Advertising Platforms for Marketers 7 Advertising Platforms for Marketers in 2024

7 Advertising Platforms for Marketers in 2024

From the strategic insights of a Head of Marketing to the direct experience of a founder, seven Advertising Platforms for Marketers in 2024. Spanning from prioritizing TikTok for diverse audience reach to using Clutch for direct access to decision-makers, this article unpacks the top seven platforms poised to make waves in the marketing world.

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TikTok: Prioritizing for a Diverse Audience Reach

TikTok will be one of the advertising platforms for marketers to prioritize in 2024. With its rapidly growing user base covering a wide demographic spectrum, it offers an incredible opportunity for brands to reach new audiences.

Personal experience has shown me the power of these advertising platforms for marketers; a recent campaign we launched on TikTok garnered higher engagement rates compared to traditional platforms. This ability to capture and sustain user attention makes TikTok a must-consider for our 2024 advertising strategy.

Advertising Platforms for Marketers with David Rubie-Todd

David Rubie-Todd, Co-Founder and Marketing Head, Sticker It

LinkedIn: Strategic B2B Advertising Investment

LinkedIn advertising is a priority for our business next year. As a B2B brand in the digital space, we recognize that our target audience is active on LinkedIn and responsive to our messaging. The platform’s business-centric user mindset aligns with our advertising methods.

The variety of formats and targeting options on LinkedIn allows us to implement a multi-approach strategy, tailoring different messages for various groups, services, and offers.

We have found LinkedIn to deliver a consistent ROI, with leads from paid ads showing good intent and suitability for our business. Having utilized these advertising platforms for marketers for several years, we’ve achieved a strong ROI consistently.

Looking ahead, as a business aiming to grow, we plan to increase our spend on LinkedIn next year. The advertising platforms for marketers have demonstrated the potential to effectively utilize additional investment.

Advertising Platforms for Marketers with Alex Myers

Alex Myers, Head of Marketing, The SEO Works

Pinterest: Longevity as a Draw for E-commerce

Pinterest is one of the most popular advertising platforms for marketers that has some great features to effectively market brands, especially e-commerce brands. According to Statista, Pinterest’s user base is estimated to reach 98.62 million users and, therefore, a new peak in 2027. This huge potential of Pinterest unlocks new ways to market products and services to their audience.

Moreover, one of the best features of Pinterest is the longevity of pins; brands can continuously earn eyeballs, which is not the case for other social media platforms. I believe that e-commerce brands must leverage this untapped potential to showcase their products, services, or expertise to potential customers.

Advertising Platforms for Marketers with Rakshit Panchal

Rakshit Panchal, SEO Manager, Sydney Digital Agency

Email Marketing: Personal Data Collection Strategy and Advertising Platforms for Marketers

Email marketing should be on everyone’s list in 2024. It provides personal, direct communication with your customers and allows you to build a great relationship with them. As we enter a cookie-less world, gaining zero- and first-party data will be essential, no matter the industry. Email offers a fantastic avenue to accomplish data collection unobtrusively.

Advertising Platforms for Marketerswith Tony Wagner

Tony Wagner, Email Marketing Manager, Strategic America

For advertising networks, Google Ads continues to stay at the top of the list for many reasons.

The variety of ad formats that Google Ads offers is an immense advantage. It’s an opportunity for marketers to experiment with and assess the format or option that’s yielding the best results, rather than spending unnecessarily on an unprofitable channel.

The cost-control option is a great way to monitor and regulate ad spend. Marketers can specify the maximum budget and rest assured their total spend will not exceed the figure, even if they’re not actively monitoring the campaigns.

The extensive targeting capabilities of the advertising platforms for marketers enable them to get really specific with their audience selection. This, in turn, results in better ROI because the ads are being displayed to a relevant audience most likely to be interested in the ad offerings.

Investing in Google Ads is an excellent option in 2024 for marketers and businesses alike.

Advertising Platforms for Marketers with Astha Verma

Astha Verma, Co-Founder and CEO, WrittenlyHub – Content Marketing Agency

Amazon Ads: Effective Promotion via PPC

In 2024, our focus will shift towards leveraging Amazon Ads for our gift site. These advertising platforms for marketers allows us to initiate PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, enabling us to effectively promote our products and reach our desired audience.

Through Amazon Ads, we will have access to multiple ad formats, such as video ads, audio ads, display ads, device ads, and custom ads. These can be utilized for both online and physical store promotions. The platform allows targeting based on keywords, categories, and more, which makes it possible for us to do automatic targeting and simplify our ad campaigns.

I also like that Amazon Ads provides tools for image creation, video production, and other creative needs, enhancing our ads’ visual appeal and engagement potential. With campaign reporting and attribution, we can track the performance of our campaigns, giving us valuable insights for future strategies.

Advertising Platforms for Marketers with Danilo Miranda

Danilo Miranda, Managing Director, Presenteverso

Clutch: Direct Access to Decision-Makers

In 2024, Clutch will be one of my go-to advertising platforms for marketers. It’s not just a marketplace; it’s where businesses actively seek out services. This targeted environment is invaluable for connecting with potential clients who are already interested in what we have to offer. By prioritizing Clutch, we can directly reach decision-makers in various industries, making our marketing efforts more efficient and impactful.

Advertising Platforms for Marketers with Matias Rodsevich

Matias Rodsevich, Founder, PRHive

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