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7 Preferred Platforms for Marketing Job Vacancies Posting: Why They Work Best

In the quest to find the best talent in Marketing Job Vacancies Postings, we’ve gathered insights from seven leaders, including CEOs and a co-founder, on their go-to platforms for job postings. From Craigslist for juniors to AngelList for transparency in startup hiring, discover the varied strategies for attracting the right candidates in the competitive marketing industry.

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Marketing Job Vacancies Posting in Craigslist for Juniors

Marketing job vacancies posting For junior people, I like hiring from Craigslist. I’ve had a lot of success over the years in finding hard-working, hungry, and tenacious people. For more experienced roles, I prefer LinkedIn because it’s easier to review job history and understand the intricacies of a person’s experience. Also, their job search backend is well-organized, which makes it easier to keep track of applicants.

Marketing Job Vacancies Posting with Robert Brill

Robert Brill, CEO, Brill Media

LinkedIn for Careers

In-house, long-term marketers tend to go through LinkedIn, and short-term, project-based freelancers usually go through Upwork or Marketing job vacancies posting. 

LinkedIn is where I’m looking for career-builder candidates that I’m planning on working with for a good long while, as it has a robust set of recruitment tools, and building our company profile is useful in the long term. If I have something that needs a few months of attention, however, Upwork is a great channel to look for candidates due to their volume and transparency.

Marketing Job Vacancies Posting with Dragos Badea

Dragos Badea, CEO, Yarooms

MarketingHire for Extensive Network and Bonus Perks

MarketingHire is easily the best one I’ve seen for marketing job vacancies posting, as it includes not only their own site but also all of the members of the Marketing Career Network. 

The majority of their traffic comes from the members of these associations, which is quite extensive, rather than from ads or search engines—this makes them significantly more useful and reliable in my experience. An interesting bonus perk is that they tweet all postings at no additional cost to the poster, though you can add some paid plans for additional benefits.

Marketing Job Vacancies Posting with Kate Kandefer

Kate Kandefer, CEO, SEOwind

Upwork for Freelancers

If you’re looking for freelancers, Upwork is by far the best platform, due to sheer volume for marketing job vacancies posting. You’ll spend a good amount of time sorting through postings before you find the right fit, sure, but you’re never going to leave the site thinking there are no options to hire for your business. 

If you’re looking for something more permanent, however, I’d recommend using LinkedIn in Europe, and Indeed or Monster in the US. The more full-time, corporate-level marketing roles tend to go from there the most.

Marketing Job Vacancies Posting with Onno Halsema

Onno Halsema, CEO, Contentoo

Glassdoor for Talent Pool and Brand Enhancement

As a hands-on CEO at a tech firm, Glassdoor is my favorite platform for hiring marketers and Marketing job vacancies posting. It presents a dual benefit: a wide talent pool and brand enhancement. In the dynamic marketing world, Glassdoor offers a wealth of capable prospects. 

The platform’s company review feature also allows candidates to have a closer look at our culture and values. This provides me not just with an applicant but with one who understands and appreciates our mission—a win-win for hiring.

Marketing Job Vacancies Posting with Abid Salahi

Abid Salahi, Co-Founder and CEO, FinlyWealth

Local Expertise via Job Boards and Newspapers

When hiring marketers, posting job vacancies on local job boards and in newspapers can be an effective strategy to target candidates with specific local expertise. This approach allows businesses operating in niche industries or localized markets to attract marketers who have a strong understanding of the local dynamics. 

By leveraging local platforms, companies can tap into a pool of candidates who are already familiar with the market, its consumers, and industry-specific intricacies. For instance, a tourism company in a specific region may benefit from using a local job board to find marketers who possess expert knowledge of the local attractions and unique aspects of the tourism industry in that area.

Marketing Job Vacancies Posting with Roy Lau

Roy Lau, Co-Founder, 28 Mortgage

AngelList for Transparency in Startup Hiring

AngelList is my preferred job board for marketing roles, especially in the startup space. It’s tailored specifically for those looking to work in startups, offering unique opportunities that might not be listed on more traditional job boards. I value the platform’s transparency; companies on AngelList often provide detailed information about their business, culture, and equity options. 

This transparency helps in assessing the potential for professional growth and aligning with a company’s vision and values. Additionally, AngelList streamlines the application process and provides updates on application status, which I find very user-friendly.

Marketing Job Vacancies Posting with Jon Sills

Jon Sills, Criminal Defense Attorney, Sills Law Firm

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