10X Digital CEO Holly Rollins on the Future of SEO, PPC, and Programmatic Marketing

Holly Rollins on the Future of SEO, PPC, and Programmatic Marketing

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Today, we are pleased to interview Holly Rollins, CEO and President of 10X Digital.

With over 20 years of experience in all areas of marketing, Holly is a thought leader in the digital marketing space. She focuses on healthcare, B2B, B2C, and nonprofit sectors.

She has helped clients in all industries stand out in media, such as USA Today, Yahoo, Bloomberg, and national trades.

In this interview, we’ll dive deep into Holly’s expertise in SEO, PPC, backlinks, and programmatic marketing.

How did you get interested in marketing?

I was always interested in advertising and how goods and services are marketed. That led me to study marketing and graphic design in college, and all of my jobs involved some type of marketing.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career?

Launching my own business during a divorce when I had a young child was undoubtedly one of the most challenging times in my career.

At that point, I’d freelanced while working for others, so I took that experience and book of contacts to start a PR/marketing firm.

How did I do it? Passion for marketing and a passion for putting food on the table.

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How do you stay current with the latest digital marketing trends and changes?

Continuing education in the industry, from subscription-based blogs to spending a couple of hours each month staying up to date on industry trends. For instance, we just did a deep dive into AI and ChatGPT.

What are the most essential qualities for success in the digital marketing industry?

Love for the craft and industry, keeping abreast of the latest technology trends, responsiveness, and focusing on data-centric strategies and tactics.

Can you share an example of a successful SEO campaign you led?

We conducted an offsite SEO campaign for SERVPRO, focusing on their response to COVID via best practices for cleaning offices.

This entailed a survey and infographic on how companies initially responded to COVID. It gained good traction and coverage via many articles and posts.

How do you approach PPC campaigns?

One of the main reasons our PPC campaigns are successful is that our Lead PPC Guru used to work at Google and manages a very ambitious and conscientious team to achieve the best CPAs and conversions via their campaigns–for our clients.

What role do backlinks play in digital marketing?

We produce organic backlinks through intensive discovery and data mining for voids in the industry’s content.

We analyze the best keywords and then perform outreach to high-DA sites with content, quotes, survey data/and infographics.

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How do you approach programmatic marketing?

We’ve been integrating programmatic advertising into our clients’ marketing for a more holistic approach, with excellent results. It offers highly-targeted results, with little to no waste in ad dollars – to reach specific demos.

What are some of the tools and software you use in your work?

We use many tools: From SEMRush and Surfer SEO for assistance with SEO and content to Hubspot for email campaigns and Contently for social media planning and posting.

It’s helpful to continually canvas and audit existing tools and be on the lookout for new and improved tools. We then use the most optimized tools to give our clients optimal customer service.

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