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8 Key Questions to Ask on a Programmatic Marketer Interview to Assess their Analytical Skills

Finding the right questions to ask a Programmatic Marketer Interview can be a challenging task. To assist you, we’ve gathered eight insightful responses from professionals like e-commerce managers and CEOs. From assessing practical experience to delivering end-to-end programmatic advertising campaigns, discover the key questions these experts recommend asking during an interview.

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In Programmatic Marketer Interview Assessing Practical Experience is Required.

One of the questions I ask on a programmatic marketer interview “Can you share a specific example of a programmatic campaign you’ve managed, including the strategies you employed to target the right audience, optimize performance, and measure success? What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?”

This question allows the candidate to show their practical experience in programmatic marketing, highlighting their ability to develop effective strategies, address challenges, and analyze campaign performance. It provides insight into their hands-on experience and problem-solving skills in programmatic advertising.

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programmatic marketer interview with John Frigo

John Frigo, Ecommerce Manager, Best Price Nutrition

Understanding Platform Familiarity and Campaign Approach

During a programmatic marketer interview, If they don’t have a lot of experience, I like to ask about the different platforms that they have used. If they are only familiar with one or two systems, how do they approach campaigns, bidding strategy, creative, etc.? 

If they are “painting by numbers,” following what the platform suggests, what successes or struggles have they encountered with campaigns? If they have used several DSPs, what innovative campaigns have they run?

Even if I’ve never run a campaign on a DSP, by asking about specific campaigns, I can get a sense of how the candidate would approach a campaign set up with our tools.

programmatic marketer interview with Dan Ketterick

Dan Ketterick, Growth Manager, FleetNow

Evaluating Passion, Strategy, and Adaptability

I’d ask them to take you through one of their recent campaigns. It’s like asking a chef about their signature dish – the passion and craftsmanship should shine through.

So, in a programmatic marketer interview, I’d ask the candidate, “Can you walk me through a recent programmatic campaign you’ve executed?” Now, here’s what you should look out for.

First, they should be able to give you the 360-degree view—the campaign’s goals, who it targeted, and the strategies deployed. For instance, they may talk about using real-time bidding or audience-segmentation tactics. It’s like showing you the cooking techniques they decided to use.

Next, they should delve into the metrics, kind of like their taste-test results. They need to articulate the KPIs they used and how they interpreted the data to optimize the campaign. It’s all about how they tweaked the recipe to perfection.

Finally, ask them about the bumps in the road. Every campaign has its challenges, and how they overcame them shows their adaptability.

programmatic marketer interview with John White

John White, MBA – Owner, White Fox Cleaning Services

Finding Proficiency in Data-Driven Programmatic Advertising

In a Programmatic Marketer Interview, I ask, “Can you explain how you’ve used programmatic advertising to target specific audiences effectively? Please provide an example of a campaign where programmatic advertising played a significant role in achieving the desired outcomes.”

This question assesses the candidate’s proficiency in programmatic marketing and their ability to leverage data-driven advertising to reach and engage specific audience segments. Look for specific examples of campaigns, targeting strategies, and measurable results achieved, such as improved ad performance or enhanced ROI (Return on Investment).

programmatic marketer interview with Mark Fong

Mark Fong, General Manager, CEO, hexagon lights

Optimizing Programmatic Ad Campaigns for ROI

When doing a programmatic marketer interview, I like to ask, “How do you approach optimizing programmatic ad campaigns for maximum ROI and efficiency? Can you share an example of a successful campaign optimization you’ve undertaken?” 

This question helps me evaluate their understanding of programmatic advertising, their data-analysis skills, and their ability to drive results through efficient campaign management. It’s essential to have team members who can make data-driven decisions to maximize our advertising investments.

programmatic marketer interview with Jay Toy

Jay Toy, General Manager, 88stacks

Analyzing Campaign Data for Performance Improvement

In a programmatic marketer interview, Ensuring the candidate is well-versed in data analysis and campaign metrics is important. 

Ask a question similar to this one that allows them to convey their successes in this area: “Can you describe a time when you had to analyze campaign data to improve performance?”

programmatic marketer interview with Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson, Career Coach, Resume Seed

Discovering Strategic Thinking and Brand Safety

“Imagine I have given you a sizable budget to run a programmatic campaign for a brand that’s new to the digital space. How would you allocate that budget across different ad exchanges or platforms, and what safeguards would you put in place to ensure brand safety? Share a past experience where you faced a similar challenge.” 

This question probes their strategic thinking during a programmatic marketer interview, understanding of the programmatic landscape, and commitment to maintaining a brand’s reputation in the digital ecosystem.

programmatic marketer interview with Alex Stasiak

Alex Stasiak, CEO and Founder, Startup House

Delivering End-to-End Programmatic Advertising Campaigns

In a programmatic marketer interview, I would want to see if they could tell me, under pressure, all aspects that they would consider end-to-end in a programmatic advertising campaign. This is so that I could assess their practical knowledge and be confident that they could actually deliver on the job.

I would ask, “Can you walk me through the process of setting up and optimizing a programmatic advertising campaign from start to finish, highlighting key steps, tools, and metrics you consider along the way?”

In their answer, I’d be looking for their first-hand account of campaign planning, budget allocation, and how they optimized the campaign with a specific audience in mind. They would also have to weave into their answer specifics on related data and how they adapted their strategy accordingly.

programmatic marketer interview with Katharine Gallagher

Katharine Gallagher, Founder, Personal and Professional Growth,

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