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8 Essential Questions to Ask on a Brand Marketer Interview

To help you ace your next brand marketer interview, we’ve gathered eight insightful tips from CEOs and Digital Marketing Managers. From assessing brand-positioning strategy experience to testing emoji branding skills, discover the key questions these professionals recommend asking during the interview process.

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Brand Marketer Interview: Assessing Brand-Positioning Strategy Experience

During the hiring process, one pivotal question I pose in a brand marketer interview is, “Can you provide a concrete example of a successful brand-positioning or repositioning strategy you’ve executed and the tangible results it yielded?” 

This question is paramount in assessing a brand marketer’s competence and practical experience. It allows me to gauge their ability to devise and implement strategies that positively impact a brand’s identity and, more importantly, its bottom line. By requesting a specific example, I aim to delve into the candidate’s real-world problem-solving skills and their capacity to drive meaningful change within our digital marketing agency, CodeDesign.

brand marketer interview with Bruno Gavino

Bruno Gavino, Founder, CEO, CodeDesign

Understanding Candidate’s Marketing Passion

As a digital marketer who has been through the hiring process dozens of times, one key question I always ask brand marketers during an interview is, “What inspired you to pursue a career in marketing?” By asking this question, I’m able to get insight into what motivates the person I am interviewing and their passion for marketing. It allows me to gain an understanding of their enthusiasm for marketing-related activities and initiatives they have worked on in the past. This gives me more context when assessing if they will be a good fit for our organization during a brand marketer interview.

brand marketer interview with Alex murray

Alex Murray, Search Director, Tilious

Evaluating Communication of Brand Strategy

When hiring a brand marketer, one key question I might ask during a brand marketer interview is, “How do you communicate the brand strategy to various departments in the company, including the top-level executives?” 

For me, this question is essential as it tests the applicant’s ability to communicate and harmonize the company’s diverse sections with the brand’s directives and intentions. It exposes their recognition of unified communication’s significance and their approach to confirm that all staff, from new hires to higher-ups, are representatives of the brand. 

The response might also offer a glimpse into their skills in managing complicated organizational frameworks and their history in encouraging cooperative efforts among different departments.

brand marketer interview with Previous Abacan

Precious Abacan, Digital Marketing Manager, Softlist

Requesting Successful Brand Campaign Examples

Knowing what past successes someone has had as a brand marketer is an important factor for me during a brand marketer interview. One key question I feel should be asked is, “Can you provide an example of a successful brand campaign you’ve led? What was the strategy, tactics, and measurable outcomes?” 

I find this question helps you get a better idea of the types of tactics they use so you can understand if they’re a fit for your company. Asking for specific examples and case studies demonstrates their ability to successfully execute their work.

brand marketer interview with Stipe Petrivevic

Stipe Petričević, CEO, Master Charter

Probing Creative Problem-Solving Skills

During a brand marketer interview, focus one of your questions around creativity and innovation. It’s important that this person is up to date on trends and has the capacity to develop new and exciting ways to market.

Ask them to describe a time when they had to think outside the box to solve a branding challenge. Finish this question by inquiring about what the most innovative branding trend they see today is and how they would apply it to your business.

brand marketer interview with Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson, Career Coach, Resume Seed

Checking Awareness of Marketing Trends

With all those hefty questions you ask in a brand marketer interview, I can’t miss this question: “How do you stay up-to-date with marketing trends?” 

Questioning this one shows how keen and passionate the candidate is for marketing. We know that trends change every now and then, so it is essential to know how they stay informed and if they are working on them currently. By staying informed about current developments, a brand marketer will be able to innovate and create successful campaigns.

brand marketer interview with Perry Zheng

Perry Zheng, Founder and CEO, Pallas

Examining Brand Building Expertise

In a brand marketer interview, I want to hear about their expertise in building and managing a brand. One key question I would ask is: “Can you provide an example of a successful brand campaign you’ve led, and how did it impact the brand’s identity, perception, and business results?”

This question allows the candidate to demonstrate their ability to develop and execute effective brand strategies to me. I want to see if they understand brand positioning, target audiences, and creative messaging.

I also want to hear evidence of the quantifiable impact their campaign had on the brand’s identity and business performance. Not just in vague terms; I want hard statistics and facts about their previous successes.

This will provide me with insights into their creativity, strategic thinking, and the ability to align branding efforts with business objectives.

brand marketer interview with Katharine Gallagher

Katharine Gallagher, Professional Growth Specialist- Education, Career, Recruitment, Productivity, Business,

Testing Emoji Branding Skills

During a brand marketer interview, Imagine you’re writing a tweet that introduces our brand to the world, but here’s the catch—you can only use emojis. Which ones would you pick, and why?

This playful prompt tests their ability to distill complex brand concepts into simple, universally understood symbols, reflecting their grasp of our brand essence and their knack for creative communication. Because sometimes, a picture (or emoji) is worth a thousand words!

brand marketer interview with Alex Stasiak

Alex Stasiak, CEO and Founder, Startup House

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