Marketing Goals For 2024

10 Marketers Share Their Company Marketing Goals For 2024

As we look forward to marketing goals for 2024, we asked ten professionals, including CEOs and Marketing Managers, about their company’s marketing goals. From attracting more clients and improving team finances to reducing ad spend through SEO improvement, these leaders share their strategies for the coming year. Dive in to gain insights into the marketing objectives that will shape the business landscape in 2024.

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Attracting More Clients and Improving Team Finances Marketing Goals For 2024

My company’s marketing goals for 2024 are to attract 100 clients for our SEO Department and 40 clients for our Social Media Department. We are scaling our business so that our colleagues’ aspirations can be met, like leveling-up our SEO team members so that they will become managers and improving their financial situations.

Marketing Goals For 2024 with Mei Ping Mak

Mei Ping Mak, Director of SEO and Web, Weave Asia

Strengthening Candidate Relationships Through Personalization

As an executive search firm, building stronger relationships with our candidates is a top priority. For marketing goals for 2024, we plan to launch more personalized engagement strategies, such as email campaigns and newsletters, to stay in touch with our network and provide them with relevant industry updates.

Referral business from candidates, regardless of whether they have been successfully placed in new roles by us, has consistently been our primary source of business opportunities over the years.

While we already provide an excellent candidate experience, we’re committed to adding more value to their lives through initiatives like skills-building workshops, networking and interview tips, and other resources. These efforts aim to enhance our reputation, exceed expectations, and solidify our position as a trusted partner in executive search.

Marketing Goals For 2024 with Trendy Tan

Trendy Tan, Marketing Senior, Kepler Search

Increasing Brand Awareness and Customer Acquisition

As for marketing goals for 2024, our company has set several marketing goals to drive growth and success. We aim to increase brand awareness to attract and retain customers. 

We plan to leverage storytelling skills, engage with our target audience, and actively share valuable content on various social media platforms. Additionally, generating high-quality leads is our top priority for driving sales. 

We will employ effective lead-generation strategies, such as using on-page forms and chatbots, and delivering compelling content. Acquiring new customers is another key goal, and we’ll implement targeted marketing campaigns to reach and convert potential customers. 

Finally, we want to increase website traffic through SEO and by enhancing user experience. We are confident of driving growth and achieving our business goals by setting these measurable goals.

Marketing Goals For 2024 with Fahad Khan

Fahad Khan, Digital Marketing Manager, Ubuy India

Leveraging Micro- and Nano-Influencer Marketing

For our marketing goals for 2024, our spotlight is on micro- and nano-influencer marketing. It’s not about big celebrity endorsements but about connecting with genuine voices that resonate within niche communities. These influencers, accessible on various platforms, bring authenticity that boosts customer trust, delivers higher engagement, and is budget-friendly. 

Our plan? Identify industry-specific influencers, launch campaigns to test the waters, invest in captivating video content, and maximize reach across platforms. It’s all about authentic engagement this year.

Marketing Goals For 2024 with Marco Genaro

Marco Genaro Palma, Content Marketing Manager, PRLab

Driving Organic Traffic for Scaling Efforts

One of our major marketing goals for 2024 is to drive more organic traffic to our website. We recently launched a rebuild and have big goals to increase traffic and show up higher in SERPs. 

Until this year, we’ve mainly used word of mouth to drive our business. At this point, part of our scaling efforts will rely on organic traffic.

Marketing Goals For 2024 with John Mooney

John Mooney, President, IML

Specializing in Executive Placements

In our marketing goals for 2024, I’d like to lean harder into our niche of executive placements. I’ve long believed that specialization is the key to developing a strong brand profile, but in lean times, it’s difficult to turn down contracts on the perimeter of your focus.

These jobs provide meaningful experiences alongside security, but our true passion at Pender & Howe is landing C-suite employees for startups and global public companies.

To stand out in today’s tight recruiting landscape, we need to let clients know we’re committed to the executive sector, and build campaigns that reflect and enhance that commitment.

Marketing Goals For 2024 with Travis Hann

Travis Hann, Partner, Pender & Howe

Prioritizing Unique Content Creation

As we step into our next marketing goals for 2024, our top priority is unique content. We’re aware that readers want more than just the usual—they seek fresh, distinct perspectives.

With this in mind, we tailor every piece we craft to offer something new. Instead of just blending into the digital noise, we aim to be a standout voice. Because in the vast world of information, it’s uniqueness that will make us shine brighter.

Marketing Goals For 2024 with Tobias Liebsch

Tobias Liebsch, Co-Founder,

Amplifying Digital Presence and Organic Traffic

As for our marketing goals for 2024, our e-commerce brand aims to amplify our digital presence by leveraging UGC-style creatives for platforms like Facebook. Simultaneously, we’re committed to enriching our blog with pertinent content and fortifying our SEO strategies. With rising ad costs, the increase in organic traffic will help balance out our overall marketing spend.

Marketing Goals For 2024 with Harrison Bevins

Harrison Bevins, Founder, Oak & Rove

Mastering Personalization for Digital Dominion

In 2024, we revved our company up to embrace “Digital Dominion” as our overarching marketing goal! First on the agenda is mastering personalization. We aim to craft marketing messages so tailored and engaging that every recipient feels we’re speaking directly to them. With the advancement of AI and data analytics, we’re set to understand our customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors with laser precision, thereby delivering value-packed, irresistible offers just when they need them.

Additionally, we’re diving headfirst into interactive content creation. Think engaging quizzes, eye-catching infographics, and immersive videos—content that doesn’t just talk but listens and interacts, creating a dynamic dialogue with our audience. 

Our North Star is fostering a brand community so robust and enthusiastic that it not only drives sales but also champions our brand, turning customers into loyal advocates. Buckle up, marketing goals for 2024 is going to be a wild, wonderful ride!

Marketing Goals For 2024 with Vikrant Shaurya

Vikrant Shaurya, CEO, Authors On Mission

Reducing Ad Spend Through SEO Improvement

We’re doing about $7.8 million in annual revenue with a 5% ad spend. Our focus is to continue to bring down the ad spend by developing our SEO. It’s been a tremendous benefit to us, building our organic rankings. We get to maintain our current revenue levels while steadily decreasing ad spend. So, specifically, our goal is to get ad spend down from 5% to 3% via SEO improvements.

Marketing Goals For 2024 With Christopher Olson

Christopher Olson, CFO, Surfside Services

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