Personal Branding is Essential

7 Reasons Why Personal Branding is Essential for Marketing Professionals

In the ever-evolving field of marketing, personal branding has become a cornerstone for professionals looking to stand out. Drawing from the wisdom of consultants and founders, we’ve compiled seven key steps to help marketers forge a powerful personal brand. From embracing your unique journey to showcasing authenticity with visual identity, these insights offer a roadmap for personal branding success.

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Personal Branding is Essential: Embrace Your Unique Journey

Personal branding is essential for a marketing professional today. It’s not just about skills; it’s about showcasing a vibrant journey. To build personal branding, it is essential to embrace your diverse experiences. For me, it’s melding marketing roles with passions like yoga and crafting. It’s about creating a multidimensional space where creativity thrives.

My advice? Embrace your unique story, infuse authenticity, and let experiences shine. That’s the key to crafting a compelling personal brand in the marketing world. Welcome to the journey of personal branding!

Personal Branding is Essential with Christina Hunt

Christina Hunt, Consultant, Haus von Albe

Engage with Micro-Communities

Instead of solely focusing on building a broad social media following, identify and engage with micro-communities within your niche. These could be specialized forums, Slack groups, or even niche subreddits where professionals discuss specific topics related to marketing.

By actively participating in these smaller communities, you can establish yourself as an expert, make meaningful connections, and gain exposure to a highly targeted audience. This approach allows you to build a personal brand that’s based on genuine expertise and engagement within a niche community, rather than just chasing vanity metrics like follower counts. It’s a more subtle but effective way to differentiate yourself in the marketing field.

One real-life example is creating a Slack group for liking and supporting your social media posts. I already have a few of them myself.

Personal Branding is Essential with Ilija Sekulov

Ilija Sekulov, Marketing and SEO, Mailbutler

Reflect Your Core Values

Personal branding is essential for everyone, but folks who work in marketing need it the most. It’s not only a way to showcase who we are, but also how we can show our skills in the field.

One best practice for a marketer looking to develop their personal brand is to understand their values. Personal branding is essential and it reflects your values. For example, if your value is “sincerity and loyalty,” ensure that everything you do (every professional conversation, and every public post online) reflects that value. If your value is sincerity, then you should only speak about the need to be honest, and avoid sharing insights on unethical ways to get the job done.

Personal branding is essential because people value authenticity. They need to see that if you talk about loyalty, then you are loyal to your company and to your brand, too. There shouldn’t be a discrepancy between the words you say and the acts you do.

Authenticity is how you get remembered, and how you will continue to be remembered in a room full of opportunities.

Tenaz Cardoz, Founder and Marketing Consultant, Kind Hearts Brigade

Balance Public and Private Branding

personal branding is essential and is increasingly important for marketing professionals. Where once we were valued strictly for our creative ventriloquism, now our extracurricular accomplishments and online clout are part of the value we add to our teams. As tenures get shorter—even CMOs are switching roles more often—the reputation we build outside of the workplace is a tool for creating opportunities wherever we go.

There are countless approaches to developing your personal brand, but it’s important to maintain a balance of public and private tactics. Go public with your brand by sharing your projects, opinions, and what you’re learning on social networking platforms like LinkedIn, or with networking groups. This can be a great way to grow your community and meet new people. But the more private side of brand development—deepening relationships with the people you already know—will help you find the people who get you, like you, and want to collaborate with you.

Personal Branding is Essential with Ashley Laabs

Ashley Laabs, Thought Leadership Coach and LinkedIn Ghostwriter, Composure Digital

Define Your Unique Value Proposition

personal branding is essential for a marketing professional. It’s not just about promoting your skills; it’s about conveying your unique approach, values, and perspective. One practical step for developing a personal brand is to define your unique value proposition (UVP). This involves identifying what sets you apart from other professionals in your field and communicating this effectively.

For example, in helping an artist develop their brand in the music industry, we didn’t focus solely on their music but also on their image, style, message—their entire brand. The same principle applies to your personal brand. Maybe your UVP is your experience working in a specific industry, your innovative marketing strategies, or your skill in bridging the gap between marketing and tech.

Emulate this process for your personal brand. Start with an introspective evaluation to understand your strengths and specialties, and then communicate them consistently across all platforms—your CV, LinkedIn profile, personal branding is an essential website or even your interactions at networking events. Just remember, whatever you project should be a true reflection of your professional self. Keep it authentic!

Personal Branding is Essential with Sam Rarantino

Sam Tarantino, Founder, Harmonic Reach

Share Lessons on LinkedIn

Personal branding is essential and sharing lessons you’ve learned and things you wish you knew sooner is a great way to authentically build your brand on LinkedIn. This provides hiring managers with insight into your character, how you learn from challenges, and some of the strategies you’ve implemented in the past. 

It also enables you to grow your network with other marketers and give back to those following in your footsteps. By staying consistent with this strategy, you can generate thousands of impressions each week and stay top-of-mind for your network when they have a role come up that might align with your expertise.

Personal Branding is Essential with Matt Parkin

Matt Parkin, Founder, Mornings With Matt Consulting

Showcase Authenticity with Visual Identity

Personal branding is essential for marketing professionals as it enables them to establish a unique identity and showcase authenticity and credibility. Everything that’s different stands out, and with its visual identity, it’s no different. If your brand has a different proposal, your brand will automatically be more prominent; it’s a master move. Do you know what makes a good brand? It’s not what you think… 

A good brand is 10% cool idea, 90% process. A good process will find the message that connects on an emotional level with your audience; a good process will bring consistency, rhythm, and repetition. A good process will bring your brand to life. personal branding is essential and is an ongoing process. Consistency, authenticity, and a genuine passion for your work are crucial elements that contribute to a strong and compelling personal brand. 

Personal Branding is Essential with Nicholas Robb

Nicholas Robb, Head Honcho, Design Hero

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