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8 Essential Ways a Versatile Growth Marketer Can Demonstrate Across Marketing Channels

In the search for a versatile growth marketer who can navigate the complexities of multi-channel strategies, we turned to CEOs and marketing experts for their best advice. From showcasing campaign execution skills to demonstrating email marketing expertise, we’ve compiled eight valuable insights to guide you in hiring a candidate who can truly drive growth across various marketing channels.

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Versatile Growth Marketer Showcase Campaign Execution Skills

When hiring a versatile growth marketer, I recommend presenting their involvement in executing marketing campaigns. 

Sharing examples of previous campaigns that effectively combined digital marketing channels—like social media, email marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising—to meet their objectives could be one way to do this. 

They should study the impact of their campaigns across various channels, demonstrating a strong understanding of how each channel contributes to overall growth. It emphasizes their capability to analyze data.

Versatile Growth Marketer with Fahad Khan

Fahad Khan, Digital Marketing Manager, Ubuy India

Present Multi-Channel Campaign Results

Ask candidates to present a multi-channel campaign they’ve executed or managed. This should include details on how they tailored strategies for different channels, the tools and analytics they used, and the results achieved. 

They must show an understanding of how different channels complement each other and contribute to overall growth objectives. This approach not only showcases their tactical skills but also their strategic thinking in leveraging multiple channels for cohesive and effective growth marketing.

Versatile Growth Marketer with Jon james

Jon James, CEO, Ignited Results

Articulate Data-Driven Integrated Strategy

As a CEO, one way a versatile growth marketer can show their ability to effectively use various marketing channels would be by crafting a comprehensive, data-driven strategy. They should unequivocally articulate an integrated campaign they’ve executed before, which uses multiple platforms in harmony to achieve substantial business growth. 

This strategy must exhibit how they tailored their approach based on the unique strengths of each platform. They need to be sure to highlight their results, specifically the impact on customer engagement, acquisition, and retention through their diversified marketing efforts.

Versatile Growth Marketer with Abid Salahi

Abid Salahi, Co-Founder and CEO, FinlyWealth

Provide Evidence of Cross-Channel Adaptability

When hiring a versatile growth marketer, it’s crucial to assess their proficiency across various marketing channels. They need to provide evidence of their ability to adapt and excel in different environments.

I once hired a versatile growth marketer named Siddharth. What set Siddharth apart was his proven track record across multiple channels. He didn’t just claim to be an all-rounder; he demonstrated it by sharing examples of campaigns he had run on social media, email, SEO, and even traditional print ads.

In one instance, an online campaign he was running wasn’t achieving the desired results. Rather than sticking to the same channel, Siddharth quickly pivoted to an email marketing strategy. He segmented our customer base, personalized the emails, and turned the campaign around. The result was a notable increase in engagement and conversions.

My tip would be this: when interviewing versatile growth marketer, don’t just take their word for it. Ask them to show their cross-channel expertise with tangible examples. How did they adapt when faced with challenges? What resulted from their efforts? This approach will give you a better understanding of their skills and how they handle different situations.

Versatile Growth Marketer with Swana Kalra

Swena Kalra, Chief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

Discuss A/B Testing Across Channels

A distinctive way for a versatile growth marketer to showcase their versatility across different marketing channels is by sharing their experience in conducting A/B tests or experiments. 

One unique recommendation is for candidates to discuss specific experiments they’ve executed across multiple channels, outlining how they devised hypotheses, set up experiments, measured outcomes, and implemented findings to optimize campaigns. 

This exhibits their proficiency in managing various channels and their ability to leverage data-driven insights to drive growth systematically.

Versatile Growth Marketer with Cyrus Partow

Cyrus Partow, CEO, ShipTheDeal

Present a Comprehensive Multi-Channel Case Study

When hiring a versatile growth marketer, they should showcase their ability to work across various channels by presenting a comprehensive case study of a multi-channel campaign they’ve managed. 

The case study should detail their strategic approach, how they integrated different channels (like social media, email, SEO, PPC), and the outcomes. It should also highlight their ability to analyze and interpret data from these channels to refine strategies. 

For instance, a candidate once impressed us by showcasing a campaign where they seamlessly blended content marketing with social media and email campaigns, leading to increased engagement and conversions. 

Their ability to link the success metrics across these channels to overall business growth was particularly compelling. This demonstration of strategic planning and execution across various platforms strongly indicates a versatile growth marketer’s expertise.

Versatile Growth Marketer with Daniel Bunn

Daniel Bunn, Founder and Director, DB IT

Explain Set-Up Process for New Campaigns

From my perspective, one of the best ways to assess a versatile growth marketer in working with various channels is to ask them how they would set up a new campaign about X topic. 

An example of a promising answer would include the process from paid advertising to social media to blog or website additions, to email marketing. 

This kind of response would show that the marketer understands how a wide variety of platforms and content contribute to the overall goal of conversion or brand recognition.

Versatile Growth Marketer with Madylen Kablak

Madylen Kablak, Marketing Manager, PGF Technology Group

Demonstrate Email Marketing Expertise

When you’re ready to hire a marketer to elevate your brand engagement and help you facilitate more sales, it’s essential to make sure they know how to use email marketing. Combining the power of email copywriting, storytelling, and data analytics helps your business increase its bottom line with ease. 

You probably use social media to drive growth for your business, too. You can use social media to attract more leads to your email list and mention your business’s social media profiles in the emails you send. 

Keep in mind, that average email open rates are 21% according to Mailchimp, and on social media, you’ll reach 3%-5% of your audience at any given time, so it makes more sense to prioritize email and other channels like blogging, podcasting, or YouTube to build trust and ultimately sell out your offers! 

Versatile Growth Marketer with Tiffany Garside

Tiffany Garside, Freelance Email Marketer, Tiffy G Writes

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