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High Quality Marketing News Is Hard To Find – 11 Expert Marketers Share Their Best Sources

Finding high quality, non spammy marketing news is hard! In the fast-paced world of marketing, staying ahead of the curve means being constantly informed. As trends evolve, algorithms change, and innovative strategies emerge, marketers worldwide have recognized the imperative of keeping their finger on the pulse.

But where do these professionals source their most valuable insights? How do they filter through the noise to uncover the gems of information that drive the industry forward? In this article, we dive deep into the preferred news outlets of top marketers, revealing their go-to platforms and publications that empower them to remain at the forefront of the marketing realm.

Whether you’re a budding marketer or a seasoned pro, these insights will guide you to the heart of the most impactful marketing news sources.

Why You Should Get Marketing News From Social Media

I typically get my marketing news from Social Media, especially from the broadcast groups that various CEOs have opened on their respective platforms. There are a few reasons I prefer this source:

  • Timeliness: Social media allows for real-time updates. In the fast-paced world of marketing, being able to access the most recent information is crucial. The broadcast groups created by CEOs often provide insights and updates directly from the top, ensuring the information is not only timely but also accurate.
  • Direct Communication: These broadcast groups allow CEOs to communicate directly with their audience without intermediaries. This means the information is unfiltered, providing a genuine perspective of the company’s stance or insights on various topics.
  • Engagement: The interactive nature of social media enables me to see immediate reactions and feedback from the community. This can be valuable in gauging public sentiment, understanding emerging trends, and adapting strategies based on real-time feedback.
  • Diversity of Perspectives: Social media platforms host a myriad of voices, opinions, and insights. This diversity allows for a more holistic understanding of the topic, especially when various experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts share their take on marketing news.
    Convenience: The ease of accessing information on-the-go and the personalized nature of social media feeds mean that I can always stay updated with relevant news tailored to my interests.

However, it’s important to note that while social media can be a valuable source of information, it’s also crucial to corroborate news with trusted industry publications and news outlets to ensure a well-rounded perspective.

Corina Maria Scheianu, Chief Digital Officer at Digital Star

Trusted Communities And Newsletters

I mostly rely on newsletters and marketing communities. When it comes to email automation, Email Geeks community is the go-to source for staying on top of all the updates and finding people I can learn more from. But also Superpath for more content marketing updates.

When it comes to newsletters. I rely often on Ann Handley’s personal newsletter, as well as The Social Juice by Jaskaran (he does a really good job of staying on top of trends and updates), but then I have a couple of more niche newsletters for more insights and actionable takeaways.

Katarina Andrejević, Customer Advocate at UserList

Newsletters and Blogs Are A Must

  1. Official resources from Google, Bing, Facebook, and other platforms: There are regular updates from Google and other platforms that we must know about, and we subscribe to resources from all these platforms.
  2. Industry blogs/publications: Regularly reading reputable marketing blogs and publications helps me stay current with the latest trends, insights, and best practices. Some of my go-to sources include Foundation Labs, Moz, SparkToro, and Search Engine Journal.
  3. Communities:This is where you will find most excellent conversations and knowledge-sharing happening. I am a part of many marketing communities and founder communities.
  4. Industry leaders and subject matter experts on social media: LinkedIn is my go-to resource for learning actionable tips. You just need to follow the right folks. I like content from Amanda Natividad, Ross Simmonds, Kevin Indig, Steve Toth, Jake Ward, Bram Van der Hallen, and many others.
  5. Podcasts & Newsletters: I like Nathan Latka’s podcast, the SaaStr podcast, and more. I refer to Stacked Marketer, Foundation Lab, Amanda Natividad, Demand Curve, and more for the Newsletter.

Ridhi Singh, Founder CEO at 91Ninjas Pvt Ltd

Marketing News From Peers

Rather than sticking to any one source, I tend to get my marketing news from a variety of places online – I read whatever is compelling that pops up on LinkedIn, Twitter, and the industry Slack communities I’m a part of. I find this exposes me to outlets I wouldn’t have known to seek out independently as well as a wider variety of opinions on whatever’s going on at the moment.

