Heather Mckay: Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape of Marketing Strategies

Heather Mckay: Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape of Marketing Strategies

Welcome to the interview with Heather McKay, the Director of Marketing at Res-Tek.

Heather has been in the marketing field for several years, with a passion for understanding the human side of marketing.

In this interview, Heather will share her insights into how the marketing landscape has changed and how she has adapted to those changes.

Additionally, she will discuss her strategies for staying up-to-date on emerging trends and her approach to learning about a new industry.

Let’s dive in!

Can you tell us about your journey to becoming a Director of Marketing? How did you get started in the field?

I studied journalism/advertising at the University of Georgia, thinking I would go into client service.

I took a marketing class one summer and fell in love with the “human” side of marketing. Why do consumers do the things they do? Getting to that “why” was fascinating to me.

Over time and several jobs, I learned more about sales and marketing. In addition, I found myself reading books on the topic outside of work and being interested in new emerging technologies.

I shared my ideas and moved up the career path. It’s taken a lot of learning to understand the full spectrum of the marketing world, but I still enjoy it immensely.

How has the marketing landscape changed since you first started?

When I started, we still used dial-up internet, lol. We did not even have social media yet. Quite a lot has changed, and it keeps changing faster.

Since I am naturally curious and enjoy learning anyway, it’s not a stretch to learn and try new things. However, convincing business owners to try new things is often more challenging.

How do you stay current on emerging trends and best practices in marketing?

I read a lot of newsletters and books and listen to a ton of podcasts. But, of course, social media accounts also provide some excellent updates.

To manage my time, I block my calendar and use many lists to stay efficient with meetings, etc. Various online tools, such as Trello, are helpful too.

What do you consider to be the biggest challenge facing marketers today?

The biggest challenge is staying on top of all the changes in all the areas we have to manage. Social media plays a huge part in and changes constantly. Not to mention, things that happen worldwide affect how people interact with marketing activities.

You have to stay on top of those things to be sensitive to what people want or don’t want. I address this by remembering that we are all humans, just trying to live our lives. Keeping that in mind helps me craft messaging that hopefully will resonate.

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How do you approach learning about a new industry and developing marketing strategies?

Learning a new industry can be exciting, and it’s interesting to “get to know” the customers and their thoughts. However, you need to study and listen before you go all in on new strategies. Ask questions of those who’ve been in the field longer and get their feedback.

How do you use data and analytics to inform your marketing decisions?

We use analytics from our website and general industry data to stay on top of the markets we serve.

I work with a team who provides monthly reporting on this and also work closely with sales to see what is happening in the field. Our business is a longer sales cycle to a few varied industries and many verticals, so data comes from many sources.

Can you give us an example of a successful marketing campaign that you led?

A recent new campaign was one in which we wanted to provide samples of our products to various prospects via the sales team. Since our products are highly customizable, we developed a binder with samples of various options.

I worked with an outside vendor to lead the binder’s design phase. As a result, we incorporated 22 samples with proper labeling and functional aspects both sales and users would appreciate.

The impact is yet to be determined, but we anticipate it will be substantial, considering this tool is already widely used in our industry but new to our company.

How do you stay creative and innovative in your marketing strategies?

I stay creative and innovative by constantly learning and keeping up with trends and changing tactics.

Working closely with our sales team lets me know what’s working in the field and what tools will help them meet their objectives. Our sales have gone up consistently, so we know it’s working. A rising tide lifts all boats!

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How do you approach building and managing a marketing team?

I only recently was able to hire a team member to help out, and the role is specific to trade shows.

In our search, I looked for experience and the type of person with a can-do attitude.

We also use the DISC test to evaluate candidates’ work styles. We had robust onboarding and ongoing training, so they feel comfortable taking the initiative with proper support.

What tools and software do you use daily to manage your work?

We use Microsoft 365 and the Zoho suite of products for CRM, social media management, and email campaigns.

Automated processes and workflows help keep us all on track and efficient in our work. I like good systems and processes, so I always look for ways to make things easier for our office.

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