The Power of Multifaceted Marketing: A Conversation with Cheshtha Lakhchaura

The Power of Multifaceted Marketing: A Conversation with Cheshtha Lakhchaura

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Today, we’re thrilled to have Cheshtha Lakhchaura, the Chief Marketing Officer at Gleexa, with us.

Cheshtha’s journey in marketing has been nothing short of inspiring, from crafting persuasive copy to mastering the intricacies of SEO, PPC, and leadership.

In this interview, we’ll dive deep into Cheshtha’s career, multifaceted expertise, and the tools she uses to drive marketing success at Gleexa.


Can you share your journey into the world of marketing? What inspired you to pursue a career in this field?

My marketing adventure started in 2019 when I was in my second year of college studying BBA. I was trying to figure out what I liked in business and marketing. My college offered a chance to take a two-month digital marketing course, and I thought, “Why not?”

As the year went on, I heard about content writing internships from a friend, which seemed cool. I decided to try it to see what I’d like. I joined a platform called Internshala and started applying for marketing and content writing gigs. At that time, I didn’t know much about what made content good or how search engines played a role.

During my internships, I got into writing about all sorts of stuff, like tech and lifestyle topics. This helped me improve at writing and understand how to make content appear on Google. So, not only was I writing articles, but I was also learning how to make them pop up when people searched for them.

After I finished my BBA, I realized something important. Marketing isn’t just about ads; it’s about understanding who you’re talking to and what they want. Being good at writing was a big plus because it helped me connect with people. I decided to make a career in digital marketing, where I could use my writing skills and clever marketing tricks.

My journey eventually led me to where I am today – the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Gleexa, a company that helps businesses adapt to the digital world. It’s been a journey of learning and improving because things keep changing in the marketing world. Like my name, “Cheshtha,” means effort. I’ve always been someone who doesn’t stop trying to improve at what I do in the exciting marketing world.

As the CMO at Gleexa, you handle various aspects of marketing. Could you elaborate on your day-to-day responsibilities and how they contribute to the company’s success?

In my role as Gleexa’s CMO, I juggle multiple responsibilities. I’m the one who shapes and fine-tunes our marketing strategy by studying the market, analyzing our competition, and understanding our customers’ needs. Together with our SEO specialist, we ensure that our online presence is optimized for search engines and easy for visitors to navigate.

Managing our marketing team is another critical part of my role. I make sure everyone knows their tasks and provide guidance when needed. I closely monitor our marketing campaigns, examining their performance metrics to make intelligent decisions on adjustments. My love for numbers comes in handy as I rigorously analyze data to gauge the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

Budget management is essential, and I closely monitor our spending to ensure we don’t overspend. When we collaborate with clients, I communicate, presenting our strategies and sharing regular performance reports. Staying updated with the latest tech is a priority, ensuring our content and brand are consistent across all platforms.

In addition to all this, I play a significant role in decision-making. I use data insights and industry knowledge to steer our marketing strategies in the right direction. I constantly explore innovative trends and technologies to improve our marketing efforts alongside our SEO specialist. These responsibilities and decision-making processes contribute significantly to Gleexa’s ongoing success.

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SEO is a crucial part of digital marketing. What strategies have you found most effective in improving website visibility and search engine rankings?

I’ve learned that having well-crafted page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs isn’t enough to boost your website’s visibility on search engines significantly. While these elements are crucial, quality backlinks really power up your website’s credibility and ranking. These backlinks are powerful endorsements, elevating your website’s authority and search engine rankings.

Additionally, I prioritize creating exceptional content that’s not only optimized for relevant keywords but also resonates with our target audience. This attracts visitors and establishes our website as an authoritative source within its niche.

Moreover, thorough keyword research is essential to ensure our content aligns perfectly with what users are searching for. Implementing these strategies effectively lays the groundwork for improved website visibility and higher rankings in search engine results.

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in engaging audiences. How do you approach content strategy and ensure it aligns with your brand’s objectives?

The initial step for me is to profoundly understand our brand’s audience and competitors and create content that serves businesses looking for our digital transformation services.

I maintain a consistent brand voice and style. Every piece of content is tied to our brand objectives: driving interest in web and app development, showing off our RPA expertise, and highlighting our digital marketing prowess.

To guide our strategy adjustments, we have KPIs and seek regular business feedback. We ensure our content is relevant by following trends in our field, and this supports our mission to empower businesses. Our content is a strategic tool for brand growth and meaningful connections.

Copywriting is one of your strengths. Please share some tips for crafting compelling, compelling copy that resonates with the target audience.

As a creative copywriter, I focus on connecting with readers by adding emotion and value to my writing. People are naturally emotional, and I use stories and relatable experiences to make my writing resonate.

My goal is to create content that informs and makes readers feel something, building trust and connections. This approach matches the brand’s friendly and relatable voice, appealing to a young, ambitious audience interested in marketing and social media growth. They want inspiration and practical advice from someone who’s been through it all.

