Sometimes the best products and services will never be realized due to a lack of promotion, and knowing that this is a problem I can solve is a fulfilling role, in my opinion.

career in marketing with Nick Sforza

Nick Sforza, Founder and Digital Marketer, Opvital

Storytelling Drives Business Growth

I entered a career in marketing because of my strong interest in storytelling and connecting with people. Marketing provides a platform for crafting compelling narratives, engaging with diverse audiences, and shaping their perceptions. It’s a dynamic and exciting profession that combines creativity with data-driven strategies to foster business growth. 

Throughout my marketing career, I’ve been driven by a commitment to ongoing learning and adaptation in order to assist businesses in thriving within the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

career in marketing with Khurram Mir

Khurram Mir, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Kualitee

Graphic Design Meets Customer Outreach

I decided to go into marketing because I really enjoyed graphic design, but I also love connecting with customers through graphic arts. Marketing seemed like the best of both worlds because I could create and design email campaigns and other advertisements and send them out to a mass amount of people. 

Marketing really allowed me to do both of the things I am passionate about. So far, I have really enjoyed digital marketing and creating different designs for email campaigns or social media posts.

career in marketing with Madison Tong

Madison Tong, Marketing Analyst, My Supplement Store

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