Marketing-Related Chat GPT Prompts

9 Favorite Marketing-Related Chat GPT Prompts for Engaging Your Audience

Diving into the innovative world of AI-powered marketing-related Chat GPT prompts, we’ve gathered insights from founders and marketing managers to reveal their best marketing-related Chat GPT prompts. From transforming SEO with the Adaptify Prompt to creating engaging newsletter content, explore the top nine strategies these experts recommend to elevate your marketing efforts.

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Transform SEO with Adaptify Marketing-Related Chat GPT Prompts

One of my favorite marketing-related GPT prompts is “Adaptify SEO Keyword Analysis.” It has greatly helped in transforming the SEO approach for businesses like Cleartail Marketing and Beacon Digital. 

For instance, for Cleartail Marketing, it tripled their webpage impressions from 1,300 to 4,010 within just six weeks of daily content publishing. As for Beacon Digital, a cybersecurity SEO article ranked on Page 1 for five high-value terms within days. I highly recommend it because it saves time, offers frictionless integration with the current workflow, and consistently delivers high-quality content for SEO efforts.

Marketing-Related Chat GPT Prompts with Dominic Zijlstra

Dominic Zijlstra, Founder, Adaptify AI

Analyze Growth with Key Steps Prompt

My personal favorite marketing-related Chat GPT prompts is: “What are the key steps that led to the rapid growth of your company, specifically related to marketing and SEO?” This helps identify and break down critical elements of your marketing strategy. In our case, we were able to achieve significant growth by simplifying the user experience and creating a direct SEO-driven viral loop. 

By allowing users to play a song in just two steps (search and play) and share it in one click, we got a boost in Google search rankings, attracting more users and growing virally at about half a million new users per month. It’s an illustration of the power of combining product innovation and SEO strategy to drive growth.

Marketing-Related Chat GPT Prompts with Sam Tarantino

Sam Tarantino, Founder, Harmonic Reach

Rate and Improve Content with SEO Prompt

The real advantage of ChatGPT is that if you give it the correct marketing-related Chat GPT prompts, it can provide amazing results. As a blogger and SEO specialist, I love this marketing-related Chat GPT prompts: “Rate the content below targeting the keyword ‘X’ on a scale of 1-10 based on the following guidelines: Experience, Uniqueness, Depth, and Quality.” 

You can use the standard version of ChatGPT or the Plus version with the WebGPT plugin to get even better results. ChatGPT will give you its score and allow you to understand how to improve your content and better satisfy the search intent than your competitors. 

Obviously, the result will not always be perfect, but you can also ask ChatGPT, “Based on your analysis, how could I improve this article?” With this second prompt, I can improve my articles that rank between positions 5-20 and offer my readers a better user experience.

Marketing-Related Chat GPT Prompts with Giovanni Della Ventura

Giovanni Della Ventura, Head of Content,

Segment Marketing with Domain Crawl Prompt

ChatGPT enables us to improve our marketing segmentation by crawling target prospects’ websites and confirming attributes that match our ideal client profile. For example, try using this prompt: “Open and explore the list of domains below. Remember any that don’t offer [A Services] or [B Services]. Output the domains that don’t open or don’t offer [A Services] or [B Services]. {list of domains}.”

Marketing-Related Chat GPT Prompts with Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray, Managing Director, Sales Higher

Translate Messages for Global Reach

My best marketing-related ChatGPT prompt is: “Translate my marketing message into [target language], preserving tone, cultural nuances, and linguistic accuracy. Focus on key markets, considering regional variations. Ensure a seamless and persuasive transition while maintaining brand consistency.”

This marketing-related Chat GPT prompts makes creating content for diverse audiences easier, expanding our reach and impact. It effectively generates translated content that is carefully nuanced in multiple languages to keep the messaging linguistically accurate and culturally relevant. It lets you connect with different demographics for stronger ties with audiences everywhere. Language nuances are critical to building trust in global marketing, and this prompt ensures accuracy at all times.

The marketing-related Chat GPT prompts significantly speed up content creation to produce high-quality, culturally sensitive material. It helps you maintain brand consistency across various markets through customization per regional preferences.

