AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master

10 Essential AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master

In the fast-evolving landscape of digital marketing, specific AI skills every marketer should master has become crucial. From CEOs to content marketing managers, we’ve gathered the top ten insights on the AI competencies that every marketer should have. Learn how to leverage AI for enhanced messaging and balance AI tools with human insight from the industry’s leading professionals.

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Leverage AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master for Enhanced Messaging

Marketers need to understand how to use tools like ChatGPT as a collaborative partner for refining their marketing copy. This involves leveraging AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master to enhance messaging, clarify communication, and optimize content for target audiences, thus significantly improving the effectiveness of marketing efforts. 

You can bounce ideas off ChatGPT, get word suggestions, and even have it write entire paragraphs for you based on a few simple ideas.

AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master with Ryan Kopf

Ryan Kopf, Chief Executive Officer,

Master Precise AI Communication

Asking the right questions with the right prompt is crucial when using conversational AIs like ChatGPT. I’ve been using ChatGPT extensively, along with other AI tools, in 2023 to streamline my company’s workflows, saving between 25-40% of working time. Understanding how to communicate with the AI to get specific and relevant answers is essential for practical application. 

To obtain specific and relevant answers, you must use precise questions and pertinent prompts. Once you learn how to interact with AI, the possibilities for marketers—from content writing to audience discovery, copywriting, to SEO—are limitless.

AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master with Jose Bermejo

Jose Bermejo, Founder and Managing Partner, Predictable Innovation Strategy

Discern AI Reliance vs. Human Touch

One skill I don’t see mentioned is knowing when to actually rely on AI processes, and when you need to either somewhat or completely retain the human element of the strategies and processes that allow your business to flourish!

AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master with Tracey Beveridge

Tracey Beveridge, HR Director, Personnel Checks

Cultivate Data Literacy and Analysis

I believe the one specific AI skills every marketer should master should have is data literacy and analysis. Understanding and interpreting data is crucial in a landscape increasingly driven by AI and machine learning. 

Marketers should be adept at analyzing data trends, customer behaviors, and campaign performance metrics to make informed decisions. This skill enables them to leverage AI tools effectively, tailor marketing strategies, and achieve better outcomes in their campaigns. Data literacy in the AI context is not just about reading numbers; it’s about deriving actionable insights that can drive marketing success.

AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master with Khurram Mir

Khurram Mir, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Kualitee

Understand AI-Driven Campaign Management

One crucial AI skill every marketer should possess is proficiency in AI-driven advertising and campaign management. It involves understanding programmatic advertising and real-time bidding, where AI automates ad buying, placement, and optimization with improved precision and efficiency. 

AI empowers marketers to tailor advertisements based on user interactions taking place in real-time, encouraging engagement and conversions. Finally, artificial intelligence allows marketers to automate A/B testing to determine the most impactful version. This skill enables marketers to improve marketing campaign performance while saving time and resources.

Thus, marketers who leverage AI in marketing gain a competitive edge in promotions and can maximize the campaign ROI with effective strategies.

AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master with Faizan Khan

Faizan Khan, Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK

Synthesize Audience Insights with AI

Thanks to AI, marketers can now get in touch with target audiences like never before. Using ChatGPT, we’re able to synthesize the pain points and frequently asked questions of our audience. For example, we export form submissions from the previous 90 days to a spreadsheet and then upload the messages to ChatGPT. 

We prompt ChatGPT to sift through the data and provide the major problems our customers are facing and the key questions they are asking. We can use this data for advertising, content marketing, and even operations. We’ve been able to create high-ranking FAQ pages that answer the questions the customers are asking. This data is also invaluable to business owners and salespeople within the business. 

We conduct the same process with both negative and positive reviews to identify what’s working and what’s not working in the business. This kind of data can be invaluable to a business, and we can gather it in a matter of minutes.

AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master with Katie Stone

Katie Stone, SEO Lead, Leadhub

Integrate AI-Powered Chatbots

Chatbot integration is a useful skill to have for any marketer. I feel that marketers should understand how to integrate and leverage AI-powered chatbots, as they can enhance customer engagement, provide instant support, and gather valuable customer data. 

Chatbots can guide leads through the sales funnel by providing information, addressing concerns, and facilitating the conversion process, which in turn can increase conversion rates. Implementing chatbots can also lead to cost savings by automating routine tasks and reducing the need for extensive human involvement in customer support and lead qualification. And if you’re a busy marketer, this can come in handy.

AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master with Adam Petrilli

Adam Petrilli, Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

Identify AI Automation Opportunities

Every marketer today should possess the skill to creatively identify opportunities for AI-driven automation. It’s not just about using AI for content generation but also for streamlining processes. This skill goes beyond understanding AI capabilities—it’s about envisioning innovative ways to apply these technologies for efficiency and cost reduction. 

Marketers who can adeptly integrate AI into their strategies will not only save time and resources but also gain a competitive edge by optimizing and personalizing their marketing efforts. The key is to think outside the box and leverage AI skills every marketer should master not just as a tool, but as a transformative element in marketing strategies.

AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master with Justin Silverman

Justin Silverman, Founder and CEO, Merchynt

Analyze Competitors with AI Tools

AI skills every marketer should master is a fundamental tool for analyzing competitors’ content in a few seconds and finding weaknesses and strengths. 

For example, using ChatGPT, you can ask it to rate an article or an advertising campaign by specifying the criteria on which to base the evaluation. This tool is fundamental because it allows you to save precious time and, above all, to obtain objective opinions in a few seconds, a practice that previously required hours of analysis.

AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master with Giovanni Della Ventura

Giovanni Della Ventura, Head of Content,

Balance AI Tools with Human Insight

In today’s AI landscape, human involvement remains the most critical skill for the outcome’s success. Marketers must clearly understand AI skills every marketer should master to provide the AI tool. It has to be followed by revising the produced outputs within the broader context of your company’s goals, industry dynamics, target audience, and brand standards.

AI Skills Every Marketer Should Master with Christina Schubert

Christina Schubert, Content Marketing Manager, Palo Alto Networks

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