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6 Tips for Hiring Fractional CMO Successfully

Hiring fractional CMO can be a game-changer for your business, but how do you find the right one? Six industry leaders, including CEOs and Founders, share their top tips. From checking past results and strategic processes to prioritizing industry expertise and domain knowledge, discover the key insights these professionals have to offer.

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When hiring fractional CMO Check Past Results and Strategic Processes

Ask yourself a few questions when evaluating or hiring fractional CMO. Has the fractional CMO generated outcomes previously similar to those you desire for your company? 

If not, or if not applicable because your business is at the bleeding edge of innovation, find out if the fractional CMO has a process or framework they’re using to help your company solve the biggest problems and capitalize on the biggest opportunities.

Casey Stanton, CEO, CMOx

Scrutinize Strategy and Evaluation Metrics

As a recruiter working with executives, I know fractional roles are booming. Companies love the flexibility, and candidates are often excited to work with rotating employers. 

However, when hiring fractional CMO, you run a unique risk of not getting the results you want. Marketing efforts are difficult to track, and work can easily be inflated. That’s why you should audit any potential CMO’s strategy carefully. 

They should come into the interview process with an outline of what they’d do for your specific company and the metrics they’ll use to evaluate real-time response. If they speak vaguely, use unmeasurable methods, or emphasize long-term results too heavily, go with a different name.

hiring fractional CMO with Travis Hann

Travis Hann, Partner, Pender & Howe

Embrace Diversity in Candidate Selection

Embrace diversity in your candidate selection. Even if the individual doesn’t possess industry-specific experience or doesn’t fit the usual demographic profile of your team, remember that the purpose of hiring a third-party CMO is to bring in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. This can lead to valuable insights and alternative approaches that may not have been considered otherwise.

hiring fractional CMO with Trendy Tan

Trendy Tan, Marketing Senior, Kepler Search

Use a Proactive Recruitment Strategy

One invaluable tip is to employ a “Reverse Marketing Campaign” strategy. Instead of merely posting a job and waiting, actively seek potential candidates, showcase your brand’s strengths, and communicate why they should join. 

I recall, at the early stages of our gaming venture, hiring fractional CMO to boost our Esports initiatives. Rather than just posting ads, we reached out to marketing professionals with a tailored pitch about our vision and growth. 

One particular expert, drawn by our proactive approach, became a significant asset to our team. This method allows for a more targeted and effective hiring process.

hiring fractional CMO with Artem Minaev

Artem Minaev, Co-Founder, PlayToday.co

Assess Their Skills, Communication, and Cultural Fit

It’s essential to consider a Chief Marketing Officer’s (CMO’s) expertise and competence before hiring. Look for candidates with successful experience in similar businesses who can provide references to support their claims. 

Ensure that the candidate thoroughly comprehends your company’s objectives and can plan a comprehensive marketing plan to attain those objectives. 

Communication skills are also crucial, as the CMO needs to work closely with your team to effectively implement marketing plans. Ultimately, hiring fractional CMO who matches the company’s values and culture is key to a successful partnership.

hiring fractional CMO with Faizan Khan

Faizan Khan, PR and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK

Prioritize Industry Expertise and Domain Knowledge

When looking to bring in a fractional CMO to drive your marketing efforts, it’s crucial to find someone who not only understands marketing strategies but also has a profound understanding of your specific industry. 

This industry expertise is vital because it allows the fractional CMO to identify market trends, navigate industry-specific challenges, and develop tailored marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience.

While general marketing skills are essential, hiring fractional CMO who is well-versed in your industry can provide valuable insights, competitive intelligence, and a unique perspective that can significantly affect your marketing success. 

They should know the latest industry regulations, customer preferences, and emerging technologies relevant to your field.

hiring fractional CMO with Bruno Gavino

Bruno Gavino, Founder and CEO, CodeDesign

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