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7 Strategies for E-Commerce Brands to Leverage User Generated Content for Branding

To help e-commerce brands effectively leverage user generated content, we’ve gathered seven insightful tips from industry professionals, including a SaaS Customer Success Manager and a Strategy Director. From incentivizing engagement with a two-way conversation to encouraging customers to submit reviews, discover how to transform your branding strategy with these expert insights.

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User Generated Content to Incentivize Engagement with a Two-Way Conversation

One of my favorite brands is excelling in the user generated content game in a unique way. The brand operates in the fashion accessory market and has a very niche target customer. They produce a lot of IG content portraying this image and subtly telling their actual customers, “This is who you are.” 

This conversation is two-way; because the customer understands this language, they respond by producing content that the brand uses in their initiatives, such as a monthly email focusing on customer reviews. They also use IG to further gamify the process: they incentivize customers to tag them in their posts, which will be curated into an IG highlight serving as inspiration for current and future customers. 

There are a lot of ways you can use user generated content for branding, and probably my favorite ones would be to engage customers in video reviews and use this in your ads, showcase tagged IG posts on the site and in your socials, and always use a form of UGC in email communications.

User Generated Content with Aleksandra Velkova

Aleksandra Velkova, SaaS Customer Success Manager, Lootly

Allow Customers to Ask and Respond to Questions

We collect user generated content (UGC) from customers on our site through reviews. Customers can also post photos. Besides reviews, we allow customers to ask and answer each other’s questions, similar to Amazon, which is also a great resource for user generated content. 

We regularly use customer reviews and photos in our email and marketing efforts. Since we sell sports-nutrition supplements, many customers are proud of the results they’ve gotten in the gym and will often share before-and-after photos or results photos. 

We’ll regularly reuse that in SMS marketing, email marketing, and even on social media platforms like Instagram. We recently had a gentleman share some impressive results in a Facebook group we operate, so we were actually going to invite him to help us make a YouTube video about his experience.

User Generated Content with John Frigo

John Frigo, Ecommerce Manager, Best Price Nutrition

Assign a Dedicated Space on Your Website for UGC

User Generated Content for branding is a powerful strategy for e-commerce brands. We often recommend that our e-commerce clients leverage visual UGC. Visual content, such as customer photos and videos, can be particularly compelling. Create a dedicated space on your website for customers to share their pictures and videos of your products in action. These visuals provide social proof and help potential customers visualize themselves using your products. From a brand perspective, this strategy helps to build trust, foster engagement, and showcase the value your products or services provide to your customers.

If your industry has the opportunity to leverage UGC on social media, it can be huge for branding as well. Encourage customers to share their experiences with your products on social media using a unique hashtag related to your brand. This can create a sense of community and increase your brand’s visibility. Also, repost and engage with UGC on your official social media channels to amplify its reach!

User Generated Content with Rylee Leonard

Rylee Leonard, Digital Marketing Specialist, Vital Design

Create UGC Campaigns and Contests

Leveraging user generated content (UGC) is a powerful strategy for e-commerce brands. In the context of our Hair Systems business, we encourage customers to share their experiences and transformations with our products on social media. We then showcase these authentic UGC photos and testimonials on our website and marketing materials. This not only builds trust but also humanizes our brand.

One tip is to create user generated content campaigns or contests. For instance, we run a campaign where customers can post before-and-after photos with our products and use a specific hashtag. The winner receives a discount or a feature on our website. This not only encourages UGC but also turns customers into brand ambassadors. It’s a win-win, as it fosters engagement, showcases real results, and promotes our brand organically.

User Generated Content with Adam Garfield

Adam Garfield, Marketing Director, Hairbro

Celebrate Users with a Customer Spotlight

User generated content (UGC) can be a goldmine for e-commerce brands, adding authenticity to branding efforts. One effective way to leverage UGC is by initiating “Customer Spotlight Campaigns.” Encourage customers to share photos or videos of themselves using your products in real-life settings. 

For instance, a fashion e-commerce brand can ask customers to share their outfit-of-the-day featuring their purchase. Select standout entries weekly or monthly, and spotlight them on your brand’s social channels and website. Not only does this strategy celebrate loyal customers, but it also provides authentic, relatable content for potential buyers, effectively building trust and fostering community around your brand.

User Generated Content with Samuel Fletcher

Samuel Fletcher, Co-Founder, SupplyGem

Take a TikTok Approach

User Generated Content’s main purpose is to build trust and credibility through creators, without relying solely on their personal brand. It helps balance marketing funnels, driving more conversions than high-production ads, and can expand communities organically. 

For example, Sephora has an “As Seen On TikTok” shelf in their stores, which speaks to the power of testimonials. Another example is Farrow & Ball, a home decor company that showcases images from their customers as authentic design inspiration on their website!

The key is finding influencers who already use similar products and discuss related problems.

User Generated Content with Othmane Herri

Othmane Herri, Strategy Director, Combind

Encourage Customers to Submit Reviews

One tip I want to share to leverage user-generated content for branding is to address your customers’ concerns and encourage them to submit reviews, images, videos, and testimonials of your products and services. 

Feature this user-generated content (UGC) on your website, application, and social media channels to promote your brand and empower your customers as advocates. Incorporating UGC into your branding strategies can enhance your audience’s trust and develop your market credibility.

User Generated Content with Dhari Alabdulhadi

Dhari Alabdulhadi, CTO and Founder, Ubuy Kuwait

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