In-House Content Management vs. Agency

In-House Content Management vs. Agency: Which is the Better Option?

To shed light on the debate of hiring an In-House Content Management vs. Agency, we’ve gathered nine insightful perspectives from Content Managers and Marketing Managers. From the argument for an in-house manager for timely, aligned content to the perspective of an in-house manager for long-term quality and cost-effectiveness, discover the reasons behind their choices in this comprehensive discussion.

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In-House Content Management vs. Agency: In-House Manager Enhances Team Collaboration

In between In-House Content Management vs. Agency, I’m team in-house all the way. Having an in-house, paid content manager opens up more opportunities for them to collaborate with the rest of your team easily—in both formal and informal setups. This will only help the company grow further on every level.

In-House Content Management vs. Agency with Kaloyan Dimitrov

Kaloyan Dimitrov, Content Manager, Enhancv

In-House Manager for Timely, Aligned Content

If a company wishes to have precise information in a timely manner, it is better to hire an In-House Content Management vs. Agency external content provider. Too often, the materials turned in from outside sources are unreliable, missing context, or not in alignment with the company’s overall mission or vision. 

Simultaneously, an outside agency is naturally slower to submit or to respond, and more costly. An in-house content manager creates real value, maintains the company’s goals and processes, while providing quality work quickly at a lower cost with the flexibility of responding to the company’s evolving needs.

Joshua D. Glawson, Content Manager, Money Metals Exchange

In-House Manager for Unique, Quality Content

Content is king. Demand gen is key. It’s an enormous risk using outside help. When it comes to In-House Content Management vs. Agency, if you use a provider, you risk getting average quality content that won’t speak to your demographic. Content should come from case studies, client interviews, in-house conversations about client problems, and real data.

With AI helping thousands of companies push out mediocre content, only the GREAT will shine. Find a great marketer/content manager, and give them what they need to create actual content that will create demand.

In-House Content Management vs. Agency with Devon Garbus

Devon Garbus, Marketing Director, Soaring Eagle Data Solutions

Agency Provides Diverse Expertise

I am of the perspective of In-House Content Management vs. Agency. An agency is better equipped than an in-house manager. Agencies have teams of experts in each department who execute their strategies with SOPs that have been tried on different projects. While an in-house content manager understands the company’s unique identity and goals, an agency provides diverse expertise derived from extensive experience across many industries, projects, and clients.

In-House Content Management vs. Agency with Samuel Karugu

Samuel Karugu, Content Manager, The Avalon Writer

In-House Manager Understands Company and Customer Needs

Between In-House Content Management vs. Agency, I prefer using in-house content managers who are familiar with the business and the topic. They can provide insights into your company culture and customer needs that they have built over time. 

Because your company is their only focus, they are generally more invested and responsive — they’re part of your team. While an agency might have a broader background, your in-house content manager will gain the skills they need to boost your business as they go.

In-House Content Management vs. Agency with Sandra Grauschopf

Sandra Grauschopf, Marketing Manager, Kodeco

Combine In-House Manager and Agency

In regards to In-House Content Management vs. Agency, having someone from the team who knows the brand is beneficial for managing the website and making it easy for people to find. However, for getting the word out beyond the website, like talking to other websites or getting more links, an outside agency can bring fresh ideas and skills. So, having a bit of both—someone from the team and an agency—makes a good team that covers all the bases.

In-House Content Management vs. Agency with Faisal Zaman

Faisal Zaman, Content Manager, Venturz

Start with Agency, Consider In-House for Budget

Between In-House Content Management vs. Agency, In all fairness, if you have the budget for it, you should start with an agency for content management. When you work with an agency, you are working with the best professionals in the industry who are studying trends and building a content calendar catered to you. 

Although it may be costly, you are essentially guaranteed the best results. However, an agency may not always be financially plausible. Therefore, if you hire in-house, you need to ensure the hiring process is thorough. You must hire someone with years of experience in this industry who can prove quantitative results from a previous position.

In-House Content Management vs. Agency with Joe Acosta

Joe Acosta, Digital Marketing Manager, BBQ Galore

Agency Offers Diverse Writers and Scalability

If I choose between In-House Content Management vs. Agency, I would recommend using an agency over hiring an in-house paid content manager. The main reason is that an agency provides access to a team of writers with a diverse set of skills and perspectives. 

While an in-house manager may get to know the company voice well, they represent only one creative point of view. An agency offers fresh ideas, an understanding of current content trends, and scalability to increase or decrease resources as needed. 

Agencies also have experience creating content strategies and developing content calendars to support business goals. The breadth of expertise and objectivity that agencies provide make them, in my opinion, a better choice over an in-house paid content manager for most businesses.

In-House Content Management vs. Agency with Brian Meiggs

Brian Meiggs, Founder, My Millennial Guide

In-House Manager for Long-Term Quality and Cost-Effectiveness

We prefer hiring in-house over an agency for content. While there are some excellent agencies out there, the price you pay and the quality you get back make little sense in the long term. The content still requires editing and oversight to reach our quality standards, and you pay premium prices for that content. Hiring in-house takes more initial time for training and feedback, but it will get you better results cost-effectively in the long term.

In-House Content Management vs. Agency with Scott Sidders

Scott Sidders, Co-Founder, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

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