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10 Essential Tips to Stand Out On Black Friday for E-commerce Companies

To help e-commerce companies stand out on Black Friday, we sought advice from ten industry professionals, including CEOs and marketing managers. Their key tips range from planning a pre-event drip campaign to establishing a Black Friday loyalty program. Dive into these insights to make your Black Friday sales a resounding success.

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To Stand Out On Black Friday you need Plan a Pre-Event Drip Campaign

To stand out on Black Friday There will be a lot of noise right before and after Black Friday, without question. My tip to you would be to do a drip-campaign before the event. Don’t do it the week of. Have your audience be enticed by what they cannot yet have. Have it be carried out each week before the event.

Marina Flores, Marketing Manager, Ceragem International Inc.

Extend Sale Beyond Traditional Hours

One key tip I would give to an e-commerce company to stand out on Black Friday is to start early and end late. This means offering Black Friday deals before the actual day and extending your sale beyond the traditional 24-hour period.

By starting early, you can give your customers more time to browse your products and make purchases. And by ending late, you can give customers who are on the fence about making a purchase a chance to come back and buy. Black Friday is a very competitive day for e-commerce businesses. By starting early and ending late, you can give yourself a head start on your competitors and reach more customers.

Also, customers appreciate having more time to shop and make purchases on Black Friday. By starting early and ending late, you can show your customers that you value their business and want to give them the best experience.

Standout On Black Friday with Charles Williams

Charles Williams, Owner, 1921 Movement

Leverage Customer-Data Analysis

In my mind, customer-data analysis is key for businesses to stand out on Black Friday. Understanding different customer types, regularity, and their likes are vital in order to properly target different segments with relevant marketing in the run-up to a sale or offer. 

These promotions should be specific, with specific products included where the company can make a strong margin instead of just focusing on a site-wide discount.

Standout On Black Friday with TIlly Haines

Tilly Haines, SEO Executive, Infinity Nation

Engage in Live Selling

To stand out on Black Friday Do live selling. There are so many advantages to doing this on any social media platform, even on your website. The first is the genuine interaction that you get from potential consumers while you showcase your products. 

They already get to see how to use it, so you avoid purchase delays because they don’t have to email customer support if they have questions about your products. You can answer that right then and there. It also fosters a community—you are not hiding behind a social media account anymore. Consumers can actually see you and know that the company is genuine, as are the products. 

Sure, it’s already Black Friday, but you can add a bit more discount with a code that you mention live while streaming to stand out on Black Friday. This way, you can also see which purchases came from the live selling, helping you gauge performance. You can also get participation while live—ask questions, let your audience vote on what they want to see next. The possibilities are endless!

Standout On Black Friday with Geninna hernando-Ariton

Geninna Hernando-Ariton, SEO Outreach, Sprii

Prioritize Early-Bird Deals

Getting in early with your Black Friday marketing strategies is a must if you want to see success this holiday season as an e-commerce company. Setting your intentions and goals for these specific marketing strategies early helps to ensure you get ahead of your competition and you reach your target audience first.

To stand out on Black Friday I find it helpful to give priority to your subscribers and to promote early-bird deals, which creates a sense of urgency. This makes it easier to reel people in and to increase their interest regarding your Black Friday deals. It also gives your current customers something to look forward to and gives them a sense of value as you are offering them exclusive access to deals and promotions.

Emre Demir Featured 10 Essential Tips to Stand Out On Black Friday for E-commerce Companies

Emre Demir, Managing Director, DecorAndDecor

Address Abandoned-Cart Rate

Focusing on the abandoned-cart rate has been one strategic approach we use to stand out on Black Friday. 

This approach allows us to recover lost revenue, capturing sales that might otherwise slip away and stand out on Black Friday. It’s a more efficient use of resources because it targets existing leads, providing a higher return on investment during this critical sales event. It has helped us enhance the customer experience, increasing satisfaction and long-term loyalty. 

Furthermore, addressing cart abandonment sets us apart from competitors who may solely concentrate on discounts. It demonstrates our commitment to customer service and can help us differentiate ourselves in a crowded market.

By refining the checkout process and addressing common objections, we have reduced cart-abandonment rates throughout the year, increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, this approach has helped us recover immediate sales and achieve long-term success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Standout On Black Friday with Peter Bryla

Peter Bryla, Community Manager, ResumeLab

Partner with Amazon Creators

If the e-commerce company sells on Amazon, develop a partnership program with Amazon creators. There are new and relatively inexpensive tracking platforms that allow creators to promote an e-commerce’s Amazon page and earn higher commissions than Amazon Associates.

Standout On Black Friday with Ann Hand

Ann Hand, Affiliate Marketing Consultant, The Full Hand

Launch Pre-Black Friday VIP Sale

To stand out on Black Friday, Implementing a pre-Black Friday VIP sale for your most loyal customers is a strategic move. This exclusive access not only makes your top customers feel valued, but also helps to generate early buzz and excitement around your Black Friday deals. 

It’s a win-win situation where loyal customers get first dibs on discounted products, and the business secures guaranteed sales even before the event officially kicks off, creating momentum for the shopping frenzy ahead.

Standout On Black Friday with Einav Biri

Einav Biri, CEO, FARUZO

Host After-Hours Flash Sales

To stand out on Black Friday, host “After-Hours Flash Sales.” These are exclusive, time-limited discounts that occur late at night or early in the morning, creating a sense of urgency. Night owl shoppers feel a special connection and are motivated to make purchases quickly, boosting your sales and setting your e-commerce business apart from competitors. 

This strategy helps you tap into a different customer segment and enhances the Black Friday shopping experience.

Standout On Black Friday With Rick Elmore

Rick Elmore, CEO, Simply Noted

Establish Black Friday Loyalty Program

Implement a Black Friday loyalty program to offer exclusive benefits and discounts to loyal customers. This creates a sense of exclusivity and appreciation, setting your e-commerce company apart from competitors. By incentivizing repeat purchases, you enhance customer loyalty and drive sales. 

For example, you can offer early access to deals, exclusive product bundles, or bonus rewards for Black Friday purchases. Communicate the program through email campaigns and on your website to maximize participation. A well-executed loyalty program can lead to higher customer retention, increased word-of-mouth marketing, and improved brand reputation.

Standout On Black Friday with Yoana Wong

Yoana Wong, Co-Founder, Secret Florists

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