Hiring a Fractional Marketer

10 Reasons Why Hiring a Fractional Marketer Might Be Better Than a Full-Time Marketer

In the dynamic world of marketing, the choice between hiring a Fractional Marketer and a full-time hire can be pivotal. We’ve gathered ten insightful responses from founders and a COO to shed light on this decision. From infusing creative marketing ideas to gaining flexible marketing skill access, explore the compelling reasons that might sway your next hiring choice.

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Hiring a Fractional Marketer and Infusing Creative Marketing Ideas

Hiring a Fractional Marketer can inject a fresh burst of creative ideas into a company’s marketing campaigns. Drawing from their experiences across industries and with different businesses, these marketers bring multiple perspectives. This diversity not only enriches the overall creativity of their ideas but also stimulates innovation within the team. 

Unlike full-time marketers, who may be confined by their exposure to a single workplace, fractional marketers can leverage their broad experience to infuse new concepts, methodologies, and trends, leading to more imaginative and impactful marketing campaigns.

Hiring a Fractional Marketer with Harry Morton

Harry Morton, Founder, Lower Street

Accessing a Low-Risk Marketing Trial

For businesses that are not ready to commit to a full-time hire, a fractional marketer is a lower-risk option. It offers a way to test the waters and assess the impact of professional marketing support without the long-term commitment.

Hiring a Fractional Marketer with Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson, Career Coach, Texas General Insurance

Sourcing Cost-Effective Expertise Access

One specific reason why hiring a Fractional Marketer instead of a full-time marketer, especially in a context like Kualitee, is cost-effectiveness. Fractional marketers offer access to high-level marketing expertise without the full financial commitment of a full-time employee. This can be particularly beneficial for small businesses or startups that need strategic marketing guidance but have limited budgets. 

By hiring a fractional marketer, companies can leverage their skills and experience on a part-time or project basis, getting the necessary expertise while managing costs more effectively. This approach provides flexibility and allows businesses to scale their marketing efforts up or down based on their current needs and financial capabilities.

Hiring a Fractional Marketer with Khurram Mir

Khurram Mir, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Kualitee

Finding Objective Marketing Insights

A specific reason why hiring a Fractional Marketer, is their ability to provide an objective perspective. As external consultants, they offer unbiased insights and recommendations, helping to identify blind spots and overlooked opportunities. Their impartial viewpoint is invaluable in improving the marketing strategy, free from internal biases, office politics, or preconceived notions. 

For example, a fractional marketer may objectively evaluate the current branding strategy, identify gaps, and propose innovative ideas to enhance brand perception, which internal team members might overlook due to their close involvement.

Hiring a Fractional Marketer with Yoana Wong

Yoana Wong, Co-Founder, Secret Florists

Hiring Expertise for Startup Innovation

One compelling reason to opt for hiring a Fractional Marketer over a full-time one, especially in the context of a startup like ours, is the depth of expertise and diversity of experience they bring.

Fractional marketers often have a rich history of working across various industries and companies, which means they’re adept at applying innovative strategies and diverse perspectives to marketing challenges. This breadth of experience can be a game-changer for startups looking to break new ground or enter competitive markets.

In our journey, leveraging fractional marketers has allowed us to tap into top-tier marketing talent and insights that would have been cost-prohibitive on a full-time basis. It’s like having an ace up your sleeve; you get the expertise without the long-term financial commitment, which is crucial for maintaining agility and financial health in a dynamic business landscape.

Hiring a Fractional Marketer with Ankit Prakash

Ankit Prakash, Founder, Sprout24

Providing Strategic Control with Fractional Hire

I’ve found that hiring a fractional marketer gives me more strategic control. Unlike a full-time marketer, a fractional marketer doesn’t operate in a vacuum within our company. They integrate market insights from various industries, disrupting our internal echo chamber. They challenge our established norms and present fresh and innovative marketing strategies. 

Additionally, they bring the outside in, keeping us connected with the broader market trends, helping us to stay ahead of our competition.

Hiring a Fractional Marketer with Nooran Zafarmand

Nooran Zafarmand, Co-Founder and CEO, Japamana

Getting an Agile Response to Industry Changes

I’ve found enormous benefit in the agility and adaptability that hiring a Fractional Marketer offers. In our fast-paced industry, change is rare, but it’s exceptionally hard to plan every detail ahead, and that’s when a fractional marketer excels. 

They have the ability to “hit the ground running” on new initiatives, swiftly adjusting their approach based on the task and need. There’s no need for lengthy onboarding or downtime, as you might have with a full-time role. This flexibility helps us maintain our efficiency and competitive edge.

Hiring a Fractional Marketer with Abid Salahi

Abid Salahi, Co-Founder and CEO, FinlyWealth

Scaling Marketing with Flexibility

One specific reason why it might be better hiring a Fractional Marketer than a full-time marketer is flexibility. 

With a fractional marketer, you have the ability to scale your marketing efforts up or down based on your current needs. Whether you’re launching a new product or going through a slow period, you can easily adjust the amount of marketing support you require. This flexibility allows you to optimize your marketing budget and ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. 

Plus, with a fractional marketer, you have access to a diverse range of skills and expertise, as they often work with multiple clients and industries. So, instead of relying on the limited knowledge of a full-time marketer, you can tap into a broader pool of marketing talent to drive your business forward.

Hiring a Fractional Marketer with Alex Stasiak

Alex Stasiak, CEO and Founder, Startup House

Discovering Seasonal Adaptability in Marketing

Hiring a Fractional Marketer seasonality matters because there’s seasonality in the business, and it makes sense for the role to be fractional versus full-time. Our business is actually pretty seasonal, so for us, it makes a lot of sense. When we pay just when we need the service, we can immediately see the direct results of hiring one.

Hiring a Fractional Marketer with Derek Capo

Derek Capo, COO, Starquix.com

Gaining Flexible Marketing Skill Access

Fractional marketers offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of contract duration and workload. Unlike full-time marketers, who are typically hired for an indefinite period, fractional marketers can be brought on board for short-term projects or specific campaigns. This allows businesses to access specialized marketing skills as and when needed, without having to commit to a long-term employment contract. 

Fractional marketers also offer the option to increase or decrease workload depending on the company’s needs, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Hiring a fractional marketer can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to a marketing team, as they have experience working with various companies in different industries. This diversity in experience can lead to more creative and innovative marketing strategies that may not have been considered before. 

This can give businesses a competitive edge and help them stand out in the market. Furthermore, fractional marketers often work remotely, reducing overhead costs for the company and allowing for a broader pool of talent to choose from.

Hiring a Fractional Marketer with Amy Mangrum

Amy Mangrum, Founder and CEO, House Buying Girls

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