Remote Work for Marketing Jobs

The Pros and Cons of Remote Work for Marketing Jobs

In a world where remote work for marketing jobs is increasingly prevalent, we sought insights from thirteen industry leaders, including founders and CEOs, on the suitability of remote arrangements for marketing roles. From the hybrid model providing the best of both worlds to the importance of local roles for certain marketing jobs, these experts weigh in on whether all marketing jobs should be remote.

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Remote Work for Marketing Jobs: Hybrid Model Providing the Best of Both Worlds

I believe remote work for marketing jobs has its advantages, like global talent access and increased flexibility, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. Remote roles can challenge team collaboration and over-rely on technology, potentially impacting creativity and work-life balance. 

While beneficial for tasks requiring individual focus, a hybrid model might be more effective, blending remote work’s efficiency with the collaborative benefits of in-office interactions. We’ve implemented a hybrid model for our remote employees, which results in high productivity and efficiency.

remote work for marketing jobs with anthony deroshan

Antony Deroshan, Founder, Domain Coasters

Advocating for Fully Remote Marketing

Yes, I believe all marketing jobs should be remote. Remote work for marketing jobs is the nature of marketing today is mostly digital, trackable, and measurable. So, a remote marketing team can fully function with clear objectives and metrics of performance. 

Remote work for marketing jobs that are fully measurable in terms of effort and results can easily be done entirely remotely. Marketing jobs can and should definitely be done remotely.

Remote Work for Marketing Jobs with Paul Eze

Paul Eze, Cofounder, Remote4Africa

Remote Work Preference and Productivity

99.9% of marketing jobs can be done fully remotely. That’s true! However, the ideal work setup really depends on the preferences of the employees. I would say that a lot of our employees prefer to remote work for marketing jobs as it makes them more productive and innovative, but there are still some who prefer to work in the office to interact with colleagues, allowing for brainstorming and seeking creative juices around the place.

I’ve had an experience in a purely onsite setup with 40 hours of work per week. Apparently, going to the office takes like 50 hours of work, 2 hours of travel, and empty pockets. From my standpoint, what is the point of working onsite if it costs too much time, money, and effort? Instead, I would rather work in the comfort of my home while being efficient and productive.

Remote Work for Marketing Jobs Karl Kangur

Karl Kangur, Managing Director, DreamGrow

Successful Transition to Remote Marketing

Our marketing team has been fully remote since the pandemic, and I don’t see the need to ever return to a physical office space. 

We’re able to design, write, deploy, and analyze all of our promotional campaigns, e-commerce efforts, and strategic SEO tactics from anywhere in the world. The flexibility of remote work for marketing jobs has allowed employees to achieve a better work-life balance and reduce commuting stress, positively impacting their overall well-being. 

Plus, it expands our database of potential job candidates, allowing us to pursue talented creatives and digital marketing specialists across the country. Today’s meeting software, communications platforms, and video conferencing tools ensure real-time team alignment and accountability, so all remote work for marketing jobs can effectively function anywhere in the world.

Remote Work for Marketing Jobs with Marcy Kelman

Marcy Kelman, Digital Content and Engagement Specialist, Church Hill Classics

Digital Tools Enable Remote Marketing

Most remote work for marketing jobs today require digital skills like social media, email, and data analysis. These tasks can easily be done remotely with the right tech stack. Employees can work from home while collaborating with coworkers online. However, some in-person work is still valuable—brainstorming new ideas, coordinating campaigns, and working closely with other departments.

Video conferencing software and online project management platforms allow for productive online meetings, collaboration, and coordination. Given these technologies, marketing teams can execute projects remotely while maintaining alignment. Physical proximity may not be as vital anymore.

If remote teams use video sessions and keep project boards updated, they can achieve similar or better results than being in the office. Remote arrangements are now feasible for many marketing teams—thanks to the availability of digital collaboration tools, distributed workforces can be highly effective.

Remote Work for Marketing Jobs with Ricci Masero

Ricci Masero, Marketing Manager, Intellek

In-Person Collaboration Enhances Projects

Remote work for marketing jobs has worked well for my company, and I know it works well across many industries. However, I’m reticent to make a blanket statement about all marketing jobs. 