Marketing-Related Chat GPT Prompts with Faizan Khan

Faizan Khan, Public Relation and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy Australia

Brainstorm Positioning with Industry Insight

I use ChatGPT daily to streamline my workflows, and I’ve built a public library with a step-by-step system for innovation and new product marketing with my favorite 60+ marketing-related Chat GPT prompts. If I had to pick one, I’d choose the one that helps me get out of my mind and brainstorm positioning angles or points of view for products: 

“You’re an expert marketing strategist in [XYZ INDUSTRY]. You’re helping to market a new [XYZ PRODUCT] that helps [XYZ END-USER] [XYZ PRODUCT CAPABILITY OR AUDIENCE PROBLEM]. Your target customers are [XYZ BUYER]. Starting with the information provided, think about five market beliefs, challenges, conditions, or trends that most of the industry knows and can be used to frame the problem this product solves. For each bullet point, provide the following information: – Belief/Condition/Market insight – A 100-word Point Of View that stresses your market insight. The POV must be informative rather than persuasive or selling-oriented. The POV narrative must start with market insight and educate the audience, not the tool or the tech. Use stats to drive credibility to the insight. Use a structure of insight-agitation-solution for the POV.”

 It is very powerful, not only because it gives you insights, but because it provides new angles that my team doesn’t even think about. Sometimes, it is so hard to get out of our minds that just having ChatGPT as a pilot or assistant is a lifesaver step to quickly getting new points of view.

Marketing-Related Chat GPT Prompts with Jose Bermejo

Jose Bermejo, Founder and Managing Partner, Predictable Innovation Strategy

Craft Compelling Product Copy

Marketing-related Chat GPT prompts can help in creating compelling marketing copy. You can use the marketing-related Chat GPT prompts: “Generate persuasive marketing copy for [product], highlighting its unique features and benefits.”

With this marketing-related Chat GPT prompts, you can ask it to generate marketing content for a specific product. It can craft compelling descriptions and will also highlight key features and benefits in a way that resonates with your audience. This can save time and serve as a creative resource for your team.

Marketing-Related Chat GPT Prompts with Perry Zheng

Perry Zheng, Founder and CEO, Pallas

Develop Holistic Marketing Strategy

Try the prompt: “Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to launch a new <key attributes> <product/service>. The <product/service> is <composition>, and appeals to <target consumers> seeking <central pitch for product/service>. Outline a multi-channel marketing plan, including social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and traditional advertising approaches. Detail the target audience demographics, key messaging, competitive positioning, pricing strategies, and distribution channels. Additionally, provide insights on how to measure campaign success and iterate on the strategy for continual improvement.”  

If you’re seeking a holistic marketing strategy, these marketing-related Chat GPT prompts will result in a comprehensive example, one that addresses various facets of launching any product or service. It will also prompt the AI to consider all key factors of any marketing campaign: audience segmentation, channel-specific tactics, competitive analysis, pricing, distribution, and measurement metrics. 

The smart phrasing will stimulate the AI to think strategically and holistically. The AI’s direction-oriented service will generate actionable insights that can be applied across multiple marketing dimensions.

Marketing-Related Chat GPT Prompts with Ben Richardson

Ben Richardson, Director, Acuity Training

Create Engaging Newsletter Content

My best marketing-related Chat GPT prompts creates engaging and accessible newsletter content. It reads: 

“The style and tone of this newsletter can be characterized as conversational, direct, and engaging. It has a casual and friendly voice, with a touch of humor and wit. The newsletter uses first-person plural pronouns (“we,” “our”) to create a sense of community and shared experience. It also includes emojis and colloquial language to maintain a light-hearted and approachable tone. The content is structured with clear headings, bullet points, and highlighted calls to action, making it easy to read and scan. The tone is also educational but not preachy, aiming to provide value through insights and advice while keeping it entertaining.”

This approach helps me connect with a broader audience by simplifying complex ideas and adding a bit of character to our communications. It’s been effective in making our content relatable and easy to digest, which is why I highly recommend it to any marketing team.

Marketing-Related Chat GPT Prompts with Andy Smith

Andy Smith, Marketing Manager, HatchWorks

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