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7 AI Marketing Tools and How to Use Them for Business Success

In search of the best AI marketing tools, we posed the question to seven industry professionals, including an SEO Consultant and an AI Marketing Specialist. Their favorite tools range from the ease of use with RightBlogger to clear communication with AudioPen. Dive into their insights to discover how these tools can revolutionize your marketing strategy.

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AI Marketing Tools: Ease of Use With RightBlogger

Hands down, RightBlogger has been my favorite AI tool for marketing. Typically, with tools like ChatGPT and Bard, you have to truly understand prompting and how to get the best response from what you’ve typed in. 

RightBlogger makes interacting with AI marketing tools a lot easier with its creation of over 40 tools for specific tasks where you only have to fill in a couple of inputs, choose your language and tone, and then it prompts AI all on its own. 

I’ve used RightBlogger to help me generate blog post ideas based on my current website content, SEO keyword research, content outlines, YouTube video ideas, YouTube video descriptions, and turning a YouTube video into a blog post. 

Each of the 40+ tools has its own use cases, which makes infusing AI into my marketing workflow so much easier.

AI marketing tools with Mariah Liszewski

Mariah Liszewski, SEO Consultant and Online Business Educator, Mariah Magazine, LLC

Scaling Blogs Through comes to mind when I think of a “favorite” AI marketing tool. Frase is an AI SEO and content optimization tool that I’ve used to scale blogs at startups. I used it to scale a blog from 10 pieces of content to over 100 as a team of one at my first startup. is great for reducing the amount of time spent on blog outlines and helps you clearly see top search results for long-tail keywords. 

It has been a great assistant in updating existing content and creating new content that ranks quickly and for high search intent keywords. I’ve published blogs that start to rank as soon as a few days after publishing. They’ve recently updated their features of AI marketing tools, and you can do much more than improve your outlines.

AI marketing tools With Ruth Favela

Ruth Favela, AI Marketing Specialist,

Visual Appeal in Midjourney

One of the AI marketing tools I highly favored is Midjourney, due to its ability to tap into the capabilities of artificial intelligence and perfectly mirror a brand’s aesthetics. Every blog header and social image it crafts aligns perfectly with a brand’s colors and style, ensuring a consistent and captivating visual experience for the audience. 

The professionalism and appeal of content have skyrocketed thanks to Midjourney, making a brand even more striking and resonant. The community on Discord is beneficial, and with the right prompts, it’s possible to emphasize and carve out a visual identity void of stock imagery.

AI marketing tools With Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor, Partner,

Automated Campaigns via is a dynamic platform that enables the setup of automated campaigns and strategies based on collected data. It allows for the forecasting of customer behavior and helps in identifying potential customers in specific markets. AI marketing tools makes it possible to target them with appropriate messages and offers.

AI marketing tools With Alex Murray

Alex Murray, Search Director, Tilious

HubSpot for Diverse AI Features

I would personally say HubSpot. HubSpot’s AI marketing tools assist marketers in various ways, such as lead scoring, email personalization, content recommendations, and data analytics. 

Marketers use HubSpot to automate tasks, segment their audience, and deliver more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. It’s particularly helpful for inbound marketing, allowing businesses to attract, engage, and delight their customers effectively.

AI marketing tools With Jay Toy

Jay Toy, General Manager, 88stacks

Optimizing Bids With Google’s Smart Bidding

In my experience, at our company, we often rely on Google’s “Smart Bidding” feature within Google Ads as one of the most valuable AI marketing tools. From my perspective, I’ve seen how it can be a game-changer in optimizing bidding strategies for our ad campaigns automatically.

It leverages the power of machine learning to continually evaluate vast datasets in real time and adapt our bids to maximize the likelihood of achieving our specific campaign objectives, such as increasing conversions or maximizing return on ad spend. 

In my role as an expert, I can affirm that it simplifies our bidding process, elevates campaign performance, and ultimately enables us to derive more value from our marketing budget, based on my expertise and knowledge.

AI marketing tools With Matthew Appleton

Matthew Appleton, E-Commerce Manager, Appleton Sweets

Clear Communication With AudioPen

AudioPen is a great way of turning your rambling thoughts into coherent paragraphs. Just hit record, think out loud, and their AI marketing tools take care of the rest. In just a few minutes, it cleans it up for you in your chosen style and format, be it an email or a narrative. 

Even better, you can pick the output language, which makes this brilliant for non-fluent speakers trying to get a message across clearly.

AI marketing tools with Claire Trevien

Claire Trevien, Account Director, Isoline Communications

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