Marketing Jobs in 2024

5 Predictions for the Marketing Jobs in 2024: Easier or Harder to Find a Job?

As we navigate the evolving marketing jobs in 2024, five seasoned professionals, including a marketing director and a CEO, weigh in on the future of marketing employment. From demand stabilizing amidst marketing skill shifts to the recession impacting the marketing job landscape, explore their diverse perspectives on whether finding a marketing job in 2024 will be easier or harder.

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Demand Stable Amidst Marketing Skill Shift

It’s harder to break into the business, but overall demand in marketing jobs in 2024 will stay consistent. The reason I say this is that I see a general reorganization of what skills are valued and needed for marketing jobs in 2024, but no real lessening of demand. Lower-level copywriting roles will be easier to automate, but at the same time, the demand for marketers to provide context to the copy, project manage, and work with stakeholders is going to explode. 

Companies will choose to use this technology to do more marketing than ever before rather than just downsize their existing departments. No tool this powerful is used to just cut costs in any company that has ambitions to continue to grow.

marketing jobs in 2024 with Greg Listopad

Greg Listopad, Consulting Partner, November Consulting

AI Raises Bar for Marketing Excellence

Artificial Intelligence has changed the game for marketers. The ability to do a mediocre job and earn a fair living is over since AI can do a mediocre marketing job a lot cheaper than you can. 

On top of that, the actual rules of the game are changing—more restrictions on the ability to cold email are going to risk shutting down your domains. So yes, it will definitely be harder to find marketing jobs in 2024… if you are mediocre. Rise to the new challenges and excel, quantify your results on your resume, and articulate that into your resume.

marketing jobs in 2024 with Devon Garbus

Devon Garbus, Marketing Director, Soaring Eagle Data Solutions

Automation Necessitates New Marketing Skills

It will become increasingly tough to find marketing jobs in 2024 that have been prevalent over the past decade, as automation is likely to fundamentally and irreversibly change the industry. 

Besides technical skills and experience, two critical skills will become crucial for organizations when hiring marketing team members: soft skills, like storytelling, and the ability to work with generative AI tools to quickly scale up marketing campaign content. 

In 2024, we will begin to fully understand the scope of changes that will impact all functions in the industry, and new job roles will reflect them as well. Marketers who rely only on traditional knowledge and training will find it tough, whereas marketers who embrace new tools to increase their efficiency and creativity are likely to access new opportunities.

Marketing Jobs in 2024 with Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts, Digital Marketing Manager, Connect Vending

Economic Uncertainty Affects Marketing Jobs in 2024

Job seekers will likely continue to face difficulties in finding new jobs over the next year. This year has been dismal in the job-seeking sector, with people being out of work for months, some even for a year. Despite industries adopting a skills-first method of hiring candidates, there are still many suitable candidates out there unable to secure full-time positions. 

As we go into the next year, the trend seems set to continue, particularly with the economy remaining uncertain—this will likely further impact the marketing jobs in 2024. In marketing, maintaining positions becomes challenging, as this is often the first area companies cut when they need to reassess their budgets. A recession would significantly exacerbate this issue.

Marketing Jobs in 2024 with Ashwin Ramesh

Ashwin Ramesh, CEO, Local SEO Checklist

Recession Impacts Marketing Job Landscape

Marketing will likely become more challenging in 2024 because of consumers being tapped out, persistent inflation, tightening marketing jobs in 2024, and the potential of entering a recession. 

Consumers will probably be cutting back, whether by choice or necessity. It’s important to recognize that the media and government have not yet acknowledged the possibility of a recession or the current economic difficulties. However, many people believe we are already in a recession. 

Once there is a wider recognition of these economic conditions, that’s when we can expect to see a significant shift in consumer behavior, with more people beginning to tighten their belts.

Marketing Jobs in 2024 with Jon Frigo

John Frigo, Ecommerce Manager, Best Price Nutrition

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