10,000% Revenue Growth: An Interview with Slisha Kankariya, Co-Founder of With Clarity

An Interview with Slisha Kankariya, Co-Founder of With Clarity

Today, we are pleased to speak with Slisha Kankariya, CMO and co-founder of With Clarity, a VC-backed jewelry startup with online-only sales that has achieved an astounding 10,000% revenue growth since 2018.

Slisha is an accomplished entrepreneur and startup executive specializing in building brands and leading both strategy and execution for digital marketing.

She is also a seasoned marketer with experience in PPC, SEO, content, copywriting, UI/UX, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Slisha also has a wealth of knowledge in the diamond and jewelry industry, company acquisition, and integration.

Let’s get started and learn more about Slisha’s fascinating journey.

Can you tell us about your journey and how you got into marketing?

Marketing was a passion for me heading into college. I wasn’t sure if I would end up on the B2B or D2C side. However, I am glad that I have had the opportunity to explore D2C and e-commerce in depth for over a decade.

Entering D2C in the jewelry and engagement ring space was a happy coincidence, as I got engaged to someone with 3 generations of diamond cutting and wholesale expertise. Previously I honed some marketing skills and e-commerce knowledge at The Knot Shop, an authority in everything weddings.

How has your experience at The Knot and as a home product distributor contributed to your success at With Clarity?

The two most important skills to hone as a marketer are understanding how your target customer eats, sleeps, and breathes and applying those learnings to generate the maximum LTV and the lowest CPA possible.

Working in three industries has taught me the importance of assessing the customer journey, maximizing the usefulness of touchpoints, and ensuring brand vision remains. Innovation has been crucial to our success. Marketing is never a “set it and forget it” space.

Constant channels, mediums, and content innovation are needed to keep audiences engaged with an ever-shortening attention span. This is especially crucial if you have a slim marketing budget.

Can you share a specific campaign or project you are particularly proud of?

Our goal at With Clarity has been to keep costs lean and break into a crowded marketplace with a constant watch to ensure CPA is not inflated.

For this reason, we have carefully built a 360° marketing approach that started with an in-house SEO strategy. This focus has ensured that we steadily have built our authority in the space with customers and search engines.

We can drive between 40 to 60% of our site traffic through organic means. This has ensured that we can survive and compete with other companies in this space with much larger marketing budgets.

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What tools and software do you use for your job? How have they impacted your work?

GA, SEMrush, Funnel, and CMS systems like GRAV have all been vital in our growth.

Can you explain your approach to PPC and how you maximize ROI?

Our PPC approach ensures our creatives are best in class and copy conveys all of our best USPs.

We innovate and constantly refresh with a data-driven approach to ensure high ROAS and low CPA. It’s also crucial to match the channel’s tone and ensure that the messaging comes through accordingly.

How do you stay current with SEO trends?

We innovate with as many content forms as possible, including video and social, to ensure we go beyond traditional text and blog posts.

We also ensure that we have a 360­° to ensure that we show up everywhere we need to garner positive reviews, feedback, and customer voices. Again, this helps ensure that our positioning in SEO is authentic.

Can you discuss your content and copywriting process?

Brand tone and voice are essential to ensuring that we have a point of view that customers can easily understand and remember.

While channels may have a different approach, the brand’s core messaging, what we stand for, and our care for customers is the highlight.

What UI/UX best practices do you prioritize when designing the With Clarity website?

Cleanliness, speed, and logic-driven ease of use are ways that we ensure customers enjoy their time on-site and don’t hesitate to come back.

We always design mobile and desktop in conjunction to ensure smooth multi-device use and that customers have a seamless experience regardless of device.

Finally, as customers spend months browsing and marking their decisions, we try to personalize the UX to their needs with caching rules, recommendations, and features that help their experience from session to session.

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Can you talk about your leadership style? How do you foster a positive team culture?

Cultivate and encourage people to realize their strengths and inspire them to do their best work. At the same time, reward enthusiasm and passion by teaching new skills and showing new tools.

Think about the development of each team member from the perspective of achieving our company goals and equipping them to grow in their career.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the tech industry?

Be nimble and move fast to launch and use testing to iterate. Ensure that you’re not spending too long “perfecting” your product. Otherwise, you will be left behind.

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