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7 Reasons Why This Marketing Animation Captures Our Hearts

To explore the dynamic world of marketing animation, we’ve gathered perspectives from marketing experts, including marketing specialists and CEOs. They share their favorite animations, from enhancing engagement with holiday themes to the witty launch video by Dollar Shave Club, offering a glimpse into seven creative examples that have made a lasting impact.

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Marketing Animation Enhancing Engagement with Holiday Themes

I love when companies add easily implementable marketing animations and enhancements to their existing products to spruce them up for holidays, special events, or specific themes. 

For example, SalesIQ Website Live Chat lets us enable a Holiday theme for our website live chat plugin. It’s just a simple Christmas tree, Santa hat, and snowflakes falling in the background of the live chat, but it adds that little bit of extra magic that makes website visitors that much more likely to engage. Best of all, I just had to click one toggle to enable it. You can see the live chat bubble and chat area in action here with snowflakes falling: Resolute Technology Solutions.  

Here are some screenshots of the fun winter theme as well:

Marketing Animation with Colton De Vos

Colton De Vos, Marketing Specialist, Resolute Technology Solutions

Anti-Bullying Message in Android Ad

One of my favorite marketing animations is “Rock, Paper, Scissors” – a clever, fun, and thoughtful Android advert. It artfully combines an anti-bullying campaign with marketing intention. 

What makes the video stand out is its important message about embracing one’s uniqueness, presented in a simple yet powerful way. I love everything about this Android advert, from the song (“St. Elmo’s Fire” by John Parr) to the closing text: “Be together. Not the same.” This heartwarming animation encourages standing up for others and reminds us that being different is not bad.

Link: Android   Rock, Paper, Scissors 

Marketing Animation with Agata Szczepanek

Agata Szczepanek, Community Manager, MyPerfectResume

Google’s Yearly Highlights Through Animation

I love the marketing animation series in the “Google – Year in Search” videos. These annual compilations beautifully encapsulate moments through animated search queries. Google effectively uses animation to condense complex narratives into digestible, emotionally resonant stories. 

The universal theme of shared human experiences makes it relatable among viewers while fostering a sense of connection. The animations beautifully capture the essence of a year, showcasing the impact of effective storytelling and visual representation in marketing. The concise yet powerful snippets evoke nostalgia, applaud accomplishments, and reflect on challenges faced together throughout the year. 

You can find examples of these videos by searching “Google Year in Search” on platforms like YouTube. For reference, visit the link given below to learn more: Google — Year in Search 2021 

Marketing Animation with Faizan Khan

Faizan Khan, Public Relation and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy Australia

Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” Demonstrates Durability

One marketing animation that stands out is Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” series. The campaign features the host blending unconventional items like iPhones and golf balls, showcasing the blender’s durability in a unique and entertaining way. 

The absurdity of blending non-food items makes it memorable and effectively demonstrates the product’s strength. Watch it here: Blendtec “Will It Blend?”

Marketing Animation with  Simranjeet Singh

Simranjeet Singh, CEO, Search My Expert

Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl Ad Assures Brand Consistency

One marketing animation that I absolutely adore is Coca-Cola’s 2019 Super Bowl commercial. I find the transitions of the drawn elements incredibly smooth, creating a visually captivating experience for the viewers. What really caught my eye was the consistent use of Coca-Cola’s vibrant brand colors of red and black throughout the entire animation. 

It’s a perfect blend of creativity and brand consistency, making the animation visually appealing and an effective marketing tool. As a short-form video editing and marketing agency owner, I appreciate how they seamlessly conveyed their brand message with compelling and consistent visuals, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Here’s a link to the animation: Coca-Cola: “A Coke is a Coke” –  2019 Super Bowl Commercial 

Marketing Animation with Daniel Willmott

Daniel Willmott, Founder,

Metro Trains’ Viral Rail Safety Campaign

One marketing animation that stands out to me is the “Dumb Ways to Die” campaign by Metro Trains Melbourne. This animation is a prime example of how creativity and simplicity can be powerfully effective in conveying a message.

What I love about this animation is its unique approach to public safety messaging. Instead of opting for a traditional, cautionary tone, the campaign used a catchy song and endearing, yet morbidly humorous characters to deliver its message. The animation was not only engaging but also memorable, ensuring that the core message of rail safety was effectively communicated.

The simplistic marketing animation design of the characters and the playful, almost childlike animation style contrasted starkly with the serious subject matter. This juxtaposition made the campaign striking and thought-provoking. Moreover, the animation’s virality potential was expertly leveraged, turning a public service announcement into a global phenomenon.

This campaign demonstrates the power of animation in marketing to create impactful, shareable content that resonates with a wide audience. It’s a perfect example of how complex messages can be delivered effectively through creative storytelling and engaging visuals.

Marketing Animation with Aaron Friedman

Aaron Friedman, Founder, AMF Creative

Dollar Shave Club’s Witty Launch Video

An unconventional marketing animation that stands out for me is Dollar Shave Club’s launch video. The animation features the company’s CEO, Michael Dubin, delivering a witty and irreverent script while showcasing the product’s simplicity and value. 

The straightforward approach, combined with humor and a DIY vibe, sets it apart from traditional grooming product ads. This animation effectively communicates the brand’s personality and value proposition, making it a memorable and unique marketing piece. You can view it here: Dollar Shave Club Launch Video.

Marketing Animation with Cyrus Partow

Cyrus Partow, CEO, ShipTheDeal

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