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8 Essential Tips for Hiring Part Time SEO Marketer

Hiring a part time SEO marketer can be a challenging task. To assist you, we’ve gathered eight valuable tips from industry professionals, including agency owners and marketing operations specialists. From emphasizing clear communication and goals to choosing a revenue-driven SEO Marketer, these insights will guide you in making the right hiring decision.

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When Hiring Part time SEO you need to Emphasize Clear Communication and Goals

I’ve been a part-time SEO consultant many times, and after many experiences, I realized that the best results came from knowing exactly what you want as a business to achieve with SEO. Is it traffic? Is it sales, authority, or SERP?

Hiring Part time SEO with Jean Devenish

Jean Devenish, International Link Building Expert

Assign Genuine Processes While Hiring

One approach I use when I am hiring part time SEO is to give a process with a specific task in mind. If someone can follow a process and do the assigned task without having to ask a lot of questions and without taking an exorbitant amount of time, they will likely work out well.

This is simple, but it gives you a lot of feedback. Use an actual, real process and problem or task in the company (agency side or in-house), not a made-up example. You want to see if they will be able to help you accomplish your goals.

Also, be very wary of a lot of “it depends” answers with no qualification or explanation of why it might depend. A good SEO should always follow up an “it depends” with instances and scenarios for why it depends.

Hiring Part time SEO with Trevor Stolber

Trevor Stolber, Agency Owner, STOLBER Digital

Implement a Competitive Hiring Method

I’ve hired more SEO marketers than I can remember, and I’ve messed up a lot of times, but that’s how I learn. The best method I’ve found now is to hire at least two SEO marketers simultaneously and run them up against each other. It’s easier as you can then compare two efforts, and hey, if they’re both doing phenomenally and you have the budget for it, then you have two new superstars on your team. 

But run a paid trial with at least two candidates and let them know whoever does best gets the job. It’s super important to be transparent about it, so no feelings are hurt in the end. This is the best way I’ve found in hiring part time SEO marketers, which will succeed in the long run.

Hiring Part time SEO with Phillip Stemann

Phillip Stemann, SEO Enthusiast, Phillip Stemann

Understand the Candidate’s Specific Skills

There’s a good chance that hiring part time SEO marketer will mean that you’re not hiring someone with a full suite of SEO skills. I recommend finding out what specific skill sets they can bring to the team, such as keyword research or technical auditing, and then plan accordingly around this for any skill gaps you may still need from other hires.

Hiring Part time SEO with Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts, Digital Marketing Manager, Connect Vending

Apply Google’s E-A-T Principles

Most people may advise focusing on traditional resumes and qualifications when hiring part time SEO marketer, but my advice deviates from that. The E-A-T rule that Google uses to filter different websites should be used to screen applicants.

Breaking it down, when hiring part time SEO, don’t just look for someone who knows SEO jargon. Validate their expertise through a proven track record of achieving solid organic growth. Their influence in the SEO community should measure authority. Are they contributing to forums, articles, or online discussions? Have they developed any proprietary methodologies or tools? Trustworthiness is non-negotiable. Verify their past work, ask for client references, and maybe even do a small paid test project.

In conclusion, apply Google’s E-A-T principles when hiring part time SEO marketer. This approach may contradict the mainstream hiring practices, but it’s designed to secure a candidate who not only knows SEO but lives and breathes it.

Hiring Part time SEO with Roy Lam

Roy Lam, CEO and Co-Founder, GeniusHub Digital Marketing

Focus on Task-Specific Work

I currently have a few people who work part-time with me. The most important thing when hiring part time SEO is that they have specific tasks and deliverables for them to do when they come in. Make sure you know if you want them to do things like keyword research, on-page updates, or link building, and hold them accountable for the work.

Hiring Part time SEO with Isaac Hammelburger

Isaac Hammelburger, Founder, Search Pros

Prioritize Strong Analytical Skills

When hiring part time SEO marketer, prioritize candidates with strong analytical skills. Analyzing data is crucial for tracking results, identifying opportunities, and making informed decisions. 

An SEO marketer with analytical capabilities can interpret data, monitor campaign performance, and optimize strategies effectively. For example, they may analyze website traffic patterns, identify which keywords are driving the most organic traffic, and make data-driven recommendations on optimizing content and backlink strategies.

By prioritizing analytical skills, you ensure the marketer can navigate the complexities of SEO and continuously improve your website’s performance.

Hiring Part time SEO with Ben Lau

Ben Lau, Founder, Featured SEO Company

Choose a Revenue-Driven SEO Marketer

When hiring part time SEO marketer, prioritize candidates who have a clear emphasis on driving revenue. Instead of getting caught up in a typical SEO checklist, it’s pivotal to choose an individual who understands the direct connection between SEO efforts and revenue generation. 

By focusing on revenue-driven strategies, you ensure that the SEO initiatives are directly aligned with business growth, rather than just ticking off standard SEO boxes.

Hiring Part time SEO with Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall, Marketing Operations, Webserv

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