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8 Key Marketer Traits to Look for Beyond the Job Description

In the search for exceptional marketer traits, we’ve gathered insights from CEOs and specialists that go beyond the typical job description. From the importance of sociability to the unspoken skill of autonomy, explore the eight unique traits these professionals believe are crucial for a marketer to succeed.

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Marketer Traits: Sociability

One key marketer trait that I look for in a marketer is his or her ability to socialize with others. Being sociable not only promotes collaboration among team members but also lets the person conveniently share his or her ideas or opinions related to work among the team members. 

This is because marketers need to work on different marketing campaigns with clients where sometimes they do not have a superior available to deal with clients’ requests and problems. So, having decent social skills is a plus-plus for a marketer.

Marketer Traits with Faizan Khan

Faizan Khan, Public Relation and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy Australia

Creative Mindsets

When on the lookout for a stellar marketer, one key marketer trait I prioritize, often overlooked in job descriptions, is the manifestation of an unorthodox and creative mindset. Beyond the conventional marketing truisms that form the bedrock of any professional’s arsenal, I seek individuals who exhibit a degree of deviation from the predictable norms. 

Let’s face it—adhering strictly to the basics in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing can pave the way to mediocrity. My quest is to identify marketers capable of going beyond the expected, those who can inject ingenuity into their strategies and propel initiatives forward in ways that stand out amidst the sea of competitors. In a world saturated with marketing norms, it’s the ability to break away and tread an unconventional path that truly sets a marketer apart.

Marketer Traits with Alfonso Colasuonno

Alfonso Colasuonno, Co-Founder, Real Unicorn Apparel

Emotional Intelligence 

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, emotional intelligence is one of the most in-demand personal skills. Although it’s very unlikely to find the marketer trait listed in a job description, it greatly helps marketers understand audience behaviors and motivations more deeply, leading to more impactful campaigns, stronger relationships, and compelling content that truly resonates with the audience.

 Being emotionally intelligent also makes it easier for marketers to adapt effectively to changing trends and consumer preferences. They can sense shifts in audience sentiment and adjust marketing strategies accordingly.

Additionally, marketers communicate more effectively across digital channels thanks to emotional intelligence. They tailor their messages, tone, and language to connect with diverse audiences, which creates a positive emotional experience for customers and fosters authentic connections.

Last but not least, emotional intelligence is a powerful tool for detecting any insensitivity or bias in a campaign. That allows you to take action and prevent potential negative consequences.

Marketer Traits with Agata Szcepanek

Agata Szczepanek, Community Manager, MyPerfectResume


Something that I’ve seen more than once is a marketing team that hits on a method of success and then does its best to continue to ride that wave without taking the time to fully break down why they achieved that success. 

Usually, this means they have another win or two before slowly starting to lose it, without quite knowing why it might be happening. Always staying on the lookout and being willing to look deeper is extremely important for marketers I’d want to work with.

Marketer Traits with Kate Kandefer

Kate Kandefer, CEO, SEOwind

Positive Character 

One key marketer trait I often seek in a marketer, which may not always be explicitly mentioned in job descriptions, is a positive and uplifting character.

While skills and experience are crucial, the ability to bring positive and enthusiastic energy to the team is equally vital. In the dynamic and fast-paced world of marketing, maintaining motivation and fostering a collaborative environment are paramount. A team composed of individuals with positive attitudes not only enhances the overall work atmosphere but also contributes to creative problem-solving and effective collaboration. 

I believe that a team with a collective uplifting spirit is better equipped to navigate challenges, inspire one another, and deliver exceptional results for our clients. Therefore, when hiring, I prioritize individuals who not only possess the requisite skills but also exude positivity to foster a cohesive and energized work environment.

Marketer Traits with Joe Davies

Joe Davies, Co-Founder and CEO, FATJOE

Controlled Risk-Taking

In hiring marketers, I value a trait rarely outlined in job descriptions: comfort with controlled risk-taking. This quality involves the ability to push boundaries, experiment with unconventional ideas, and take calculated risks within a structured framework. 

Marketers who embrace this marketer trait often bring fresh perspectives, innovative campaigns, and a willingness to test uncharted territories, fostering groundbreaking strategies that set a brand apart in the competitive landscape.

Marketer Traits with Gil Clark

Gil Clark Jr., CEO, GH Clark


In my experience as someone who has hired marketers, a marketer trait I consistently value, even if not explicitly stated in job descriptions, is adaptability. I recognize the paramount importance of marketers who can swiftly adjust strategies, embrace new technologies, and pivot in response to evolving market conditions.

We usually find that an adaptable marketer not only navigates unforeseen challenges effectively but also capitalizes on emerging opportunities, contributing significantly to the overall resilience and innovation within the marketing team. This marketer trait ensures that the marketer can thrive in our ever-evolving industry, ultimately driving sustained success for our organization.

Marketer Traits with Cary Subel

Cary Subel, CEO, SafeSleeve


The ability to work autonomously is a skill that often goes unspoken marketer trait, but it is one that I find every hiring manager should look out for. This skill isn’t explicitly listed in job descriptions because it’s sometimes assumed that candidates should be self-sufficient. However, assumption can be risky. 

In a constantly evolving digital era, where campaigns can pivot overnight, having a marketer who can take the reins and drive initiatives forward is invaluable. Autonomous and self-driven marketers possess the invaluable ability to operate independently, take on responsibility for their tasks, and steer projects with minimal oversight. 

To spot this marketer trait, look for instances in their past work where they proactively took charge, made decisions, and executed strategies without constant hand-holding. Even something as simple as the initiative to explore new trends without being prompted, or a track record of meeting deadlines, are promising signs.

Marketer Traits with Gary Gray

Gary Gray, CFO,

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