Networking Events for Marketer

10 Reasons to Attend or Avoid Networking Events for Marketers

From the strategic insights of a marketing consultant to the expansive thoughts of a founder and CEO, ten marketing professionals weigh in on the value of networking events for Marketers. From building relationships through networking to expanding networks with event insights, these experts share their varied reasons for either embracing or being selective about these gatherings. Discover why these Affiliate Marketers, CEOs, and other industry leaders may or may not be marking the next event on their calendars.

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Networking Events for Marketers can help in Building Relationships

In the world of affiliate marketing, there are tons of conferences and networking events for marketers. Through experience, I’ve figured out which ones I enjoy and make it a point to attend those. Building relationships is a major part of my job, so I love connecting with like-minded individuals, some of whom have become amazing friends. Plus, it’s so beneficial to learn from others and hear what’s happening in the industry.

Networking Events for Marketer with Ann Hand

Ann Hand, Affiliate Marketing Consultant, The Full Hand

Selectively Networking for Direct Business

It depends. A few years ago, I tried going to various networking events for marketers from different organizations. Most were the cocktail party type where you mix and mingle. I handed out my business card and got a few cards. Later, I connected with the people on LinkedIn. I didn’t garner any business—either directly or by referral.

There were some events where I sat at a table with seven to nine other people, and those were all the people I met. I even tried the 10-minute speed networking. The problem there was that the majority were not my target audience. It was a waste of time.

One organization I belonged to held a monthly lunch. During the lunch, everyone had a chance to stand up and give their “elevator pitch” to the whole room. That made a difference. That’s the only time where I actually got business from attending the networking lunches.

For me, the best way to showcase what I do is to offer free webinars and videos. I do well when I present a class to a group and leverage LinkedIn.

Networking Events for Marketer with Giselle Aguiar

Giselle Aguiar, Marketing Consultant, AZ Social Media Wiz

Meeting Potential Collaborators

I am a big advocate of networking and regularly attend both online and face-to-face networking events for marketers with various reasons. The first is to meet potential customers and suppliers/collaborators to find out what issues businesses are facing at the time. The second is as a source of learning; most networking sessions, whether they are industry-specific or not, will have a guest speaker. 

The key I’ve found is to try different networking groups and styles of networking because each one is different, and what doesn’t work for one person might work for you.

Networking Events for Marketer with Elliot Rushton

Elliot Rushton, Freelance Marketer, EPR Marketing

Discovering Like-minded Professionals and Referrals

Networking events for marketers are beneficial for my business—and for me personally—in multiple ways. At industry conferences, I get to meet like-minded professionals and build relationships. Those relationships may lead to new business, either directly or through referrals. 

Conversely, I can refer people to others in my network when there’s a potential business fit. I also attend networking events for marketers offered through professional organizations and local meetup groups for similar reasons. It helps me get my name (and business) out there, and, especially if there’s a speaker or a panel discussion, I usually learn something.

Networking Events for Marketer with Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson, Medtech Marketing Consultant and President, OutWord Bound Communications

Refining Business Messages 

There are a lot of benefits to attending networking events, like creating connections, boosting your business, and others. 

But what I like most about these networking events for marketers is putting myself out there. This forces me to refine the key message of my business by meeting like-minded people and hearing what they have to say about their businesses. That naturally will influence growing my business.

Networking Events for Marketer with Nabil Al-Baidani

Nabil Al-Baidhani, Affiliate Marketer, KRA Marketing

Conducting Insightful Business Research

I like attending networking events for marketers, but I believe you get out of them what you put in. I try to seek out other attendees who are not marketers themselves, and I use our engagements not to pitch to them but to conduct my own personal surveys to gauge their experiences with working with digital marketers. 

I see it as an opportunity to refine my knowledge of what potential clients expect from marketing services, or trends they may be leaning towards, and I use that to improve my own offerings and messaging going forward.

Networking Events for Marketer with Kevin Hall

Kevin Hall, Digital Marketing Consultant, Halls Consulting

Valuing In-Person Networking Connections

I like attending networking events for marketers because they allow you to learn so much more about a person and a company than what they say. It’s one thing to read about someone or their business, or even to see a video, participate in a videoconference, and the like.

But at an event, you can get to know them, how they really feel, and how you can help each other much faster. It’s still simpler to build a relationship, even in just a few moments, in person than through any other way. Yes, other forms of networking are crucial to the growth of both a business and a person, but there will always be a place for networking events for marketers.

Networking Events for Marketer with Danny Star

Danny Star, CEO, Websites Depot Inc.

Learning from Experts at Networking Events

Although a ton of helpful information about network marketing is available online, hearing directly from experts in the field is different. They offer up-to-date information on market trends and can respond to inquiries in real time. Continued learning is essential to operating a profitable network marketing company. 

A sales strategy may be very successful for you, but it won’t always be successful. Never stop learning. You can maintain your sharpness by receiving direct instruction and training from professionals at network marketing company events.

Networking Events for Marketer with Axel Hernborg

Axel Hernborg, Founder and CEO, Tripplo

Finding Efficiency Strategically Online

Efficient use of time is a requirement for me today. That’s why I’ve cut way back on my IRL (in real life) networking attendance to only those group networking events for marketers that promise the best return of great people at the level I can learn from or I can help them myself.

I ignore the false hope of mixers and meetups as wasted time: getting there, chatting with user salespeople, and getting back to the home office.

In contrast, I optimize my time in online networking as a contributing member of various groups. I set up my status over the first year there as the in-house guru in my area of expertise. I stick with them for at least a year and attend regularly until I feel it’s time to move on. I ask valued colleagues what other groups they suggest trying.

Along the way, I keep connectivity fresh with selected smart folks around the world, zooming with them once a week, twice a month, or monthly, for maximum productivity.

A fresh look at your networking may reveal that these ideas could also be beneficial for you.

Networking Events for Marketer with Marc w. Halpert

Marc W. Halpert, LinkedIn Coach, Trainer, Marketing Consultant,

Expanding Networks with Event Insights

Personally, I love attending networking events for marketers. Not only do they provide a great opportunity to meet new people and expand my professional network, but they also offer valuable insights and knowledge sharing from industry experts. 

Networking events for marketers allow me to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests and goals. It’s always interesting to hear about different perspectives and experiences in the marketing world. Plus, these connections often lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, or even job opportunities.

Networking Events for Marketer with Amira Irfan

Amira Irfan, Founder and CEO, A Self Guru

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