Expert Insights Navigating the World of Paid Search and SEO with Joel Martin
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Expert Insights: Navigating the World of Paid Search and SEO with Joel Martin

In this interview with digital marketing expert Joel Martin, we explore the world of paid search and SEO.

Martin shares his journey into digital marketing and how he came to specialize in paid search and SEO. He also discusses the biggest challenges facing marketers today, shares tips on how to stay ahead of the curve, and offers advice to those just starting out in the industry.

Additionally, Martin shares insights into optimizing landing pages, measures for campaign success, and trends impacting the future of paid search and SEO.

Read on for valuable insights and expert advice from a seasoned digital marketer.

How Did You Get Started in the World of Digital Marketing? What Led You to Specialize in Paid Search and SEO?

I got started in digital marketing when my father’s business was failing, and I realized that I needed to learn how to promote it online.

I spent a week getting certified in both paid and organic SEO optimization and started my research into how people search for services.

I specialize in paid search and SEO because I realized how important it is for people to find the services businesses are offering and why my father’s website was not holding ground.

What Do You Think Are Some of the Biggest Challenges Facing Marketers Today When It Comes to Paid Search and SEO? How Do You Stay Ahead of These Challenges?

Competition, adapting to SEO algorithm changes, creating engaging content, and managing multiple campaigns are the biggest challenges facing marketers in SEO, both paid and organic.

To stay ahead of these challenges, I keep updated on current trends, conduct daily keyword/phrase research analysis, and monitor my competition’s campaigns and analytics.

Focusing on maintaining optimization of campaigns is essential to keep ahead of the curve.

Can You Give an Example of a Particularly Successful Paid Search or SEO Campaign That You’ve Worked On? What Made It Successful?

One of my successful campaigns was for my father’s business website

We wanted to increase website traffic and bookings, so I optimized the website for organic search, conducted keyword research, created high-quality backlinks, and started a blog filled with relevant content.

I also ran a series of PPC campaigns using Google AdWords, focusing on specific keyword content. The success of the campaign came from combining the PPC and SEO tactics together, targeting relevant keywords, and producing high-quality content.

How Do You Approach Keyword Research and Selection for Your Paid Search and SEO Campaigns? What Tools Do You Use to Help You in This Process?

To secure the best possible keywords for my PPC and SEO campaigns, I identify certain factors like the market, seed words, prospects, my competition, their targets, content gaps, and creating an amazing user experience.

I use tools like Rank Tracker, Google Analytics, Excel to keep record of everything, Keyword Gap, Keyword Planner, TF-IDF Explorer, and Keyword Sandbox. I also build silos to understand how to place content within web pages.

In Your Experience, What Are Some Common Mistakes That Businesses Make When It Comes to Paid Search and SEO? How Can They Avoid These Mistakes?

The most common mistake in SEO is not doing enough keyword research, creating too much content for paid campaigns instead of focusing on organic content, and not adapting to algorithm changes.

To avoid these mistakes, regularly monitor campaigns, produce high-quality organic content, and research the tools that will help with this. Organization is also key.

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How Do You Measure the Success of Your Paid Search and SEO Campaigns? What Metrics Do You Pay the Most Attention to?

When monitoring my SEO campaigns, I pay attention to organic search traffic, click-through rates, engagement, page views, time spent on pages, and the bounce rate.

For PPC campaigns, I monitor conversion rates, cost per click, and return on investment rates. Regularly monitoring campaigns and identifying areas of improvement is essential to maintain a high organic search ranking.

Can You Share Some Tips for Optimizing Landing Pages for Better Paid Search and SEO Performance? What Elements Do You Think Are Most Important for a Successful Landing Page?

To optimize landing pages, focus on organic high-quality content and specific keywords. Always optimize landing pages for mobile viewing since most traffic comes from mobile devices.

Focus on the user experience and make it easy for them to navigate the landing page. Use compelling visuals and a strong call to action that will encourage them to convert into a purchase.

What Are Some of the Latest Trends or Developments in the World of Paid Search and SEO? How Do You See These Trends Impacting Businesses in the Near Future?

Recent trends in paid search and SEO include artificial intelligence, text-to-speech searches, and targeted campaigns. These trends will impact future businesses as they will have to adjust their websites, content, and more to work with voice searching and AI.

The future will be more digital, and learning these skills now will be crucial in the coming years.

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Who Is Just Starting out in Digital Marketing? Who Wants to Specialize in Paid Search and SEO?

For someone just starting in digital marketing, I would advise doing research and taking courses on digital marketing. There are many free courses available, and social media influencers can also offer guidance.

Investing in the programs and tools needed to run successful campaigns is also essential. Specializing in paid search and SEO requires constant research, analysis, and adaptation to stay ahead of the curve.

What Do You See as the Future of Paid Search and SEO? How Do You Think These Channels Will Continue to Evolve in the Years to Come?

The future of paid search and SEO will be more digital than ever before, and learning these skills will become increasingly important. Keywords will evolve, and the way businesses use and research them will change.

The use of AI and voice searching will also impact the future of paid search and SEO. The industry will continue to evolve, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments will be crucial.

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