Kavi Kardos, Director SEO at Uproer

A Good Mix Of Marketing News

Mainly LinkedIn as I find it has a good mixture of theoretical news, in the form of individual posts and points of view, and current news, usually in the form of company updates (new releases, people changing jobs, interesting marketing campaigns, etc). As long as you follow a good mix of people and company accounts, then LinkedIn is a great source of up-to-date information and viewpoints.

Emma Westley, Fractional CMO at Immerj

Follow Industries on LinkedIn

I get a lot of my marketing news from LinkedIn, by following experts within the PPC, SOE and general marking industry. I find that it’s very digestible and easy to compare multiple opinions in a short amount of time. It tends to be small amounts of information like new features in Google Ads, or algorithm updates for SEO.

For longer form content which is more in depth I tend to use YouTube. Within each marketing niche there are specialists who do in depth videos on various different topics which is good when I’m trying to deep dive on certain marketing topics.

Calum Devitt, PPC Freelancer at

LinkedIn Is A Marketers Favorite

My main source for marketing news is LinkedIn, followed by AdWeek, IQ Ads, and The Drum. I follow a few influencers on LinkedIn, because I love a crisp and clear message, and I feel that on this platform the content is delivered just like that. Snackable and relevant – that’s what interests me.

Cristina Siscanu, Global Brand & Comms Manager at Kubeark

Adweek is a Classic News Source

I stay updated on marketing trends through multiple channels. My network and LinkedIn connections, especially those aligned with my expertise, provide valuable insights. I also rely on Adweek and a range of magazines to ensure a comprehensive understanding. I read books

Amandine Aman, Fractional CMO and Le Wagon

Enhance the Linkedin Algorithm

I get more of my news from LinkedIn. It is a great source for news and education. The more you like & comment on posts about marketing, the algorithm will show you more related content. I’ve followed some marketing influencers specifically to stay on top of things, and I sign up for their email newsletters to ensure I see their content.

Perryn Olson, CMO at SuperDroid Robotos

Searching For Marketing News

When I’m on the hunt for the latest and most relevant marketing news, I like to type in exactly what I need into my trusty search engine. This way, I get results that are just right for me. It’s like having a personal assistant for my online searches!

David Brühlmann, Managing Director at Brühlmann Consulting

Marketing News From Top Tier Sources

1. Marketing Interactive
2. Campaign Asia
3. Brand Equity
4. Twitter
5. LinkedIn

I prefer these [marketing news] sources because they’re re credible sources of information that I have been using for years, and LinkedIn / Twitter is user-generated content, so marketers themselves post and boast the campaigns / news on these platforms.

Mansi Chopra, Marketing Director at Thunes

Local Is Better

I typically get my marketing news from my local community. It is relevant with a lot of networking opportunities and it demonstrates awareness of the engagement with local news while allowing for the spread of local business support!

Getting marketing news from local communities actually offers numerous advantages for businesses. It can be used to help marketers understand local preferences/needs and local nuances can significantly influence marketing strategies, requiring businesses to be attuned to the unique cultural aspects of their target audience.

I think that local news aids in competition analysis by offering insights into local competitors, allowing companies to refine their strategies and stand out. Networking opportunities arise from engaging with local news sources and facilitating collaborations and partnerships with fellow entrepreneurs.

Also, community engagement is fostered as businesses actively involve themselves in local events and causes, building a positive brand reputation. The timeliness of local news is advantageous, enabling rapid responses to emerging trends and issues.

I also think that localized campaigns, aligned with local events or celebrations, resonate deeply with the audience. Staying informed about local regulations and laws via news sources ensures compliance and informed decision-making.

Last but not least, local news is a cost-effective way to gain insights and interaction through comments or forums allowing direct engagement with the community for feedback and sentiment analysis. Overall, by leveraging local news, businesses can thrive in their immediate surroundings and cultivate a stronger presence within their community!

Robin Diamond, CEO at Fifth & Cor

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