An Insightful Conversation with Stephanie Feliciano, CEO of LeSorcier Marketing

An Insightful Conversation with Stephanie Feliciano, CEO of LeSorcier Marketing

In this edition of Marketer Interview, we’re excited to sit down with Stephanie Feliciano, a trailblazing figure in the digital marketing realm and the dynamic CEO of LeSorcier Marketing.

With a profound background in the luxury industry, Stephanie has mastered the art of blending traditional marketing principles with modern digital strategies to propel businesses to unparalleled heights.

Join us as we explore the insights and experiences of a marketer who thrives on creativity, continuous learning, and making meaningful connections in the digital age.


Stephanie, could you share with us the moment you realized that marketing was your calling and what initially drew you to this field?

My journey into the marketing world started with a love affair with print media and a budding interest in digital landscapes when I was just a teenager (13).

Dreaming of fashion editorials and glossy magazines, I set out to conquer the industry. I wanted to be Andy Anderson from “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City” or Jenna Rink of “13 going on 30.”

But then, social media crashed the party, and suddenly, I found myself navigating the world of YouTube and blogging before ‘influencer’ became a term. As the digital landscape evolved, so did my aspirations.

No longer content to be the show’s star, I became enamored with the behind-the-scenes of B2C and B2B dynamics. Cue the countless internships in PR and marketing, where I discovered my true passion amidst the whirlwind of creativity and strategy.

Marketing isn’t just a career for me; it’s a thrilling adventure where every campaign is a plot twist waiting to unfold. From print magazines to pixel-perfect campaigns, I’ve found my niche in the dynamic marketing world, and I couldn’t be happier.

With a career spanning various marketing and public relations facets, how has your luxury industry background shaped your digital marketing approach?

My background in the luxury industry has deeply influenced my digital marketing approach. It has taught me the importance of delivering high-quality content, crafting compelling narratives, and prioritizing attention to detail.

By instilling values of exclusivity, quality, and storytelling, my luxury industry background shapes every aspect of my digital marketing strategy, from visually captivating content to personalized customer experiences.

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As someone who identifies as an introvert, what strategies have you employed to succeed in the often extroverted world of marketing and client management?

To excel in the extroverted realm of marketing and client management while remaining true to your introverted nature, it’s vital to capitalize on your strengths, establish clear boundaries, prioritize self-care, hone practical communication skills, and cultivate a supportive network. These strategies will enable you to thrive and maintain authenticity and balance in your professional journey.

Content creation is a cornerstone of digital marketing. Can you walk us through your process for developing compelling content that resonates with your audience?

Creating content is like crafting a story tailored just for your audience. First, I dive deep into understanding who they are and what they love. Then, armed with clear objectives, I weave compelling narratives that resonate and inspire action.

By delivering valuable insights with authenticity and flair, I ensure that each piece of content leaves a lasting impression. And, of course, I’m constantly tweaking and refining based on what resonates most – it’s all about keeping things fresh and engaging!

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Managing clients effectively is crucial in your line of work. What is your philosophy regarding building and maintaining strong client relationships?

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, I’ve found that building and nurturing client relationships goes far beyond just delivering results—it’s about forming genuine connections built on honesty, authenticity, and a shared vision.

For me, it’s all about being genuine with my clients – no smoke and mirrors, just open and transparent communication every step of the way. By being myself and letting my passion for what I do shine through, I aim to create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration where both parties feel empowered to bring their ideas to the table.

And when it comes to parting ways with a client, I make it a point to leave things on a positive note. Whether it’s celebrating our successes together or simply expressing gratitude for the journey we’ve shared, I believe in ending every chapter with grace and goodwill. After all, you never know when our paths might cross again, and I want to ensure that our lasting impression leaves the door open for future opportunities and collaborations.

In your experience, what has been the most challenging digital marketing campaign you’ve executed, and what lessons did it teach you?

