Navigating the Digital Landscape: An Exclusive Interview with Nadia Podrabinek

Navigating the Digital Landscape: An Exclusive Interview with Nadia Podrabinek

Welcome to another insightful session at Marketer Interview, where we delve into the minds of remarkable marketers shaping the industry.

In this edition, we have the pleasure of chatting with Nadia Podrabinek, a dynamic professional who wears many hats – SEO expert, Founder of, and an authority in the realms of AI, travel, copywriting, team management, and the digital nomad lifestyle.

Nadia’s journey is a testament to the diverse landscape of modern marketing, and we’re eager to unravel the secrets behind her success. From her early steps into the marketing world to the intricate strategies she employs today, this interview promises a deep dive into the multifaceted world of a seasoned marketer.


Can you share how you entered the marketing field and what drew you to specialize in SEO and digital marketing?

I have spent nearly my entire career working on websites as a project manager, frequently communicating with SEO specialists. I have accepted their work and assigned tasks and gradually acquired expertise in this area.

Subconsciously, I began applying SEO practices to my projects. I have a strong affinity for analyzing data and solving puzzles. Often, the right decision on how to do SEO for a project can be made based on big data and various experiments. Additionally, seeking answers “between the lines” from Google’s guidelines and “GoogleGuys” is often necessary.

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As the Founder of, what inspired the creation of the platform, and how has your marketing expertise shaped its growth and success?

For as long as I can remember, I have always traveled. This began with journeys alongside my mother during my childhood and continued after university when I began working and had the opportunity to visit countries I had only dreamt of before.

Eventually, I moved to Spain, allowing me to explore this beautiful country and many of its neighbors. Traveling around Europe is indeed quick and easy.

As I gained experience, I realized that many of my friends and acquaintances were interested in hearing my various recommendations and advice about traveling and living abroad.

Therefore, without hesitation, I started a travel blog.

SEO is an ever-evolving landscape. How do you stay updated with the latest trends and algorithm changes to keep your strategies effective?

Nothing significant would have occurred had Twitter not been a part of my life. I discovered many intelligent and interesting people through it, surpassing what any conference or party could offer.

Most importantly, these people are accessible; I can simply DM them or comment on their posts. Moreover, much of my motivation stems from there; I am inspired to undertake new and significant projects by many of the authors on Twitter.

Similarly, with SEO, I glean all the latest updates, rumors, hypotheses, and personal experiences of other SEO experts from Twitter. Without Twitter, I wouldn’t have existed as an SEO specialist.

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Given your involvement in AI, how do you see artificial intelligence impacting the future of SEO and content marketing?

AI is both scary and exciting. However, the future of SEO is determined by Google’s algorithms, which are constantly changing. Yesterday, Google was against AI-generated content; today, it’s not prohibited, and tomorrow, it might be acceptable as long as it’s useful. I understand that Google is imperfect and strives to make money while retaining its users.

Therefore, the SEO strategy requires constant changes and adjustments. The critical consideration is to be helpful to people. Even if you are displaced from the search results today due to a change, you can make a comeback tomorrow. It’s a long-term game.

Regarding content marketing, I see only positive changes. Producing content is becoming easier and faster, focusing mainly on authenticity, interest, and uniqueness.

Travel is a significant aspect of your professional life. How do you incorporate your passion for travel into your marketing strategies, especially for

​​Well, it’s not easy. While traveling, you must not forget about filming, lighting, appearance, devices, and charging.

Also, you need a backup plan in case something goes wrong. You should take notes, consider your readers, and enjoy the process simultaneously.

In general, it’s challenging. Not to mention that content distribution still needs to be managed. I’m grateful for my husband’s patience; he helps me in many ways.

Copywriting is an art that ties into effective communication. What principles do you adhere to when crafting compelling copy for your marketing campaigns?

The term “copywriting” doesn’t quite capture what I do. I prefer to call it “content creation,” guided by the following principles:

  • Honesty with the reader is paramount. If most people liked something, but I didn’t, I’ll candidly write, “I didn’t like it,” and attempt to justify my opinion.
  • Providing a summary for those in a hurry, a TLDR. I understand this need personally; I’m not always prepared to delve deeply into something due to lack of time.
  • A neutral-friendly style, personal photos, and helpful background information – all elements I would appreciate as a reader.

As for marketing campaigns, I am not a fan of advertising. A notable example is a product from OpenAI (yes, ChatGPT); they didn’t spend a cent on advertising. A product should be able to speak for itself, at least in its early stages.

Managing a team requires a unique set of skills. How do you foster a collaborative and innovative environment within your marketing team?

Again, I try to be honest with the people I work with. Additionally, I make it a point to stay in touch and promptly respond to any questions.

The digital nomad lifestyle is gaining popularity. How do you balance the demands of a remote work setup with the requirements of your role in SEO and marketing?

The first step is to have your workspace or some kind of personal area.

Secondly, it’s essential to try to focus and avoid distractions. For instance, as I write this text, I would like to do a few other things, but I must postpone them; otherwise, this interview will drag on indefinitely.

Third, even clothing has an impact. When you are at home, it’s super important to wear shoes, trousers, and a shirt. This way, I do things more quickly, even in a room next to the bedroom.

Could you share insights into the tools and software you find indispensable as an SEO expert and the founder of

  • Ahrefs (but I will give Semrush a go later on)
  • KeywordsEverywhere (a browser plugin)
  • Google Sheets
  • Mullvad VPN (because I need to check Google from different locations)
  • WordPress (for websites) and its plugins: RankMath, QueryHunter, Lasso for affiliate links, Easy Table of Contents, Convertkit (emails)
  • Plausible Analytics (a paid alternative to Google Analytics 4, which I cannot embrace at the moment)
  • ChatGPT4
  • Cloudflare (managing DNS and bot protection)
  • Last but not least, Twitter

What advice would you give aspiring marketers looking to make their mark in the digital marketing landscape, especially those interested in SEO, content, AI, and the digital nomad lifestyle?

Life is ever-changing, and you need to accept and find comfort. Think independently, be a positive skeptic, learn, read, code, write, remain open, and help others. And don’t forget that to be alive is excellent!

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