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6 Levels of PPC Campaign Management Expertise a Paid Search Marketer Should Have

When it comes to mastering the art of Paid Search Marketing, the level of PPC Campaign Management expertise a candidate should exhibit is crucial. We’ve gathered insights from directors and Senior Marketing Managers, among others, on this topic. From understanding ad rank fundamentals to mastering comprehensive PPC campaign management, explore the six expert opinions we’ve compiled to guide your hiring process.

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Understand Ad Rank Fundamentals

A paid-search marketer should have an in-depth understanding of Ad Rank, along with the layers that contribute to how an advertiser is graded by the search engine. Many people overlook this fundamental part of PPC Campaign Management; however, it is the groundwork of paid search campaigns. Where relevance meets impact.

PPC Campaign Management with Louis Riat-Bonello

Louis Riat-Bonello, Director, Savvy Digital

Navigate Hidden Google Ads Settings

I expect that a paid-search expert would know how to manage the hidden settings in Google Ads (as the most important paid-search platform, then Microsoft Ads by extension). For example, when setting the location targeting of a search campaign, the default choice of Google Ads is “Presence or Interest.” This means the campaign would also target people outside a target location who have shown interest in it. 

This is not optimal. There is a way to switch to “Presence” only, but the UI of Google Ads is designed in such a way that it’s not directly findable if you are not an experienced paid-search marketer. The example is very specific but is one of many settings that make or break your campaign performance. 

On a high level, the classic rule of marketing applies: “Say the right things in the right place at the right time.” What a paid-search marketer should be able to demonstrate is how he or she directly translates this simple vision into campaigns that perform and convert well.

PPC Campaign Management with Hristina Stefanova

Hristina Stefanova, Senior Marketing Manager, Blue Tea Software

Link PPC Campaigns to Conversion Actions

A greater understanding of the conversion actions and how relevant they are to accurately tracking conversions is critical. Building a beautiful PPC Campaign Management is great, but it isn’t truly beautiful if you’re not connecting a sensible conversion action to a smart campaign.

PPC Campaign Management with Christopher Olson

Christopher Olson, Chief Financial Officer, Surfside Services, LLC

Demonstrate Technical PPC Campaign Expertise

A paid search marketer must be an expert in launching an effective online advertising campaign. Therefore, only the right person should be at your table when interviewing prospective hires. The job involves a holistic approach to running PPC Campaign Management. They should be proficient in all the technical aspects, like campaign setup, writing compelling ad copy, and choosing good bidding strategies. A strategic mindset is equally important, as your PPC Campaign Management efforts must align with larger business objectives.

They should understand audience segmentation to define and refine target audiences through demographics and data insights. Another critical area is conversion tracking. The candidate should know how to implement data-gathering mechanisms and use the information to optimize campaigns and drive improved conversion rates. It is also necessary to track industry trends to stay well-informed on the latest features of major ad platforms. They must know how to adapt to changing times.

PPC Campaign Management with Faizan Khan

Faizan Khan, Public Relation and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy Australia

Exhibit Proficiency Across Keyword Research and Tracking

In my perspective, a Paid Search Marketer should exhibit a high level of proficiency in PPC campaign management during the hiring process. They should have a thorough understanding of every aspect of PPC, including but not limited to keyword research, ad creation, campaign launch, optimization, and tracking. 

The ability to comprehend and analyze key performance metrics, such as Quality Score, Click-Through Rate (CTR), and Conversion Rate (CR), plays a vital role. Their expertise should not be limited to a single platform.  

A strong emphasis should be placed on their ability to strategically align PPC campaigns with overarching business goals and make informed decisions to maximize ROI, indicating a deep and comprehensive understanding of PPC campaign management.

PPC Campaign Management with Justin Cole

Justin Cole, President and SEO Strategist, Tested Media

Master Comprehensive PPC Campaign Management

In my experience, a Paid Search Marketer should have a comprehensive understanding of how PPC campaigns work, including keyword research, bid management, ad placement, and conversion tracking. They should be able to create relevant ad groups and landing pages, and demonstrate an ability to optimize these based on performance data. 

For example, using Google Ads, they should be intimately familiar with the distinction and use cases of Search versus Display campaigns, and how to utilize resources like Performance Max campaigns and Video Action campaigns for optimal results. Furthermore, their expertise should extend beyond Google, into other platforms like Twitter, Bing, and Facebook. 

In terms of specifics, I’d expect them to accurately interpret campaign metrics, identify and shut off inefficient keywords, and utilize negative keywords to improve campaign relevancy and reduce wasted spend. They should also be able to adjust campaign strategies as needed, with a view to constantly improving click-through and conversion rates.

PPC Campaign Management with Matthew Montez

Matthew Montez, Founder, The MBC Group

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