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8 Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring Email Marketer

To help you ace your next email marketer interview, we’ve gathered eight insightful answers from founders, CEOs, and Content Marketing Leads when hiring email marketer. From questioning email list segmentation approach to understanding spam filters and deliverability, these experts share the key questions they ask when hiring for this crucial role.

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Questioning Email List Segmentation Approach When Hiring Email Marketer

One pivotal question I pose when hiring email marketer for my agency pertains to their approach to email list segmentation. Effective email list segmentation is a cornerstone of successful email marketing campaigns.

I inquired about their experience in segmenting email lists based on various criteria, such as demographics, past interactions, and engagement levels. I seek to understand their methodology for tailoring content to specific audience segments, ensuring that our email marketing efforts are highly targeted and relevant.

The ability to proficiently segment email lists is a fundamental skill in our field, and it directly impacts the effectiveness of our email marketing campaigns.

Hiring Email Marketer with Bruno Gavino

Bruno Gavino, Founder, CEO, CodeDesign

Assessing Past Success

One crucial question I always ask when hiring email marketer is, “Can you share an example of one of your successful email campaigns in the past, and what strategies or tactics contributed to its success?” This question helps me gauge their practical experience, creativity, and analytical skills. It also gives them a chance to showcase their ability to drive meaningful results. 

Additionally, I’d follow up with, “How do you approach segmenting email lists to ensure that our messages are targeted and relevant to different customer groups?” This question delves into their understanding of audience segmentation, a key element in maximizing the effectiveness of email marketing efforts. It’s important that our email marketer can tailor messages to specific segments for optimal engagement and conversion rates.

Hiring Email Marketer with Alka Gupta

Alka Gupta, Content Marketing Lead, Smartlead.ai

Probing Interactive Email Content Experience

When hiring email marketer, I ask about their experience with interactive email content, like assessments, calculators, and quizzes, that subscribers can engage with before clicking through. For example, a customized net worth tracker, savings calculator, or “should I pay off debt or invest” quiz. These can collect useful data while providing a more immersive experience beyond static text and images. A savvy email marketer will have explored interactive content to boost open and click-through rates.

Hiring Email Marketer with Brian Meiggs

Brian Meiggs, Founder, My Millennial Guide

Evaluating Inspiration and Growth Initiative

“Which email marketing expert(s) motivate you?”

I personally want to know if an email marketing candidate has the initiative and enthusiasm necessary to excel as our email marketing specialist. One way or another, email marketers typically draw inspiration from others to improve their skills and optimize their workflows for the position. When hiring email marketer I’m more interested in how they harness a range of resources and possess the eagerness to enhance and grow their email marketing proficiency, and less about the specific individuals they look up to.

This question gives us a chance to gauge the applicant’s understanding of the field. The email marketing sector is really dynamic and continuously evolving, and email marketers must at least know some people who are prominent leaders and innovators in the industry. I really respect a candidate who goes the extra mile to research and expand their skills in this field. It’s a sign of their commitment and readiness for the role.

Hiring Email Marketer with Alan Muther

Alan Muther, Founder, Ardoz Digital

Learning from Campaign Setbacks

One important question I ask when hiring email marketer is, “Can you describe a campaign you executed that didn’t perform as expected, and how you used that experience to improve future campaigns?” This question helps assess the candidate’s ability to learn from setbacks, apply analytical skills to understand data, and adapt strategies for continuous improvement, which are crucial qualities for a successful hiring email marketer.

Hiring Email Marketer with Fahd Khan

Fahd Khan, Director of Marketing and Technology, JetLevel Charter Flights

Testing Compliance with Email Marketing Laws

“How do you ensure that your email marketing campaigns comply with relevant laws and regulations?”

Non-compliance with email marketing regulations can lead to severe financial (fines), legal (lawsuits), and reputational consequences. Thus, the above question is essential to verify that the candidate is well-informed, ethical, and diligent in their approach to email marketing. 

When hiring email marketer, the question tests the candidate’s knowledge of the specific laws and understanding of the legal requirements and regulations that govern email marketing. Moreover, it proves that a person values and respects user data and privacy, avoids spammy or intrusive campaigns, and is committed to ethical practices. 

However, there is a deeper layer allowing the assessment of the candidate’s ability to mitigate risks. When abuse does occur, it is the marketer’s behavior, and the measures implemented that can save the company from severe consequences.

Hiring Email Marketer with Nina Packzka

Nina Paczka, Community Manager, Resume Now

Uncovering Strategies for High Email Engagement Rates

When hiring email marketer, a pivotal question I would ask is:

“Given the evolving landscape of email marketing and the challenge of standing out in crowded inboxes, how would you ensure high engagement rates for our email campaigns? Could you share an example of a successful campaign you’ve executed?”

This question is designed to elicit the candidate’s strategic approach to engagement, their understanding of what resonates with today’s audiences, and their ability to innovate within the medium. It also provides insight into their track record and ability to not just follow best practices, but to also think creatively and drive tangible results.

Hiring Email Marketer with Aaron Friedman

Aaron Friedman, Founder, AMF Creative

Understanding of Spam Filters and Deliverability

When I’m hiring email marketer, I always throw in the question, “How do you prevent an email from ending up in spam?” It’s a sneaky way to see if they know their deliverability game. A solid email marketer should have a ninja-like understanding of spam filters and be able to navigate the tricky waters of inbox placement. 

It’s not just about crafting killer content; it’s also about making sure it actually lands in the inbox where it belongs. Their answer gives me insights into their technical know-how and how they keep those open rates high and smooth.

Hiring Email Marketer with Daniel Willmott

Daniel Willmott, Founder, Shortformvideo.co

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