For example, large-scale and highly collaborative projects can benefit from more in-person work. Most marketing jobs can be remote most of the time, but it’s important to assess whether having a team in one location will enhance certain projects. 

Ultimately, it’s the results that matter, and the jobs need to be structured in a way that drives the best results, both for the campaigns and the employees.

Remote Work for Marketing Jobs with Temmo Kinoshita

Temmo Kinoshita, Co-Founder, Lindenwood Marketing

Remote Versus In-Office Marketing Roles

It depends on the type of marketing you specialize in. Some can be completely remote, specifically those that don’t require a lot of teamwork or brainstorming. One example would be link-building.

However, other types of remote work for marketing jobs, where getting other people’s ideas and brainstorming is important, can be done over video. I personally find it more successful when everyone is in front of each other in a “work” environment. Those types of jobs should not be 100% remote, possibly hybrid, but are better in-office.

Remote Work for Marketing Jobs with Keff Michael

Jeff Michael, Ecommerce Business Owner, Moriarty’s Gem Art

Remote Feasibility in Marketing Positions

Not all marketing jobs should be remote, but most of them can be. For example, a business development manager will need to be on-site to work with clients and customers. 

However, a content writer can work remotely because they only answer to the marketing manager. The same goes for a social media manager or any other marketing role that doesn’t require in-person collaboration.

Remote Work for Marketing Jobs Matthew Ramirez

Matthew Ramirez, Founder, Paraphrasing Tool

Team Dynamics Influence Remote Work

It’s impossible to offer a one-size-fits-all answer here, but my experience with organizing marketing efforts while working from home has been nothing but positive. 

The size of your team and its dynamic operations dictate whether full-fledged remote work for marketing jobs is possible, and some aspects of marketing would certainly benefit from a real-life, hands-on brainstorming session or two. Yet, I do believe marketing can be done fully remotely, if needed or desired!

Remote Work for Marketing Jobs with Shaun Gozo-Hill

Shaun Gozo-Hill, Director, 2Game

Physical Presence in Marketing Necessary

No, as so many remote work for marketing jobs require you to work with the physical environment. A hybrid approach really is the best way to go for many marketing roles, with only those that work entirely online being suitable to be fully remote all the time. 

There are simply too many roles where a physical presence is required, such as anyone working with staged environments, event or store marketing, or even sports marketing. There are many parts of those jobs that can be done remotely, but not in their entirety.

Remote Work for Marketing Jobs with Kate Kandefer

Kate Kandefer, CEO, SEOwind

Specialization Dictates Marketing Work Location

Remote work for marketing jobs is an incredibly broad field, with enough different specializations to make your head spin. If you’re a marketer focusing on doing something like SEO and digital advertisements, then work from home to your heart’s content, as it will have literally no negative impact on the business. 

If you’re an events marketer, to use a different example, then you most definitely should not be working from home. You need to be on-site and coordinating people in real time, making sure your materials are set up to your satisfaction and that your messaging is coming through as needed. It all comes down to the nature of your work under the broad umbrella of marketing.

Remote Work for Marketing Jobs Onno Halsema

Onno Halsema, CEO, Contentoo

Diverse Talent Pool in Remote Marketing

Ever since 2020, many companies have realized that most desk or office-based jobs can be done from a remote setting and be fully operational to meet the needs and deadlines of a project. The same goes for the marketing sector. 

By making all or at least most remote work for marketing jobs, you will be able to open your talent pool to a wide range of candidates who will be able to bring different perspectives to the table. This would not be possible if your talent pool was limited to the city where your company is situated. This approach will make your team more diverse, and it is also cost-saving for them and the company. 

By being remote, you are offering your team members flexibility and comfort, and they may be more inclined to go above and beyond for the team when it counts. There are also so many project management tools available, so you will be able to ensure that work is done timeously and without a hitch.

Remote Work for Marketing Jobs with Ashwin Ramesh

Ashwin Ramesh, CEO, Synup

Local Roles for Certain Marketing Jobs

While many remote work for marketing jobs can be done remotely, there are some marketing jobs that have to be done in person. A marketer might need to meet with clients or attend local events, so it might be necessary to hire for in-person roles in major cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Remote Work for Marketing Jobs with Eric Novinson

Eric Novinson, Founder, This Is Accounting Automation

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