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12 Key Questions to Always Ask On a Content Marketer Interview

We’ve gathered insights from twelve industry professionals, including founders and Digital Marketing Managers, to provide you with a comprehensive guide on a content marketer interview. From assessing practical experience to evaluating the content creation process and effectiveness, these experts share the one question they always ask during an interview.

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Content Marketer Interview: Assess Practical Experience

One question I consistently ask during a content marketer interview is, “Can you share an example of a content campaign or project you’ve led that resulted in a significant increase in engagement, traffic, or conversions, and what strategies or tactics did you employ to achieve this success?” 

This question not only evaluates the candidate’s practical experience and track record but also provides insights into their strategic thinking, creativity, and ability to drive tangible results through their content marketing efforts, which are all essential qualities for a successful content marketer within our agency.

Content Marketer Interview with James Parsons

James Parsons, Founder, Content Powered

Gauge Creativity and Strategic Thinking

In a content marketer interview, I ask content marketers to share an example of a creative content strategy they’ve conceptualized and executed in the past. This question serves as a litmus test for their capacity to transcend the ordinary and devise distinctive content that can truly captivate the audience. It allows me to gauge their aptitude for identifying unique angles, fresh perspectives, and novel approaches in a field often characterized by saturation and repetition. Crafting content that resonates requires a blend of creativity and strategic thinking. 

An interviewee’s response to this question offers valuable insights into their potential to devise content strategies that stand out in a crowded digital landscape. It is this ability to think creatively and innovatively that can set a content marketer interview apart, making them an asset to our team.

Content Marketer Interview with Bruno Gavino

Bruno Gavino, Founder, CEO, CodeDesign

Understand ROI Tracking in Content Marketing

During content marketing interviews, I always ask candidates how they track the ROI of their efforts. This question is crucial in understanding the business value of content marketing. It helps me gauge whether the candidate can explain how to measure the return on investment of their campaigns and how they would communicate the results to stakeholders. 

By asking this question, I aim to understand how the candidate thinks about the value of content marketing.

Content Marketer Interview with Fahad Khan

Fahad Khan, Digital Marketing Manager, Ubuy India

Delve into the Content Creation Process

In a content marketer interview, I ask candidates, “What’s the one piece of content within a campaign you delivered that you’re most proud of?” This is a purposeful, broad, and open question that allows the interviewee to take you through their content creation process.

It also helps to focus on the elements of projects for which they specifically had responsibility and helps me see how they managed their own workload and led a campaign end-to-end.

Content Marketer Interview with Sam Roberts

Sam Roberts, Digital Marketing Manager, Connect Vending

Determine Content Style, Tone, and Voice

In a content marketer interview, I always ask how they determine the style, tone, and voice for the content they’ll be writing. Creating content isn’t just about stringing words together; it’s about crafting a narrative that aligns with a client’s brand and resonates with their audience. 

I want to know if they can tailor their writing to match the vibe of the brand we’re working with. Are they versatile? Can they pivot from playful to professional seamlessly? This question gives me a good sense of their strategic thinking and how well they can adapt to different projects.

Content Marketer Interview with Daniel Willmott

Daniel Willmott, Founder,

Test Understanding of Buyer Behavior

When hiring a content marketer, you have to gauge whether they understand buyer behavior during a content marketer interview. Before hiring any content marketer, I always test them on a series of topics and ask them which topics would have the most conversion intent and why. Depending on their answers, I’ll be able to tell if they understand audience behavior or not.

Content Marketer Interview with Taylor Scher

Taylor Scher, SEO Consultant, TaylorScherSEO

Seek How Content Resonates with Readers

When hiring a content marketer, one question I always ask in the content marketer interview is, “How do you approach creating content that resonates with readers?” This is an important question because it provides insight into the candidate’s ability to analyze the audience and create content tailored to their interests. 

In a content marketer interview, one way of framing this question could be asking candidates, “What strategies do you use to spark engagement with your writing?” This allows me to assess the candidate’s understanding of engaging storytelling techniques and how they plan on translating those techniques into impactful written pieces for my organization.

Content Marketer Interview with Michael Alexis

Michael Alexis, CEO, Virtual Team Building

Uncover Content Production Workflow and Deadlines

Something I find important when it comes to getting to know a content creator during content marketer interview is how they work during busy and stressful times. A good question to ask to understand this is, “How do you manage your content production workflow and meet deadlines, especially when working on multiple projects simultaneously?” 

When you have a lot going on as a content marketer, you need to have solid organizational skills and be good with time management. This question allows you the chance to understand their personal methods and see if they align with how you manage tasks.

Content Marketer Interview with Pascal Tatipata

Pascal Tatipata, Composer, Founder and Owner,

Ask How They Incorporate AI Tools into the Creative Process

The recent evolution of online technology motivated me to start asking content marketers about the ways they incorporate AI tools into their creative process. 

Such an inquiry allows me to quickly assess the candidate’s interest in professional development and their innovative approach to tasks, a quality indispensable for a successful content creator. Curiosity and adaptability are of enormous importance in this business. As an HR professional, I want to understand their idea of making the most of the newest technologies.

It also helps me to assess the candidate’s cultural fit to the organization during content marketer interviews. Many professionals still hesitate to admit they no longer produce content in old-fashioned ways. By observing the person’s reaction and how they deal with this controversial matter, I can clearly see if we share the same values such as honesty and trust in technological advancements.

Content Marketer Interview with Martyna Szczesniak

Martyna Szcześniak, Community Expert, MyPerfectResume

Find Deeper Insight into Quality Marketing

Name a company you think does a great job with content marketing. This question is valuable for assessing both the candidate’s understanding of quality marketing and their personal style. 

An interviewer can always look at someone’s portfolio, but this question provides deeper insight. Instead of simply telling you what they’ve done, it also tells you what they aspire to do. This is a great way to measure style and fit.

Content Marketer Interview with Agatha Relota Luuczo

Agatha Relota Luczo, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Furtuna Skin

Ensure Content Reaches Intended Audience

During content marketer interviews, it’s essential to assess their understanding of content across various platforms.

Ask the following two-part question:

Beyond publication, how do you ensure your content reaches its intended audience?

What strategies do you employ to amplify content across digital platforms?

Content Marketer Interview with Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson, Career Coach, Resume Seed

Evaluate Content Creation Process and Effectiveness

Unquestionably, a question I pose to every content marketer I interview is, “What informs your content creation process, and how do you evaluate its effectiveness?” Evidently, it’s a forward-thinking question that assesses their understanding of content strategy in relation to the business’s objectives and market trends. 

An ideal response exhibits strategic thinking, ability to use performance data for evaluation, and a passion for delivering savvy digital experiences which embody our brand’s spirit.

Content Marketer Interview with Abid Salahi

Abid Salahi, Co-Founder and CEO, FinlyWealth

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