Marketing Cover Letter 9 Key Strategies to Make Your Marketing Cover Letter Stand Out

9 Key Strategies to Make Your Marketing Cover Letter Stand Out

With a flood of applications for every marketing role, having a marketing cover letter stands out is key. We’ve gathered insights from marketing managers to CEOs, offering their best tips to make your cover letter shine. From highlighting communication and media skills to incorporating unique design elements, discover the top nine strategies to differentiate your application.

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Highlight Communication and Media Skills in your Marketing Cover Letter

Marketing involves working collaboratively with various departments of the company to effectively highlight the essence of the company, spread the benefits of their products/services, and drive awareness about their offerings across diverse mass media platforms. Consequently, the primary attributes that should stand out in a candidate’s marketing cover letter are proficiency in communication, mass media skills, and innovative thinking. 

A marketing cover letter must highlight their understanding of the dynamics of different platforms to leverage them to their highest potential and make the best use of them. He or she must have strong communication skills to be able to transform content relevant to the company and the target audience. Finally, the marketing candidate must bring to light the result-oriented initiatives taken in the past to underline their skills.

Marketing Cover Letter with Bhawana Anand

Bhawana Anand, Marketing Manager

Introduce Yourself with a Video

If you’re applying for a marketing job and want your marketing cover letter to stand out, try making a short introduction video.

In this video, just talk about yourself a bit. Share why you love marketing, why you’re interested in the job, and what skills you bring to the table. This doesn’t have to be a Hollywood production; a simple video recorded in good light with clear sound is enough.

Adding this video to your marketing cover letter will do two things: First, it’ll make you stand out because not everyone does this. Second, it’ll give potential employers a sneak peek into your personality and communication style.

I’ve used this approach myself, and it’s really helped me grab attention. So give it a shot, and good luck with your applications!

Marketing Cover Letter with Mahesh Tyagi

Mahesh Tyagi, Smm Head, Gleexa

Share Tailored Marketing Advice

Back in 2020, I was actively looking for a new position. And what worked well for me were application videos. It requires some work, but my interview rate went up by 30%.

Speaking from a hiring manager’s perspective, candidates who research the company and share tailored and actionable marketing advice in their cover letter stand out.

It shows that the candidate can take the expert stance and understand his or her craft.

Marketing Cover Letter with Corina Buri

Corina Burri, SEO Consultant, Zürich

Include a Powerful Testimonial

If you’re applying for a marketing position and choose to submit a marketing cover letter, it needs to be high-quality, since communication skills are critical for any marketing role. 

One way to make your marketing cover letter stand out is to add a testimonial from a colleague, client, or other relevant stakeholder who can speak to your qualifications. You don’t need to request a testimonial exclusively for your cover letter, either. Instead, you can repurpose one to three sentences from a letter of recommendation or LinkedIn testimonial you already possess.

Marketing Cover Letter with Dr. Kyle Elliott

Dr. Kyle Elliott, Founder and Tech Career Coach,

Demonstrate In-Depth Company Knowledge

When writing for a marketing cover letter, you should demonstrate knowledge of the company and their sector. Research their current projects and developments, as well as the marketing campaigns launched by the company. Compellingly present these data points and add your insights. These insights are specific and relevant to the company and role, and display your expertise to the employer. They highlight your skills for the marketing positions and are contextual.

You can also talk about the latest marketing developments in your field to prove you are up-to-date and resourceful. It shows your agility in this rapidly changing industry and positions you as a dynamic employee who adds value to the team.

Marketing Cover Letter with Faizan Khan

Faizan Khan, Public Relation and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy Australia

Convey Passion for Marketing

The marketing cover letter is an important factor when it comes to letting others get to know you. It needs to have some zing and be able to capture the person reading it immediately. And when it comes to applying for a marketing position, you need more than just skills.

I would take the time to put some passion into your marketing cover letter by discussing what excites you about the field, recent trends you find interesting, or specific marketing strategies that have inspired you. This can help you stand out and show your true feelings about this competitive industry.

Marketing Cover Letter with Meghan Freed

Meghan Freed, Managing Co-Partner, Freed Marcroft

Tell a Compelling Personal Story

In crafting a cover letter for a marketing position, draw inspiration from the storytelling traditions deeply rooted in our culture. Just as every story told around the fire captures the essence of its teller, let your cover letter be a canvas where your unique journey in the realm of marketing comes to life.

Begin with a tale, perhaps a moment where your creativity and ingenuity shone brightest. This could be a marketing challenge you turned into an opportunity or a time when your vision led to a meaningful impact. Let this story echo the principles of marketing itself: connection, understanding the audience, and weaving a narrative that resonates.

Your cover letter should not merely be an echo of your resume. Instead, it should be a testament to your spirit and vision, showcasing how your unique path and insights align with the ethos of marketing. Like a well-told legend that stays with the listener, your letter should leave a lasting impression of your passion and creativity in the field of marketing.

Marketing Cover Letter with Jon James

Jon James, CEO, Ignited Results

Link to Personal Website or Portfolio

One specific best practice for candidates is to include a link to a personal website or portfolio. This allows hiring managers to see examples of the candidate’s work and get a better sense of their skills and experience.

Marketing Cover Letter with Matthew Ramirez

Matthew Ramirez, Founder, Rephrase AI

Incorporate Unique Design Elements

Add design elements beyond the standard cover-letter formatting. Not everyone will need to put a unique twist on their cover letter, especially if you’re looking more toward a less creative role, but I feel like the field is crowded enough that you should always look to put a twist on your materials to make them stand out from the pack.

Marketing Cover Letter with Kate Kandefer

Kate Kandefer, CEO, SEOwind

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