In my experience, the most challenging digital marketing campaigns have been those where I’ve had to execute a launch for a service or product with little to no information or a fixed launch date. Surprisingly, I’ve encountered this situation twice, which taught me invaluable lessons.

One key lesson was the importance of planning a comprehensive “coming soon” series, followed by a date release series, and then transitioning seamlessly into a post-launch strategy. This approach helped mitigate uncertainty, build anticipation, and maintain momentum during those tricky moments. Ultimately, it reinforced the significance of adaptability, creativity, and strategic planning in navigating unforeseen challenges in digital marketing campaigns! (The secret recipe revealed) 😉

You’ve mentioned a passion for staying abreast of new trends and strategies in marketing. How do you ensure continuous learning and innovation in your work?

Staying on top of marketing trends is a core part of my approach. I dedicate time to reading industry blogs, attending webinars, and participating in workshops to keep my knowledge current. (I’m in tune with social media and endless scrolling).

Experimenting with new tools and technologies is also crucial. Additionally, I value networking with other professionals to exchange insights and ideas. I believe in a continuous learning mindset to drive innovation and success in my work.

Given the rapid evolution of digital marketing, what emerging trends will dominate the industry in the next few years?

Oh, digital marketing… the ever-changing world. We’re witnessing a whirlwind of trends reshaping how brands connect with audiences.

Picture this: personalized experiences that feel tailor-made, thanks to some severe AI and data wizardry. And let’s not forget the rise of voice search – it’s like chatting with your favorite digital assistant!

Amidst all this excitement, one thing’s for sure: staying true to your brand’s purpose and respecting your audience’s privacy is non-negotiable. So buckle up because the journey ahead promises to be an exhilarating ride!

Leadership plays a significant role in the success of any venture. How do you foster a culture of support and leadership within LeSorcier Marketing?

At LeSorcier Marketing, nurturing a culture of support and leadership is ingrained in our DNA. We believe in creating an environment where every team member feels valued, respected, and empowered to lead.

Our leadership approach emphasizes transparency, communication, and collaboration, fostering a sense of trust and camaraderie among colleagues. We encourage continuous learning and growth through mentorship and professional development opportunities.

By championing a culture of inclusivity and accountability, we inspire our team to embrace leadership roles and drive the success of our venture together.

As digital tools and software transform marketing, can you share some of the key tools and platforms that have been instrumental in your success?

Well… there are a few! In our marketing endeavors, we’ve found several tools and platforms instrumental in our success.

Hootsuite is our go-to for social media management, allowing us to schedule posts, monitor engagement, and analyze performance across multiple platforms. Notion is our centralized workspace, helping us organize projects, collaborate on ideas, and track progress seamlessly.

We rely on Basecamp for certain clients for project management, providing a structured platform for task management, file sharing, and communication. Google Docs is essential for collaborative document editing and sharing, while Outlook keeps us organized with email communication.

Finally, we leverage Microsoft Teams or Zoom for virtual meetings and collaboration, ensuring smooth communication and connection regardless of location. These tools are vital in streamlining our processes, enhancing productivity, and ultimately driving our success in digital marketing.

What are your aspirations for LeSorcier Marketing, and how do you plan to achieve them?

At LeSorcier Marketing, our aspirations are bold and ambitious, clearly focusing on growth and innovation. One of our primary goals is to secure four high-ticket clients to surpass our revenue targets, driving sustainable financial success for our agency.

Additionally, we aim to establish a cutting-edge content studio, providing a space for clients to rent for product shoots and campaign productions. This studio will be a creative hub where our in-house team can ideate, collaborate, and execute dynamic marketing campaigns.

Integrating our agency and studio under one roof will create a seamless workflow, fostering efficiency, creativity, and client satisfaction. Through strategic planning, client acquisition, and investment in infrastructure, we’re committed to realizing our vision and propelling LeSorcier Marketing to new heights of success.

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