Paid Media Marketing in 2024

4 Predictions for the Future of Paid Media Marketing in 2024

As we navigate the evolving landscape of digital advertising to forecast the trajectory of Paid Media Marketing in 2024 we’ve gathered insights from four Paid Media experts, including a managing partner and an MD. From the impact of AI on Paid Media to the potential shift towards revenue-sharing models, these seasoned professionals share their specific predictions. Discover the future of advertising as we explore the bookends of AI’s dual impact and the emerging agency models.

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AI’s Dual Impact on Paid Media Marketing in 2024

AI is increasingly becoming integral in various aspects of digital marketing. Platforms are incorporating more AI/machine learning components into their algorithms and bidding methods, while marketers are leveraging AI for ad creative development. These advancements present significant opportunities for Paid Media Marketing in 2024 to differentiate their brands. 

The importance of optimizations on platforms is growing to effectively guide in-platform AI. However, it’s important to be cautious as these platforms may attempt to monetize their lowest-cost inventory by promoting their new technology. 

On the creative front, the use of AI in ad copy and design by brands can lead to a homogenized landscape, but it also opens up chances for innovative brands to distinguish themselves and capture the customer’s attention with unique and engaging content.

Paid Media Marketing in 2024 with Amanda Thomas

Amanda Thomas, Managing Partner and Director of Client Strategy, Konstruct Digital

Emerging Challengers in Ad Space

Paid Media Marketing in 2024 I think we will see ad services such as TikTok and Amazon challenging the ad giants Google and Meta much more during 2024, as their popularity grows and consumer intent increases. 

Streaming services, such as Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix, will embrace their share of the advertising marketplace this year too, increasing their efforts, improving ad relevance, and reaching more and more consumers each month.

Paid Media Marketing in 2024 with Kathryn Pearson

Kathryn Pearson, Head of PPC, The SEO Works

Voice Search Revolutionizes Paid Marketing

Voice search has been around for a while, but with increased adoption, I feel it could be a great opportunity for Paid Media Marketing in 2024.

A staggering 42% of users now view smart speakers as indispensable in their daily routines. This shift necessitates a fundamental rethink in our digital marketing strategies, particularly with a focus on natural language processing (NLP).

To resonate with voice search users, you must weave natural language into your approach. Paid Media Marketing in 2024 is a different ballgame compared to traditional typed queries. People speak differently than they type—it’s more conversational, more nuanced. For instance, while a typed query might be “ice cream shops with sundaes,” we might phrase a voice search as “ice cream shops that serve sundaes.” This subtle difference can make or break your visibility in voice search results.

Paid Media Marketing in 2024 with Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor, Partner,

Agencies Shift to Revenue Sharing Models

The landscape of Paid Media Marketing in 2024 is poised for significant transformation. Social Media Marketing Agencies (SMMAs) have historically offered guarantees like “Get 10 Leads or You Don’t Pay,” focusing primarily on lead generation. However, a notable shift is occurring. Agencies are now moving toward a model where they share in the revenue generated, aligning their success directly with their clients. This evolution reflects a more profound commitment to generating leads and driving actual sales.

This change signifies a strategic pivot toward clients with more extensive operations and high-ticket services. By tying their compensation to sales rather than leads, agencies are incentivized to create more effective, conversion-focused campaigns. This approach demands a deeper understanding of the client’s business and customer journey. It’s moving from a volume-based mindset to one that values quality and tangible results.

Paid Media Marketing in 2024 with Shane McEvoy

Shane McEvoy, MD, Flycast Media

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