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PPC and SEM are dynamic fields. What recent trends or changes have you observed, and how do they impact digital advertising strategies?

Based on my experience in PPC and SEM, I’ve noticed significant changes shaping our approach to digital advertising. AI and ML technologies are automating tasks by freeing up time for us to focus on different strategies. Moreover, with the advancements in third-party cookies, which enable more precise targeting for better outcomes, the value of first-party data is increasing.

The surge in voice search has caused a drastic shift in keyword strategy—besides, emerging platforms like the metaverse present opportunities to study different engagement patterns.

To adapt to these developments, it’s crucial to incorporate automation, leverage first-party data, optimize for voice search, and study fresh platforms as the first move toward establishing more successful digital advertising campaigns.

Leadership is a significant aspect of your role. What leadership principles do you follow to foster a collaborative and high-performing marketing team?

Good leadership is the foundation of a successful marketing team.

I believe in setting clear goals, giving constant support, rewarding accomplishments, and promoting teamwork. Guiding your team and giving them the freedom to make decisions boosts their productivity and morale, opens the door for open communication, and makes the team united. All these traits play a significant role in forming a collaborative environment. I’ve seen how these ideas combine to build a dynamic marketing team that produces exceptional outcomes.

You mentioned your interest in psychology-driven marketing. How do you apply insights from psychology to create more engaging and effective marketing campaigns?

Psychology-driven marketing is my forte, and I apply it in various ways. First, I leverage social proof to build trust and credibility. It’s fascinating how people are more inclined to trust and follow suit if they see others doing the same. So, I use testimonials, showcase social media shares, and highlight purchase numbers to boost credibility.

Scarcity and urgency are also in my toolkit. Our brains are wired for stories, so I use storytelling to connect with consumers and make messages more memorable emotionally. Humor adds an engaging touch, and I always emphasize the benefits of products or services.

Lastly, I ensure that taking action is a breeze. Clear calls to action and simplified purchase processes make it easy for consumers to act. By weaving these psychology-driven strategies into my campaigns, I’ve seen how they resonate with consumers on a deeper level, making marketing effective and genuinely engaging.

Data-driven marketing is essential in today’s landscape. What tools or analytics platforms do you use to make informed marketing decisions?

Certainly! Data-driven marketing is crucial in today’s landscape, and I rely on various tools and analytics platforms to make informed decisions. Google Analytics is my trusty companion, offering a wealth of website traffic and visitor behavior data.

HubSpot is another favorite with its marketing automation and insightful analytics. Marketo also earns a spot on my list, providing robust analytics for tracking customer behavior and campaign performance.

To leverage these tools effectively, I start with clear campaign goals, track relevant metrics, and regularly analyze the data for trends. This informs my decisions and helps me optimize campaigns for better results.

When selecting tools, I consider budgets and needs and read reviews for feedback. Free trials and demos ensure the chosen solution aligns with specific requirements.

By following these practices, data-driven marketing becomes essential and highly effective in achieving desired outcomes.

Can you share a memorable marketing campaign or project you’ve worked on at Gleexa? What made it successful, and what lessons did you learn from it?

One of the standout projects at Gleexa was a comprehensive digital marketing campaign to enhance our client’s online presence and achieve tangible results. Our objectives included driving more website traffic, converting visitors into leads, and establishing a stronger brand presence in the digital landscape.

We began with in-depth competitor keyword analysis, content gap identification, and a robust content strategy. This led to creation of engaging blog posts, articles, and eye-catching infographics, positioning our client as an industry authority.

Simultaneously, we executed targeted paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Google, ensuring our content reached the right audience. This not only boosted traffic but also significantly increased social media engagement.

Our efforts yielded impressive results: website traffic surged, backlinks increased from 17k to 25k, the domain rating improved from 46 to 54, and social media engagement rates soared.

The key takeaways from this project were the importance of top-notch content and the effectiveness of a multi-channel approach. This experience showcased the immense impact of a well-executed digital marketing strategy, contributing substantially to our client’s success.

Diversity and innovation are emphasized at Gleexa. How does fostering a diverse community of marketers contribute to the company’s success, and what innovative solutions have emerged?

At Gleexa, diversity is our superpower. Our diverse community of marketers brings fresh perspectives and experiences, giving us a deeper understanding of our diverse customer base. This translates into more innovative marketing campaigns that stand out from the crowd.

Diversity also fuels better decision-making as we tap into various viewpoints. Our team’s happiness is a priority, and when everyone feels valued for their unique contributions, it boosts engagement and satisfaction.

Innovation is the game’s name, and one standout example is our use of AI to target diverse customer segments, taking our campaigns to new heights. Diversity and innovation are the driving forces behind Gleexa’s success, making us a trailblazer in the digital world.

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