Insights from a Marketing Pro: A Conversation with Kwabena Boateng

Insights from a Marketing Pro: A Conversation with Kwabena Boateng

Today, we are pleased to interview Kwabena Boateng, the creator of

Kwabena is an experienced marketer with a wealth of knowledge in leadership, content creation, and social media.

In this interview, we will explore Kwabena’s journey into the marketing industry, his career highlights, and his expertise in the field.

How did you get your start in marketing, and what drew you to this industry?

I studied Public Relations and Marketing in college.

Initially, I planned on working in entertainment, specifically for a record label.

However, as the music industry began its decline, I had to pivot and reassess what opportunities I could find work in.

I began interning at any entertainment organization with an opening in PR or marketing.

Can you share a defining moment in your career that helped shape your marketing approach?

I interned with a creative arts organization and was a part of the Corporate Partnership team.

Nearing the end of the festival, we began putting together the Post-Mortem Reports, and at the time, Twitter and Facebook impressions were being requested by sponsors and partners to be included in our reports. My team was struggling with how to track the engagement.

Another intern and I were able to break down how to gauge the information and what the analytics looked like for the team.

As a result, I extended my internship and pulled this information for various departments on the marketing team, as well as walked them through the process of collecting said information.

What do you think are the most critical skills for a marketer to possess?

Clear messaging is the first thing that comes to mind.

Knowing which marketing method is most effective for the brands you’re working with is essential.

I’ve worked on consumer product launches where the client was adamant that the majority of the marketing plan was focused on signage and placement but missed the opportunity for social engagement via the various platforms.

How do you approach creating content that resonates with your target audience?

For me, I don’t overthink it.

Strong images that resonate with the public will either make someone stop and pay attention or make you want to engage with them.

What is your philosophy on leadership, and how does it apply to your work in marketing?

I know it’s essential to know how to guide a team, but I also believe no one is above any task.

I usually wouldn’t ask anything of a team I’m working with that I wouldn’t do myself. But, sometimes, ego can get in the way of getting a job done.

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Can you describe your typical day as a marketer?

My mornings usually consist of going through the new emails.

I then follow up with any vendors and send off any contracts to new clients.

After that, I spend most of the afternoon writing reports, sending out packages, designing materials, and client meetings.

The last part of my day is collecting everything needed for post-mortem reports for campaigns that have or are coming to an end.

How do you measure the success of your social media campaigns?

I always have a baseline of what I know can be reached, and I do my best to build from there. I measure a campaign’s success on engagement.

If I can increase brand awareness by at least 20% and double an account’s followers, that would be a huge success.

I usually track social media impressions, engagements, and newsletter engagements. Most of the campaigns I’ve worked on have been grassroots, so most of my work’s been brand awareness, social media numbers, and engagement.

Can you share a challenge you faced in your marketing career?

The biggest challenge I’ve had was simply working in this space.

In Toronto, there aren’t many agencies with people who look like me who work specifically with brands of color on their rosters.

So, I’ve constantly had to pivot, hustle and network my ass off for my contract. And I’m still here!

What tools and software do you use to enhance your marketing efforts?

I love using Canva for all our marketing materials and social media posts. It is just so simple to use.

Mailchimp’s been an excellent go-to for creating newsletters. Another great one is Marketo. Everything is there and organized, and it helps with my time management.

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What advice would you give to others looking to grow their careers in marketing?

You don’t have to go the traditional route. I’ve met marketers with no experience or education, but they have a mind that knows how to engage, promote and execute a campaign.

People can get lost in how things are “supposed to go” and not see that marketing is ever-changing, especially in today’s business world.

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