SEO Marketing for 2024

10 Predicted Changes in SEO Marketing for 2024

To unveil the trajectory of SEO Marketing for 2024, we’ve gathered insights from ten seasoned professionals, including SEO managers and a Group SEO manager. From organic marketing’s role amid AI to visual search optimization taking center stage, these experts share their specific predictions for the evolution of SEO in 2024.

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SEO Marketing for 2024: Organic Marketing’s Role Amid AI

Things were changing rapidly in the way content is being produced. With the evolution of AI tools like ChatGPT, anyone can produce content, but the question remains: how to stand out in this content race?

SEO comes into the picture. Organic marketing is still going to be valuable and a differentiator between quality and automated content.

SEO Marketing for 2024 with Yaswanth Sai Palaghat

Yaswanth Sai Palaghat, SEO Manager, Plug Power

Shift to Video Content for Traffic

SEO Marketing for 2024, I believe the amount of organic traffic available will dwindle, with SGE coming in and uninspiring AI content filling out the search results. People will be less inclined to click on search results. I, therefore, expect to see a lot more brands and SEOs investing a ton more time and money in video creation on YouTube and TikTok to help fill the traffic gap.

SEO Marketing for 2024 with Daniel Richardson

Daniel Richardson, SEO Consultant, Dan Rich

Originality as SEO’s Future Currency

SEO Marketing for 2024 will be originality. This is because AI has suddenly removed the roadblocks of time, money, and cost. These previously stood in the way of creating a huge amount of content quickly, at scale, and cheaply. What we are starting to see now is a huge influx of content that has been AI-generated. The likelihood is that this will not slow in 2024, as 

Google is already on record endorsing AI as a means of content creation, as long as it is written “for users” and overseen by authorities. The only natural conclusion, then, will be an increase in generic, homogenized content. Once that reaches a saturation point and users start showing signs of dissatisfaction with the search results, it will be the content that provides unique opinions, additional information, or new, unique data that will be rewarded at the top of search.

SEO Marketing for 2024 with Geoff Meakin

Geoff Meakin, Healthcare SEO Consultant

Human Insight Gains SEO Value

SEO Marketing for 2024, I think people are going to crave human perspective, tone, voice, and opinions even more because of AI.

If you go to Google and type in “toddler-friendly Disney World itinerary,” are you going to only read what AI spits back, or are you going to try to find a Disney mom blogger who has been there, has experience, and can truly give you the ups and downs about things? Probably the mom blogger, because AI has never planned a Disney World trip in the middle of spring break with two toddlers like she has.

Perspective and experience are going to matter a lot more. So, I think we’ll have to get more intentional and strategic about the keywords we want to target and how they translate into conversions versus trying to target a ton of them, simply because it “looks good.”

SEO Marketing for 2024 with Mariah Liszewski

Mariah Liszewski, SEO Consultant and Online Business Educator, Mariah Magazine, LLC

User Experience as SEO Cornerstone

The future of SEO Marketing for 2024 is likely to hinge on the increasing importance of user experience (UX). Google’s algorithms will likely prioritize websites that offer seamless and valuable experiences to users. 

My prediction is that Core Web Vitals, such as page speed, mobile-friendliness, and overall site performance, will become even more critical ranking factors. As search engines aim to enhance user satisfaction, SEO marketers must focus on optimizing these aspects to secure higher rankings. Adapting strategies to align with evolving algorithm updates will be pivotal, emphasizing a shift from traditional keyword-centric approaches to a more holistic, user-centric methodology. 

The future of SEO in 2024 is anticipated to center around prioritizing user experience, with a specific emphasis on Core Web Vitals as a key determinant for search engine rankings.

SEO Marketing for 2024 with Dhruv Shah

Dhruv Shah, Digital Marketing Manager, Yegital

Quality Guidelines Key to SEO Success

I believe we’ll experience even more AI-generated content for organic rankings manipulation.

The Core and Helpful Content algorithm updates are Google’s response to site owners, which we can already see nowadays.

Since the amount of AI-generated content will be growing, aligning websites with Google’s E-E-A-T quality rater guidelines and improving users’ behavioral metrics will be crucial for success.

SEO Marketing for 2024 with Victoria Kurichenko

Victoria Kurichenko, SEO Expert and Content Writer, Self Made Millennials

Reducing Reliance on SEO Tools

Now I understand that some SEO tools are crucial for many places, such as GA4 and GSC, but they serve to merely assist you. Making it the center of your strategy execution as an SEO is not smart. 

Getting down to the eye-test, especially for more experienced SEOs, will help out tremendously as the SERPs get increasingly littered with the same cookie-cutter garbage everyone produced using the same tools. Those who actually aim to serve the user’s itch most effectively with their unique brand voice, solid research, and good content are likely going to reap the rewards.

Plus, most of them are scamming you anyway (I’m looking at you Surfer SEO).

SEO Marketing for 2024 with David Begazo

David Begazo, SEO Specialist, Agency Elevation

User Signals Drive SEO Strategies

UX is anticipated to become increasingly significant in SEO Marketing for 2024, potentially becoming the primary focus.

AI is currently used to generate content—though not new content, but rather summaries of existing information on the web. AI also assists in creating websites and designs, although these can be somewhat generic.

Google is placing greater emphasis on user signals, evaluating how individuals interact with websites and whether they find what they’re searching for. Google utilizes Chrome data for this purpose and also queries users in the SERP about their experience returning from a website.

To achieve positive user signals, it’s crucial to have an exceptional design that is user-friendly on both mobile and desktop, enabling visitors to quickly find answers to their questions and, ideally, engage further with the website.

With Google’s shift to 100% mobile-first indexing, it’s advisable to prioritize mobile-friendly website design, unless Analytics indicates a different user preference.

The year 2024 is poised to be a transformative year for SEO, with numerous changes expected.

SEO Marketing for 2024 with Phillip Stemann

Phillip Stemann, SEO Enthusiast, Phillip Stemann

Embracing a User-Centric SEO Approach

We explore aspects that will redefine the SEO Marketing for 2024 game through artificial intelligence.

Crafting content that truly resonates with your target audience is crucial. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional, our SEO-friendly insights cater to everyone.

Explore how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing SEO strategies. Then, discover real-world examples that demonstrate the impact of AI on search engine rankings. Understand how the landscape of content optimization is evolving. Finally, implement strategies to ensure your content aligns with search engine algorithms.

As we navigate the changing landscape of SEO marketing for 2024, it will be crucial to remain adaptable and innovative. By staying updated and implementing adjustments, you will witness your online presence soar to new heights.

SEO Marketing for 2024 with Yashpal Dhanapal

Yashpal Dhanapal, Digital Marketing Manager, Log9 Materials Scientific Private Limited

Visual Search Optimization Takes Center Stage

The future of SEO marketing for 2024 is likely to see a continued emphasis on user experience and content relevance. 

One specific prediction is the growing significance of visual search optimization. As artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies improve, search engines are likely to become even more capable of interpreting and understanding image-based content. Thus, optimizing images and visual content for search engines will become increasingly essential for SEO success. 

Marketers should anticipate investing more resources into strategies that enhance the discoverability of visual content, such as optimizing images with descriptive filenames, alt text, and structured data markup, to improve their visibility in visual search results.

SEO Marketing for 2024 with Kamaldeep Singh

Kamaldeep Singh, Group SEO Manager, MRCC Transformation Solutions Pvt Ltd

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