Marketing Industry by 2024

7 Predicted Technological Changes in the Marketing Industry by 2024

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, we sought insights from top industry professionals on what to expect in the marketing industry by 2024. From adapting to AI-driven search behavior to mastering AI for digital marketing success, seven marketing experts, including directors and CEOs, share their foresight on the seismic shifts ahead.

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Adapting to AI-Driven Search Behavior in Marketing Industry by 2024

The greatest change in the marketing industry by 2024 is the proliferation of AI solutions and the evolving landscape of how we deal with them. We’ve already seen Google search results change how they parse and handle AI-generated content, and we’ve seen major legal challenges from the use of AI-generated images that pull from copyrighted content. 

More telling, and more difficult for marketers to leverage, is the change to user behavior when searching for information or solutions. In the healthcare industry, we have long relied on organic positioning in Google to showcase expertise and educate patients; while we still see about 90% of prospective patients looking for providers and solutions via Google search, an increasing number are using ChatGPT for queries, both for educational purposes and also recommendations on providers. ChatGPT-4 uses Bing search, which historically has been less of a focus for marketers in search engine optimization. We’ll need to adapt quickly.

Marketing Industry by 2024 with Laura Mikulski

Laura Mikulski, Senior Growth Strategist

Embracing Automation in Marketing

With AI and automation evolving at lightning speed, the biggest changes in the marketing industry by 2024 and beyond will be a growing reliance on the use of automation and content generation.

Marketing Technology (MarTech) is already a $300 billion-plus industry and will only continue to grow. AI will not take the jobs of marketers; rather, marketers who learn how to leverage AI to its full potential will replace those who don’t.

This rapid evolution will also cause a significant skills gap, leading to an increase in demand for subject matter experts and specialists who can help organizations, in-house marketing teams, and marketing agencies adopt, manage, and leverage all this new technology to its full potential.

Marketing Industry by 2024 with Sarah Magazzo

Sarah Magazzo, Digital Marketing Manager

Replacing Employees for New AI Strategies

The biggest change in the marketing industry by 2024will be the advancement and adoption of AI-based technologies. AI won’t replace people directly, but companies will begin to replace existing employees with those that have an understanding of AI. Various types of marketing, including inbound, outbound, content, and even strategy, will all be influenced by AI in the near future.

Charles Stover, Director of Marketing, Coast Medical Service

Navigating New Data Privacy and Cookie Rules

With advancements in technology, the government might tighten data privacy rules and regulations. The European Union has already taken major steps in protecting user data and would likely be followed by other countries. This government policy might affect the way marketing industry by 2024.

Moreover, Google has announced that Chrome will deprecate third-party cookies by 2024. Marketers might face challenges in collecting and identifying potential customers and retargeting them. They need to find innovative ways to market their brands in the absence of third-party cookies as effectively as they are currently doing.

Marketing Industry by 2024 with Rakshit Panchal

Rakshit Panchal, SEO Manager, Sydney Digital Agency

Reviving the Relationship with Marketing Principles

A return to timeless business principles, rather than trendy tactics, is what I foresee. People buy from those they know, like, and trust. I see a return to a focus on relationship marketing—through strategic networking, collaborations, and structured referral systems. 

Although this has always been a strong part of many industries, in my observation, the modern digital entrepreneur has typically neglected this area. With online marketing industry by 2024 becoming more unpredictable, many are looking for other options.

Marketing Industry by 2024 with Annelise Worn

Annelise Worn, Business and Marketing Strategist, Annelise Worn

Integrating AI for Enhanced Marketing Insights

Every forward-thinking marketer will recognize the most important evolution in the marketing world: the undeniable integration of AI technologies.

Advanced AI now leads in analytics and gives us deep insights from various data sources. This extends to agenda planning, with marketing strategy shifting to trend predictions. AI graphics are increasingly present in content creation, helping graphic designers to broaden their options in record time.

In addition, AI-driven customer assistants are becoming more adapted to a targeted audience and humanized in their responses, so much so that customer experience strategy is stepping into a new era.

In my opinion, AI is a powerful tool that is already revolutionizing the digital world. It is up to us to make the most out of it.

Marketing Industry by 2024 with Gabriel Kaam

Gabriel Kaam, CEO, KNR Agency

Mastering AI for Digital Marketing Success

The biggest change in the marketing industry by 2024 will be how adept marketers are at using AI. Right now, it’s the Wild West with the new tech; people are all over the map with using it. The worst culprits I see are those that cut and paste from their AI responses. People who are successful in the marketing industry by 2024 will be those who learn how to harness the emerging potential of AI.

Marketing Industry by 2024 with Janet Granger

Janet Granger, CEO/Marketing Strategist/Mentor/Coach, Two Beagles

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