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7 Content Marketing Growth Hacks That Can Skyrocket Your Reach

Discovering innovative marketing growth hacks in content marketing can be a game-changer, and who better to learn from than top industry professionals? From leveraging user-generated content to reposting with minor adjustments, we’ve gathered seven powerful strategies from digital marketers to CEOs. These experts share their most effective hacks and explain why they might just be the boost your content strategy needs.

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Marketing Growth Hacks: Leverage User-Generated Content

One effective marketing growth hack I’ve utilized in content is leveraging user-generated content. I recommend this because it not only engages your audience but also provides authentic material for your campaigns. 

For instance, when I managed a campaign for a travel gear brand, we encouraged customers to share their travel photos using our products. This not only increased our content pool with minimal effort but also boosted our social proof, as potential customers saw real people enjoying our gear. The campaign resulted in a significant uptick in engagement and sales, showcasing the power of community-driven content.

marketing growth hacks with abdullah prem

Abdullah Prem, Digital Marketer, Bloggersneed

Maximize LinkedIn Connections Weekly

One marketing growth hack that I’ve used to grow our LinkedIn following has been to always use up my 100 connections per week. By growing my personal network, I can then invite connections to company pages and grow our business following. This tactic also allows me to share posts with my audience, comprising pre-determined ideal customer personas.

marketing growth hacks with Madylen Kablak

Madylen Kablak, Marketing Manager, PGF Technology Group

Incorporate Interactive Quizzes in Posts

One marketing growth hack I have used in content marketing is leveraging interactive quizzes and polls directly within blog posts. 

Instead of passively reading, users become participants, shaping the narrative and revealing their preferences. This engagement sparks discussions in the comments, creating a vibrant forum for further exploration. It boosts audience interaction, and the data gleaned from these quizzes informs future content choices, ensuring I deliver topics that resonate directly with my readers. 

It’s a win-win: the audience feels heard, and I provide the content they crave. Try it in your next post, and watch the conversation come alive!

marketing growth hacks with Fahad Khan

Fahad Khan, Digital Marketing Manager, Ubuy India

Target Bottom-of-the-Funnel Searches

One marketing growth hack in content marketing is targeting bottom-of-the-funnel searches. This approach can drive quicker results by targeting users already close to making a purchasing decision. Instead of focusing only on top-of-the-funnel searches, you can use BoFu to drive direct results without waiting months to see results. 

It should be said that you’ll still need to scale content creation for BoFu, but this method will drive higher-quality results at a much lower acquisition cost. And what are BoFu searches? These are searches like “alternatives,” “category content,” and “competitor comparisons” that capture users ready or close to making that purchasing decision.

marketing growth hacks with Taylor Scher

Taylor Scher, SEO Consultant, TaylorScherSEO

Repurpose Content Across Platforms

Content repurposing is a marketing growth hack I highly recommend in content marketing. It involves taking existing content and reformatting it to suit different platforms or audiences. For instance, a comprehensive blog post can be transformed into an infographic, a series of social media posts, a podcast episode, or even a video. This strategy maximizes the value of your original content, allowing you to reach a wider audience with varied preferences in content consumption. 

The reason I advocate for content repurposing is its efficiency and effectiveness. It saves time and resources, as you’re leveraging work that’s already been done, yet it significantly expands your content’s reach and lifespan. Repurposing content for different platforms also enhances your SEO efforts, as it creates multiple avenues for audiences to find and engage with your brand. It’s a smart way to reinforce your message and ensure it resonates with as many potential customers as possible.

marketing growth hacks with Bhavik Sarkhedi

Bhavik Sarkhedi, Growth Head and CMO, Content Whale

Strategize Smart Guest-Posting

A great marketing growth hack I’ve used is smart guest-posting. It’s all about writing for big websites, not just ones in your niche. Find sites that get loads of visitors and have a good reputation.

The key is to place your links smartly in the article, not just in the author bio. This way, you reach more people and get better traffic to your site.

Also, use unique search tricks to find sites that aren’t swamped with guest-post requests. It’s a simple but effective way to make your content go further.

marketing growth hacks with Tobias Liebsch

Tobias Liebsch, Co-Founder,

Repost with Minor Adjustments

For marketing growth hack, Repost the same content with minor differences. For example, if we are posting to TikTok, we’ll repost the same videos with minor changes to the video so that the platform views it as a new video. We’ll then adjust our in-video headlines and tags in the description to appeal to different audiences, giving it a shot at reaching new audiences. We’ve even had the exact same video get a higher view count just by re-uploading with a different description.

marketing growth hacks with Robert Brill

Robert Brill, CEO, Brill Media

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