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Marketing Insights from Blake Smith: Strategies for SaaS Companies and Career Advice

Welcome to Marketer Interview!

Today we are pleased to interview Blake Smith, a seasoned Marketing Manager who has worked with reputable companies such as GoDaddy and ClockOn Australia.

Blake will share insights into his background and how he got into marketing. He’ll also discuss the critical elements of a successful marketing strategy for a SaaS company, his challenges in his current role, and his favorite tools and software for SEO.

Let’s dive into the conversation with Blake!

Please tell us briefly about your background.

My first job after college was at the domain registrar and web hosting company GoDaddy. It was there that I learned how the internet works.

They have in-depth training and onboarding for new staff, so I quickly learned a lot. Plus, they give you free access to their products, so I spent my downtime messing around with cPanel, WordPress, and building websites.

How did you develop your SEO, Content, Social Media skills and knowledge?

So I mentioned using my employee access at Godaddy to test and learn. I was building websites, trying to rank them, and so on.

I built a site for anyone who wanted one. For example, my dad is a golf pro, so I made him a website so people contacting him about lessons could do so quickly.

That, plus being exposed to many different problems on the support team at GoDaddy, was an excellent way to build my knowledge.

I was eventually able to leverage my interest in SEO into a role at a digital agency and built my career from there.

What are the critical elements of a successful marketing strategy for a SaaS company?

The critical elements of a successful marketing strategy for a SaaS company are understanding the target market, developing a solid value proposition, creating growth loops, and generating customer reviews.

Understanding the target market involves identifying their needs and pain points. Then, developing a clear and concise value proposition helps differentiate it from competitors.

Growth loops are a scalable way to grow a SaaS company, as they involve creating a self-sustaining cycle of user acquisition, retention, and referrals. Finally, positive customer reviews can reinforce your brand’s credibility and influence purchase decisions.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a Marketing Manager at ClockOn?

For me, it’s finding the right balance between creativity and data-driven decision-making.

While creativity is essential in marketing, decisions also need to be backed up by data. So striking a balance between being innovative and data-driven is my goal.

How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns?

Campaigns are also valued by how many QLs (qualified leads) are generated.

What are your favorite tools and software for SEO and content?

We use Hubspot as our CRM, a great tool for sales and marketing teams to collaborate and win business.

My favorite SEO tool is Ahrefs, which provides insights into keyword research, helping us find low-competition keywords with high search volumes.

How do you stay current with the latest trends and changes in the marketing industry?

Over my career, I’ve made many friends in the agency world, so discussing new findings with them is one way.

There are so many publications on any marketing-related topic these days, so I have a bevy of newsletters I read regularly.

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And if I want to dive deeper into a specific topic, I head to YouTube or look for particular experts in that field and consume all of their content.

Can you walk us through your approach to creating a content strategy?

To create a content strategy that aligns with a company’s goals and resonates with its target audience, I follow a four-step approach:

  1. Define goals
  2. Identify target audience
  3. Choose the proper content format
  4. Plan and execute the strategy

By understanding the target audience’s demographics, interests, and needs, we can choose the correct content format and plan and execute a strategy that delivers value and achieves the desired outcome.

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How do you collaborate with other teams to ensure your marketing efforts align with the overall company strategy?

Collaborating with other teams, such as sales or product, is crucial for ensuring marketing efforts align with the overall company strategy.

I like setting shared goals with other teams to ensure we achieve the same objectives. This could include increasing revenue or improving customer retention.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in pursuing a career in marketing?

Most successful marketers possess a range of skills, so I recommend you build a diverse skill set: Particularly skills such as copywriting, data analysis, and project management.

Developing these skills, plus doubling down on your natural talents and tendencies, is how to become a well-rounded, successful marketer.

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